The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on March 1, 1999. Chairman Strahle called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. noting that the Board had been meeting in Executive Session since 6:30 p.m. to discuss personnel and legal matters. He announced that the Conditional Use Application for AT & T will not be heard this evening at the request of AT & T.

Those present:

Board of Supervisors

William Strahle, Chairman


Wesley Hackman, Vice Chairman


Frank Fazzalore, Secretary/Treasurer


Scott Fegley, Supervisor


Grace Godshalk, Supervisor




Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager


Jeffrey Garton, Township Solicitor


Duke Doherty, Township Engineer


Charles Ronaldo, Chief of Police


Ms. Maria Bechis stated she is Chairman of the Bucks County Sierra Club and they sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors commending the Lower Makefield Township Environmental Advisory Council for proposing to undertake the task of addressing non-point source pollution by requesting a Section 319 Grant. This Grant would enable the Township to start addressing watershed issues. Ms. Bechis stated she feels there should be a greater participation of the community in this process so they can be involved in all phases of the project. Mr. Fegley stated he did discuss the letter with Ms. Bechis on the phone and advised her that Skelly & Loy has not yet received the application from the DEP. He has been advised that DEP anticipates the applications will be sent out next week, and he has asked to be advised when it is received. He had hoped the Grant Application would have been completed by this time. Ms. Bechis suggested that Dr. Ann Rhodes be asked to inventory the Township since her services are free. Ms. Bechis also noted the Sierra Club provides Grant money and she provided a copy of the information on this to Mr. Fegley this evening. Mr. Fegley stated Dr. Rhodes has already done inventory work in the Township for the project she is working on. He stated he would be happy to talk to her specifically about the Brock Creek Watershed.

Ms. Jean Sheridan complimented the Board for their good service over the years. She stated she feels the Chief should remain as Chief as long as he wants to but feels there should be a liaison between the Fire Company and the Board of Supervisors since the Fire Company is a growing operation.



Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Fazzalore seconded and it was unanimously carried to table the Minutes of February 15, 1999.


Mr. Strahle moved, Mr. Fazzalore seconded and it was unanimously carried to table the appointment of new Police Officers since the process has not yet been completed.



Mr. Strahle stated an individual had written to Mr. David Steil about sound barriers along Route I-95. However since this individual was not present this evening, no action was taken.



Mr. Hackman stated the Zoning Ordinance states that you can have temporary signs for developments and the sign can indicate the name of the builder. The Zoning Ordinance also states that permanent signs are not to have the names of the builders. Mr. Tom Scott, the Code Enforcement Officer, was advised of this and sent a letter to Toll Bros. asking them to take the "by Toll Bros." sign off of the permanent sign. A complaint was filed in January. At the Board of Supervisors meeting on February 15 a representative from Toll Bros. came before the Board to discuss the matter. At that time the Board of Supervisors indicated that as long as the "by Toll Bros." sign was removed at the time of dedication, this would be permitted. Based on that decision, a letter was sent to the District Judge withdrawing the complaint. Mr. Hackman stated he is not certain now that the Board of Supervisors did the right thing and feels there was a legal proceeding which he does not feel the Board should have gotten involved in.

Mr. Garton asked if the Zoning Hearing Board matter is still pending. Mr. Phil Fine from the Zoning Hearing Board was present and stated last year there were three applications from Toll Bros. on this specific sign. Toll Bros. did not show up when the first application was discussed and did not comply with a request for an extension. Therefore, the request was denied. The second application came in initially because the permanent sign was to be placed in the wetlands. The sign was also too large and had the words, "by Toll Bros." on it. At that Hearing, they were advised that this was against the Zoning Ordinance and their request was denied. He stated Toll Bros. indicated initially the need for this was to build a sense of community and to help emergency services, but then agreed that they needed it for marketing purposes. Again, their request was denied. The third time they came in it was with a new set of plans at the correct size and the words, "by Toll Bros." were removed. This application was approved. Mr. Fine stated currently they have the temporary sign up, a permanent sign with the words, "by Toll. Bros.", and a third sign advertising a recently acquired property which is also in violation. The Zoning Hearing Board members asked the Code Enforcement Officer to issue a Cease and Desist Order for this site.

Mr. Hackman stated they did not have all this background information when the Toll Bros. representative came before the Board at the last meeting. He stated the matter was in Court and Toll Bros. attempted to go around this proceeding.


Mrs. Godshalk moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried that in view of the history of the proceeding as well as other circumstances, the Board rescinds its action of last week and directs Mr. Scott to proceed with enforcement.



Mr. Garton stated the plans presented were prepared 12/1/98, last revised 12/29/98. The Township files with regard to this application were noted. Notice to the applicant of the Hearing was sent and the date of the Public Hearing was advertised in the Courier Times. The property was also posted by the Township staff. Mr. Garton stated the duration of the Hearing will be limited to forty-five minutes because of the size of the Agenda this evening, at which point they will adjourn the matter to a future date.

Mr. Christopher Shubert, attorney, was present. He stated the property is in the C-3 District and is a permitted use in the RTF overlay District. The property involved is off Dobry Lane. Mr. Karmen Sunidja, Mr. Kevin Frerick, and Mr. Scott Watkins were also present and were sworn in.

Mr. Sunidja stated he is employed by LCC International and represents Sprint in the Philadelphia area. He stated he is responsible for the RF (radio frequency) portion of the system. He stated he received his Bachelorís in 1995 in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Cornell in 1996. He stated he is designing the system and making sure the site proposed works with their system. He has been employed by a number of other clients to provide similar services. He has been involved in his position since 1996. He has appeared in other Townships, primarily in New Jersey and has been accepted as a Radio Frequency expert in those proceedings.

Mr. Garton asked if he has ever testified in Court, and Mr. Sunidja stated he has not.

Mr. Garton stated they will reserve decision as to this witness being considered an expert.

Mr. Sunidja stated Sprint has a license for the PCSB band from the FCC. Exhibit A-3 was marked which is the FCC authorization license for the market which includes Lower Makefield Township. Mr. Garton noted the name on the document is something other than Sprint, and Mr. Sunidja stated this was Sprintís name at the time the license was issued.

Mr. Garton stated this was acceptable.

Mr. Garton asked about the term PCS, and Mr. Sunidja stated PCS is a term to identify the frequency band. PCS means Personal Communication System.

Mr. Shubert asked how many other companies in the area provide similar service, and Mr. Sunidja stated he feels there are approximately six. Mr. Sunidja stated Sprint is in competition with these other companies. He stated Sprint is expected to provide seamless and reliable coverage in the area assigned. This includes the ability to make and receive calls in the area without any disruption of service or quality of service. He stated they operate at the 1800 - 1900 megahertz range. Both Omnipoint and Nextel operate in this range. He stated Sprint is expected to provide coverage to a certain geographic area within a certain amount of time under the requirements of their license. Sprint will be able to operate and meet the requirements at the Dobry Lane property.

Mr. Sunidja stated with digital technology there is greater quality and security. He stated they transmit at a higher frequency and there can be a loss of signal. He stated a network is comprised of several cell sites which are connected to a switch which controls the network itself. If you drive on I-95 you should have continuous coverage by handing off from one cell to another. When they design a system they look at the geography of the area, the height needed, and the morphology, which is the type of terrain you are passing. He noted a signal would not go as quickly through an area with heavy vegetation as it would an area without heavy vegetation.

Mr. Shubert stated the application proposed a specific site and asked how they located a target area for placement of the cell site. Mr. Sunidja stated they first look at the search rings where they would like to locate a site. He stated they use a propagation tool which is a computer signalization system into which they generate the location of the site using latitude and longitude, height of the site, and the equipment to be used. He stated the search ring is placed in a geographic area that would provide seamless coverage with other cell sites. He has done a propagation study for this site under discussion.

Mr. Sunidja noted Exhibit A-4 which is the propagation study of existing coverage which he prepared. Mr. Sunidja noted the Delaware River and I-95 on the Plan.

Mrs. Godshalk asked if they were familiar with the Mercer Airport and stated she feels it should be identified on the plan. She added Mercer Airport is planning an expansion.

Mr. Sunidja stated they will have to comply with FAA regulations. Mr. Garton stated the FAA must approve any facility within its jurisdiction.

There was discussion on the 150 foot tower Sprint has in Ewing Township, and Mr. Sunidja agreed to report back to the Board on what this structure is specifically. He stated they also have a site which is 120 feet and one at 130 feet on a building at the Luther Towers. They also have a location at Highway 206 on a water tank in Morrisville.The Makefield location is at the Great Scott location which is with Nextel. Mr. Garton stated he assumes they are not functioning at that location, and Mr. Sunidja stated he felt they were, and agreed to look into this. Mr. Hackman asked exactly where this is located, and Mr. Sunidja stated it is south of Route 1 in Falls Township. Mr. Gunkel stated at the Planning Commission they indicated it was a 500 foot tower at U.S. 1.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels they should be giving proper identifications for each of these sites, and Mr. Sunidja agreed to provide more detailed information on the existing sites to the Board. He noted the last site is in Middletown Township south of Sesame Place.

Exhibit A-5 was marked which is the propagation study adding the Nextel site at Woodside Road. This site is not yet built. Mr. Shubert stated assuming that site is built and assuming the other plots are correct, A-5 indicates that there is still a hole within Lower Makefield Township and along I-95 so that there would be disruption of service.

Mr. Sunidja noted on the plan the green area is shown as optimum service inside buildings and blue is car service.

Mr. Garton asked if their obligation is to have complete coverage on I-95, and Mr. Sunidja stated it is along with as much of Lower Makefield Township as possible.

Mr. Hackman asked if there is a difference in coverage between a house and an office building. Mr. Sunidja stated the worst case scenario would be a multi-layered building.

He stated they are trying to maximize service as much as possible with what they have to use.

Mr. Hackman asked if there is a difference in the radius for each cell. Mr. Sunidja stated each cell site has its own radius. He noted the Lower Makefield Township site has a three mile radius, but the Langhorne site has only one mile.

Mr. Strahle asked if any Exhibit has proposed or existing sites in Newtown Township.

Mr. Sunidja stated they have one existing cell in Newtown Township but it is a very small site and does not connect to this region. He does not have an Exhibit to present on this tonight. Mr. Strahle asked that they provide an Exhibit with proposed and existing sites in Newtown Township and Middletown Township.

Mr. Fegley asked if they have made any effort to co-locate at the I-95/332 site.

Mr. Sunidja stated they have not and he would have to do a study on this. Mr. Fegley stated they are required to show that they cannot co-locate on any existing site and if they cannot prove that they cannot co-locate on an existing site, he would not agree to approve a new site. Mr. Sunidja stated he feels this site would be too close to another site they have and would create interference. Mr. Fegley stated they must demonstrate this through a study. Mr. Sunidja stated interference studies are complicated and it will be difficult to show this, but he agreed to provide what information he can to the Board. Mr. Fegley stated it does not appear that there is much of Lower Makefield that does not get coverage, and he would need to see studies to dispute this.

Mr. Strahle asked if they have the ability to shoot the signal south. Mr. Sunidja stated they may be able to do this and antennas can be directional.

Mr. Garton asked if they are aware that there is an AT & T application pending at a location not too far from this location being proposed by Sprint. Mr. Sunidja stated they are aware of this and they are studying that location. He noted AT & T is also studying the Sprint location as well.

Mr. Shubert asked if there is a plot showing the proposed AT & T site, and Mr. Sunidja stated he can show this.

Mr. Garton stated the next time they meet they will resume discussions with the AT & T analysis. He noted there is also discussions with AT & T about replacing the police tower at the Township property, and they should look into this as well.

Mr. Strahle asked if Sprint bills to the nearest minute. Mr. Sunidja stated he is not familiar with their billing practices.

Mr. Garton announced that the Hearing was recessed until April 5, 1999.


Mr. Garton noted the owner of the property at 1234 Dolington Road known as the Elm Loan Farm would be interested in having the Township acquire the property.

Mrs. Godshalk moved and Mr. Fegley seconded to approve the Option Agreement for the property known as Elm Loan Farm.

Mr. Fegley stated this is an Option Agreement and is at no charge. This gives the Township an opportunity to take a closer look at the property to see if it has a Township use.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.

Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mrs. Godshalk seconded and it was unanimously carried to authorize the services of Clarke, Caton & Hintz to survey the property at a cost not to exceed $3,000. A preliminary report should be received on March 8, 1999.



Mr. Garton noted the memo sent by Mr. Koopman on fencing used on the Farmland Preservation Corporation lands to provide security, to stop encroachment onto Township property, and to limit claims. Mr. Fegley stated he felt an existing Act already protected the Township from claims being brought on public lands. Mr. Hackman asked the Township Manager to identify those properties which may benefit from fencing. Mr. Fegley stated he is concerned with fencing in all the Township property.

Ms. Sally Conlon asked that they consider the need for wildlife to access the open space when they discuss fencing.



Mr. Hackman stated residents have advised the Township that the Newtown Township Planning Commission is about to approve the Final Plan for the CAU Development.

He feels there are still quite a few questions particularly concerning the traffic and where the traffic will go. He stated in the Township Newsletter the Township Solicitor indicated that Lower Makefield Township does have some standing.

Mr. Garton stated they indicated that the Township can participate in the development process with Newtown Township by demonstrating that the plan does not comply with the Newtown Township Ordinance. He stated Lower Makefield could also participate at the PennDOT level , and if permits are issued, the Township could take appeals. He is also working on a letter regarding a "turn-back" - taking the road back from the State, but noted this does create some problems because this would involve the other adjoining Townships.

Mr. Fazzalore asked when the Township would take these actions. Mr. Garton stated the Township Manager does have reports and the Township engineer or some other individual should be reviewing these to see the status of the project and review the professional reports to see if there are items which do not comply with the Newtown Township Ordinances. He stated the primary battleground would be PennDOT since Lower Makefield Township adjoins the State road.

Mr. Fedorchak stated on Friday they did receive the Final Plans.

Mr. Hackman asked if they would have to have PennDOT approval before Final Plan approval, and it was noted they would not.

Mr. Fedorchak stated a few months ago he attended a meeting in King of Prussia with PennDOT officials, the Newtown Township engineer, and Ms. Goren from Newtown. Lower Makefield did express their concerns with the traffic and PennDOT agreed to keep Lower Makefield Township advised.

Mr. Hackman stated he feels they should get an update tomorrow morning on what PennDOT has done. Mr. Hackman asked if it would be beneficial for someone from Lower Makefield to attend the Newtown Township Planning Commission meeting.

Mr. Fegley stated he is going to try to attend. Mr. Garton stated it would not be inappropriate to send a Township representative since it is an adjoining Township, and the development has an impact on Lower Makefield Township residents.

Mrs. Godshalk stated earlier there was discussion about sewering of the project from Lower Makefield. Mr. Garton stated they have not received any request for this.

Mr. Paul Gunkel stated he plans to attend the Newtown Township Planning Commission meeting.

Mr. Fazzalore stated it appears the project is moving along and he would like to know what the Township proposes to do if Newtown Township and PennDOT approve the plan.

Mr. Garton stated the Board of Supervisors must make a policy decision once they know all the facts.

Mrs. Godshalk noted the letter received from McMahon Associates asking for a review of Lower Makefieldís plan for development at 332 and Lindenhurst Road since a new building is proposed in Newtown Township near this location. She stated where this new project is proposed to be located, was a good location for a jughandle.

Mr. Fegley asked the status of the joint meeting of the Lower Makefield and Newtown Township Supervisors. Mr. Fegley stated he would like there to be at least a preliminary meeting with staff people. Mrs. Godshalk stated Newtown Township Supervisors have refused to meet with the Lower Makefield Supervisors. Mr. Fegley stated he feels unless there is a compromise, a meeting will never take place. He would be in favor of a meeting of staff people with possibly one or two Supervisors present. Mr. Strahle stated he has made a number of calls and although there has been some movement, no meeting date has been set.

Mr. Leonard Franckowiack from Lindenhurst Road stated he has attended a number of meetings concerning CAU and Concept Way and Newtown Township is insisting that the engineers meet. He does not feel this is an engineering problem. He stated he feels there is a political problem because there is traffic that cannot be managed and it is being added to by this additional development. He stated there is also a problem with lighting spilling over into Lower Makefield Township. He feels the Lower Makefield Township Supervisors must get involved in this matter. He feels the problem is with the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors. He asked that at least one Lower Makefield Supervisor attend the meeting tomorrow night. He stated Concept Way is still being considered and this will mean dumping thousands of cars onto Lindenhurst Road.

Mr. Fegley stated it has been made clear that the Newtown Township Supervisors will not agree to a joint meeting of the two Boards. Mr. Fazzalore stated Newtown asked not only that the engineers meet but also that they include the Roadmaster and the Township Manager. Mrs. Godshalk stated the Roadmaster does not make decisions on developments - he repairs and plows the Township roads. She stated the Board of Supervisors has the responsibility to speak on behalf of the residents.

Mr. Hackman stated he feels the Township Solicitor should be asked to write a letter to Andrew Warren at PennDOT with a copy to all elected representatives including the Head of Transportation and advise them that Lower Makefield Township is absolutely opposed to this project; and until such time that the traffic situation in the area can be resolved, that PennDOT should not move ahead and approve any permits.

Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Fazzalore seconded that the Township Solicitor write a letter that the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors is opposed to the traffic issues associated with the project, that they participate in the PennDOT permitting process, that Mr. Fegley and Mr. Gunkel attend the Newtown Township Planning Commission meeting tomorrow evening, that the Township Manager and Township engineer review plans to determine if they meet the Newtown Township requirements, and that the Township Manager generate a letter regarding impact of lighting.

Ms. Irene Koehler asked if this action is being taken too late and feels this should have been done six months ago. Mr. Garton stated no PennDOT permit has been issued and this is where the Appellate process would take place. Ms. Koehler asked about the lighting issue, and Mr. Garton stated this would not be a PennDOT issue, it would be a Newtown Township issue. He feels this should be addressed as part of the discussions with the Newtown Township Planning Commission.

Mr. Phil fine asked if there is a way to document the number of accidents on Lindenhurst Road. Chief Ronaldo stated they have already provided this information, and the accident rate is not that great; however, they have had two fatalities as a result of the narrowness of the road and the type of traffic traveling on Lindenhurst Road. Mr. Franckowiack stated in one week they had three accidents on that road.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.


Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mrs. Godshalk seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve an extension of time for Wilshire Glen Preliminary Plan until June 12, 1999.

Ms. Holly Bussey, President of the Pine Brook Civic Association, stated she understands there will be a walking tour of the site this Saturday. Mr. Fedorchak was asked to advise the residents when they will be at that location.



Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mrs. Godshalk seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve an extension of time for Carmelo Sansalone Minor Subdivision until June 12, 1999.



Chief Ronaldo stated he just received the preliminary report from the consultant on Saturday at 1:00 and feels they should consider this matter at the next meeting.

Mr. Hackman moved, Mrs. Godshalk seconded and it was unanimously carried to table the matter until the second meeting in March.



Chief Ronaldo stated some time ago the County received a Grant and subsequently appointed a Committee to come up with programs to curtail juvenile delinquency problems. He noted Bensalem submitted information on a program implemented in California to curtail truancy crimes during the daytime and in conjunction with this, an Ordinance has been drafted. He has not been advised if Lower Makefield Township has been asked to adopt this. He stated he is opposed to adoption of such an Ordinance in Lower Makefield since he does not feel it is needed in the Township. He stated they do not have this type of problem in Lower Makefield. He stated in the past they have handled truancy problems by picking up the students and taking them to the School building where they attend and turning them over to the principal. The Ordinance would require a hefty fine to be paid. He stated if the Ordinance were approved it could create problems since many of the private schools do not have the same schedules as the public schools. If those students were out, the Police would be obligated to stop them and if they could not prove to the officerís satisfaction that they were legitimately out of school, the Police would have to take them to headquarters and hold them until someone could be contacted.

Mr. Hackman stated he heard this matter came from Washington. Chief Ronaldo stated the Grant money was from Washington and was sent down to the County who asked several Townships to participate. He feels Falls Township has agreed to participate. He noted Pennsbury is preparing ID cards for those students who participate in the school/work program.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels this is an invasion of privacy rights, and does not feel the Police Officersí time should be spent in this way.

Mr. Dave Adams, representing Bucks County Citizens for Constitutional Laws, stated the idea was to reduce the supposed problem with juveniles. The only studies done on those communities that have curfews have found that there has been no change or that there has been an increase in crime. He would be willing to provide a copy of this report. He stated he understands the Grant monies are matching funds and the Municipality would have to come up with a comprehensive program to deal with juvenile crime. He feels this is unnecessary in Lower Makefield Township.

Mr. Frank McCarthy of Friar Drive asked if the Board of Supervisors would be willing to vote in opposition to this.

Mrs. Godshalk moved to oppose the daytime curfew.

Mr. Hackman stated he would prefer waiting until someone asks the Township to do something.

There was no second to the motion and no action was taken.



Chief Ronaldo stated the Police officers today are under a great deal of stress and an opportunity arose last year to have some of the supervisory personnel attend a two session stress seminar. Chief Ronaldo stated he felt the cost was reasonable. He sent the Sergeants to this seminar and the feedback he received was that it was an excellent program, and he would eventually like to have the entire Department attend this type of training.

Mr. Strahle asked if there is a way to get an evaluation back from those who attended.

Mrs. Godshalk asked about the invoice submitted. Chief Ronaldo stated the cost was $400 for five officers. Mr. Hackman asked if this was in the Budget. Chief Ronaldo stated this is under the Budget under training.

Sgt. Roche was present and stated he attended the seminar and much of it dealt with dealing with domestic issues, the dangers of the job, and dealing with the public in a politically correct way. It was a classroom setting with approximately twenty people in attendance. Classes were held on two separate days and each Sergeant attended both sessions for a total of ten hours.

Mr. Fegley stated he has heard there was massage involved. Chief Ronaldo stated there is a lot of misconception about massage. Sgt. Roche stated the instructor did demonstrate various techniques in order to reduce stress and there was a masseuse present using a stand-up chair.

Chief Ronaldo was asked to provide additional information on the program.

Mr. Fazzalore moved to approve payment of the $400 invoice. Mr. Hackman asked if he put in a purchase request for this, and Chief Ronaldo stated there was not time to do so.

Mr. Hackman seconded and the motion carried with Mrs. Godshalk abstained.


Chief Ronaldo stated the American Red Cross has been designated as the agency to certify those using the portable defibrillators. He has spoken to the local Red Cross and they do not have anyone certified as an instructor as yet. He stated until they get some of their people certified in its use, the Police Department will not be using the defibrillators.

Mr. Fazzalore asked about the liability if an officer goes in and uses this and the individual dies. Chief Ronaldo stated those persons who are certified to use the defibrillators are exempted under the Good Samaritan Act. It was noted the defibrillator will not go off if it detects the presence of a heartbeat.

Mr. Hackman stated the Board of Supervisors should have been advised of the acceptance of the defibrillators so that they could have discussed training, policies, and liability issues. He stated they have accepted these and still they do not have anyone certified to use it. He added he does not feel the Police Officers should be EMTs. Chief Ronaldo stated the expectancy to survive a cardiac arrest is between three to five minutes and the Police are normally first on the scene even before the emergency personnel arrive. He stated the American Red Cross is promoting this Nationally. He noted that in other States money is being raised to equip all police cars with these machines.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she is concerned that the Board was not advised of this and had to read about it in the newspaper.

Chief Ronaldo apologized for not advising the Board. He stated he was approached by a Doctor and his daughter about being involved in a fundraising project to purchase this equipment, and he felt it was a good idea. Mrs. Godshalk stated she still feels the Board should have been advised of this first.

Mr. Strahle stated it appears it will be some time before the appropriate trainers are trained to train others so he feels there is sufficient time to develop a coherent set of guidelines with the advice of the medical professionals in the Township. Mr. Strahle stated he feels if this piece of equipment can help, it is a good idea, but they must make sure what the ramifications are first.

Chief Ronaldo stated they are also doing research on persons who may not want to have this done to them. He noted the Police Department does have an obligation to protect and save lives.

Mr. Hackman stated this does not mean every officer is an EMT specialist. He asked how many units they would like to have. Chief Ronaldo stated currently they have two units and they had a call today that a School group would like to do fundraising for another one. He would eventually like them in all Police cars. Currently they plan to have one in the accident car and one in the Shift Commanderís car.

Mr. Charles Patterson stated he is alive today because of a defibrillator and the more they can get in the Township, the better. He stated they are also being carried on airplanes and pilots are trained to use them.

Mr. Hackan asked the cost, and Chief Ronaldo stated they are $3,000 a piece.

Mr. Strahle stated possibly they should consider the purchase of additional defibrillators at Budget time.

Sgt. Roche noted the units are very easy to operate, and the machine takes over once the pads are on. He noted typically the Police are the first to respond to an emergency.

Mr. Fazzalore stated while the individuals using the equipment may not be liable, he is still concerned the Township may be liable.

Mr. Hackman asked that Chief Ronaldo put together a plan, and the Township Solicitor was asked to look into the liability issue.



Mr. Fazzalore moved and Mr. Strahle seconded to approve the award of the bid for installation of the traffic signal at Stony Hill and Oxford Valley Roads to L. Rice at a cost of $41,178.10.

Mr. Hackman asked the budgeted amount, and Mr. Taylor stated it was $45,000.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.



Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Fazzalore seconded to appoint CKS Engineers to perform engineering services for the design phase of River Road/Robinson Place area project at a cost of $28,900.

Mr. Strahle stated he is distressed that it will take ten months to get to the point where this can go out to bid. He feels they should put this project into high gear. Mr. Franckowiack stated it was noted they needed ten months because of permitting and acquisition of easements. He discussed this with Mr. Hoffmeister today who feels they can get the project moving faster. Mr. Franckowiack stated he has volunteered to go to DEP about the project to get it completed quicker.

Mr. Hackman moved to amend the motion that the engineering portion of the project be completed in ninety days. There was no second.

Mr. Hackman moved to table until the next meeting and have CKS come before the Board to tell them how fast they can complete the engineering portion. There was no second of the motion to table. Mr. Franckowiack stated he would prefer they pass this conditionally tonight so that they can get started.

Mr. Strahle seconded Mr. Hackmanís amendment and the motion as amended carried unanimously.



Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Fazzalore seconded to grant approval to CKS to prepare new 400 Scale Index Maps at a cost of $1,350.

Mr. Gunkel stated that whatever they do should be compatible with the existing maps that PCS has. Mr. Doherty stated his office gave CKS the base map they are starting with.

Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Fazzalore seconded to amend the motion that it be subject to coordinating it with the Township engineer. Motion carried unanimously.



Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Fazzalore seconded and it was unanimously carried to award the TV/Flushing bid to U.S. Sewer & Drain at a cost of $11,019.35.



Mr. Fedorchak stated there has been discussion about appointing a Sewer Authority member to the Historic Edgewood Village Commission. Mr. Franckowiack stated the concern is that there are some problems in that area but people are not willing to report on their neighbors. Mrs. Godshalk stated she questions whether there are really problems. She feels they should make a survey to see if there is a need for public sewers.

Mr. Fazzalore stated since they are putting together an Edgewood Village plan, he feels sewers should be discussed as well. Mrs. Godshalk stated the Bucks County Village Handbook recommends that public sewers not be installed in historic villages. She stated if people are having problems, they should look into those individual problems.

Mr. Franckowiack stated the Sewer Authority does has the responsibility to look at this area. Mr. Hackman stated the Sewer Authority acts like all advisory Boards as they are a recommending body with the Board of Supervisors making the final decisions. Mrs. Godshalk stated this is not in the Sewer Authority Charter. Mr. Garton stated the Sewer Authority can advise the Board of Supervisors who can then act as they choose. Mr. Strahle stated he does not see that there is any threat in listening to input from the Sewer Authority on the infrastructure in the Historic Village. He stated the Sewer Authority recommended that Mr. Franckowiack attend the Edgewood Village Commission as their representative. Mrs. Godshalk stated she does not feel he is aware of the Authorityís power.

Mrs. Godshalk moved that the Township Administrator write a letter to all those residing in Edgewood Village to find out the situation as it relates to sewers.

Mr. Hackman stated he feels CKS should do a survey. Mr. Hackman moved to request a proposal from CKS on this matter. Mrs. Godshalk stated before they request a proposal, they should determine who has a problem. There was no second to Mr. Hackmanís motion.

Mr. Hackman seconded Mrs. Godshalkís motion and the motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Hackman stated at the next meeting the Board will hold a public hearing to expand the Zoning Hearing Board from three to five members.

Mr. Fazzalore stated at the last meeting of the Community Pool Board, there was a presentation by the Swim Team on heating one of the pools. They have been asked to come back with a proposal to heat all the pools. He noted other pools in the area are offering heated pools.

Mr. Fegley noted that the Township Website won third place in a State-wide competition.

Mr. Hackman asked if they know the number of hits they are getting, and Mr. Fegley stated they have had 5,328 hits since August 1, 1998.

Mrs. Godshalk stated there will be a meeting of the Farm Business Ordinance Review Committee on March 16, 1999 at 6:00 p.m. She hopes this will be the last meeting.



Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Snack Bar Agreement for the Community Pool.



Mr. Strahle moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to re-appoint Dick Davino to the Traffic Advisory Commission.

Mr. Strahle moved, Mr. Fazzalore seconded and it was unanimously carried to re-appoint Arthur Beers and Anita Chinnici to the Community Pool Board.

There being no further business, Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,




Frank Fazzalore, Secretary