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Environmental Advisory Council

Environmental Advisory Council

Alan Dresser – Co-Chairman Adresser2@aol.com
Mark Bortman – Co-Chairman mark@exactsolar.com
Peter D. Solor – Co-Chairman crispetesolor@gmail.com
Paul Roden – Member paul.roden@comcast.net
Daniel Grenier – Member dan_grenier@hotmail.com
Lisa Kamp – Member lkamp240@yahoo.com
Soumya Dharmavaram – Member soumya@comcast.net
James Bray – Alternate jjbraylmt@aol.com

John B. Lewis – Board of Supervisors Liaison

The Environmental Advisory Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 PM.

June 14, 2017 – Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

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Cool Cities Sustainability Action Plan

Click here to view the document

Open Space Plan

Click here to view the Open Space Plan Update

Pervious Pavement Ordinance
Click here to view presentation


Proposed Modifications to the Replacement Tree and Street Tree Ordinances
Click here to view presentation

EAC Trees

Geothermal HVAC And Other Green Ideas

GeoPic-1The Lower Makefield Township Environmental Advisory Council presents  “Geothermal HVAC And Other Green Ideas” presentation by Jeffery A. Smith,  J. A. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc
The program gives home and small business owners tips on how to reduce energy maintenance costs.

Click here to watch the video

2015 EAC Review

2014 EAC Review

2013 EAC Review

2012 EAC Review

2011 EAC Review

2010 EAC Review

2009 EAC Review

2008 EAC Review

2007 EAC Review

2006 EAC Review

Current EAC Projects

  • Increasing the amount of Open Space in the Township
  • Enacting some of the recommendations in the Cool Cities Sustainability Plan
  • Increasing the amount of recycling in the Township

EAC Initiated Ordinances

Bamboo Ordinance

Lower Makefield Township Low Impact Development Ordinance (2006)
Best Management Practices
Requirements for Environmental Impact Assessment Report
LID Ordinance No. 363
LID Ordinance No. 364

Lower Makefield Township Native Plant Ordinance (2007)
Native Plant List
Native Plant List – Trees
Native Plant Resolution
Native Plant Ordinance No. 368

Global Warming
Cool Cities Fact Sheet
Cool Cities Resolution
10 Things You Can do to Reduce Global Warming
Smart Power

Green Building Code Ordinance (2009)
Ordinance No. 380

Pervious Pavement Ordinance (2014)
Ordinance No. 395

Tree Bank Ordinance (2014)
Ordinance No. 397

Recycling Corner 
Lower Makefield Township has expanded the list of items that residents can recycle for curbside pick-up.  Click here for a complete list. Recycling saves energy, resources, reduces pollution and helps to keep taxes lower.

Click here for the Bucks County Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Schedule and additional information.

More information on recycling can be found at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on “Pennsylvania’s Recycling Page“.

Environmental Steward Award
This year the EAC is recognizing the individuals, businesses and groups who, through their outstanding and creative efforts, have made significant achievements in improving and sustaining the quality of our environment. We will review all environmentally-related nominations but we are specifically soliciting nominations for achievements related to:

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Resource Conservation
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Leadership

To find out more about the program click here.
For a copy of the nomination form click here.

? Why Go Native ?

Click the links below for listings of Native Plants that:
Attract Birds
Attract Butterflies
Are Deer Tolerant/Resistant

We will be updating this page with other native plant lists in the future.


The LMT EAC maintains and updates on a regular basis an Environmental Publications rack in the lobby at the LMT Administrative Building.  Next time you stop by the Township Building please take a look at the free environmental information.






Click on the links below to view information provided at the Elcon meeting held on February 23, 2016.

An Introduction to Elcon
Elcon Presentation
Siting a New Hazardous Waste Facility in PA
Elcon Fact Checker