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Economic Development Commission

Economic Development Commission

Vacancy – Chairman
David Wilner – Vice Chairman
Ellen Slott Fisher – Member
Margaret Fine Levy  – Member
David M. Schmid – Member
Rajani Veeramachanen – Member
Joan Kamens – Member
Daniele Compain – Member

John B. Lewis – Board of Supervisor’s Liaison

The Economic Development Commission regularly meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Lower Makefield Township Building, 1100 Edgewood Road, Yardley, PA 19067.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Lower Makefield Township Economic Development Commission (LMTEDC) is to advise the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors on issues having an economic impact on the community and to suggest to the Board initiatives that will enhance the Township’s economy while sustaining an excellent quality of life for our residents.

Lower Makefield, In the Middle of Everything

Strategically located between New York and Philadelphia, in close proximity to world class education, health care, arts and culture and connected to the region by a vast transportation network, Lower Makefield Township offers attractive opportunities for local, regional and international businesses.

The attached Economic Development document provides details about Lower Makefield Township – In The Middle of Everything!

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2016 Lower Makefield Township EDC Business Survey Results

Please see the attached documents for a summary of results for the 2016 EDC Business Survey of Lower Makefield Township.  With a consistently high response rate of over 26% from local businesses for the past two Survey projects, these results offer a good guide to future Township projects, activities and priorities.

EDC Survey Results

Importance of 18 Attributes to LMT Businesses

Comments from Survey Respondents

Highlights of the 2016 EDC Business Survey

Q # 4: Are you interested in forming or joining a Lower Makefield Business Association?
è 53% responded “Yes”

Q #5: What can Lower Makefield Township do to support businesses?
è The most frequent response: revise the township’s sign ordinance limits

Q #7: What is your general business plan for the next three years?
è 31% – Expand
è 62% – No change
è 7% – Reduce or relocate

Q #8: Why did you choose LMT to locate your business?
è About ¾ of responses cite proximity to markets and customer plus transportation access to Bucks County and Greater Philadelphia region

Q #10: How do you describe the LMT business climate?
è 99% rate it “Good” to “Excellent”

Q #12: Would you recommend LMT as a place to locate a business?
è 97% responded “Yes”

2016 EDC Economic Activity Heat Map

The Economic Development Commission seeks to gather and present perspectives on current and forward-looking economic activity within the Township. To that end, we offer the 2016 EDC Economic Activity Heat Map. Rather than just looking at a snapshot of the numbers, we present our view of the recent trend for eight specific financial measures that reflect economic activity within the Township.

2016 EDC Economic Activity Heat Map

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Links to Economic Development Information

Bucks County Economic Development Corp:  http://www.bcedc.com

Select Greater Philadelphia: http://www.selectgreaterphiladelphia.com

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