MINUTES - MAY 17, 1999


The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on May 17, 1999. Chairman Strahle called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and called for a Moment of Silence in honor of Chief Ronaldo who recently passed away. Mr. Strahle reviewed Chief Ronaldo’s years of service with the Township noting he will be missed in the community.

Those present:

Board of Supervisors:

William Strahle, Chairman


Wesley Hackman, Vice Chairman


Frank Fazzalore, Secretary/Treasurer


Scott Fegley, Supervisor


Grace Godshalk, Supervisor



Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager


Jeffrey Garton, Township Solicitor


Duke Doherty, Township Engineer


Joseph Bainbridge, Acting Chief of Police


Mr. Leonard Franckowiack stated he had a conversation with a Police Officer from Upper Makefield on Friday who discussed their work patrolling the truck traffic in Upper Makefield. He noted they recently stopped eighteen vehicles in Upper Makefield and all trucks failed. He stated trucks are being put into service that are not equipped to haul stone. He also indicated the trucks are using the roads they do in order to avoid the scales on I-95. Upper Makefield is purchasing a specifically-designed truck for scales which should be received in July which they will use three to four times a month.

Mr. Franckiowiack asked if Lower Makefield could consider renting such a truck a few days a month or sharing in the cost of this truck with Upper Makefield. Mr. Fegley stated he would like to investigate this, and Officer Bainbridge agreed to do so.

Ms. Helen Bosley stated she lives at the corner of River Road and Black Rock Road and when the scales are open on I-95 there is a tendency for the truckers to go through the Township and get off I-95 since they can see the weigh sign. She stated her corner has been cut off because of the trucks using River Road. Officer Bainbridge stated they do try to coordinate with the State when they have a weigh day and certain officers go to 332/I-95 and I-95/Taylorsville to watch for trucks leaving the road in order to avoid the scale. He stated this does call for expensive manpower. Mr. Hackman asked if citations are issued, and Officer Bainbridge stated citations are issued with sliding fines from $90 to over $1,000 depending on the violation.


Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of May 3, 1999 as amended.


Eagle Scout Proclamations were read into the record and presented to Ryan Lewis and Andre Oroszvary.


Officer Bainbridge stated the Policy has two outstanding issues that need to be resolved before they present it to the Board of Supervisors. Training has been completed for quite some time. He expects to have the Policy before the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting. It was requested that a copy of the proposed Policy be provided to Mr. Garton for his review prior to the meeting when it is to be discussed.


Mr. Fazzalore noted this is a non-Budget item but recognizes that the Police Department Budget is under Budget in other areas and he would therefore recommend approval of this purchase. Officer Bainbridge stated this is a four-wheel drive vehicle which is used for snow and rain emergencies. It is also assigned to the Accident Investigation Unit.

Mr. Strahle stated at last year’s budget meeting, he asked Sergeant Roche why they were not requesting replacement of this type of vehicle, and the Board was told that since they had one of these vehicles and it was not used for anything other than accident investigation, they would rather have cars. Mr. Strahle stated he hopes this year at Budget time, they will take a longer look at this and possibly put another one in the Budget. Mr. Fazzalore stated it is also true that they did not approve the purchase of any new vehicles in the Budget.

Mr. Hackman moved, Mrs. Godshalk seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the purchase of a Ford Expedition with a 5.4 liter engine and all associated safety equipment at a cost not to exceed $32,000.


Mr. Paul Krupp, Vice President of the Buck Creek Homeowners’ Association, was present with Liz Walsh, and Regina Kepka. Ms. Walsh stated she lives on Union Drive in the Sandy Run II section and stated the residents of Sandy Run II and Sandy Run III are concerned about pedestrian safety in their area. They have submitted letters of concern to Mr. Fedorchak and Ms. Mickelwright of Yardley Borough. She stated the speed limit on Afton Avenue changes from 40 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour as you approach Yardley Borough but it takes some time for vehicles to slow down and this presents problems for pedestrians on the road because of the lack of a sidewalk.

Ms. Kepka stated last August she had a bike accident in this area because of the lack of a bikepath and lack of a shoulder.

Mr. Hackman asked that the Township engineer look into this matter and see if the right-of-way is available and the cost for a bikepath. Mr. Strahle asked if the residents had a suggestion for the location of a bikepath, and Mr. Krupp stated he feels the bikepath should go down the south side. Mr. Fazzalore noted he did look at the area and it appears there are fences and plantings right out to the road and these may be in the right-of-way. Mr. Fegley asked how many properties would be involved in a taking to install a sidewalk, and

Ms. Kepka stated she feels it would involve six to seven properties. Mr. Fazzalore asked that the Township engineer check both sides of the road.

Mr. Doherty stated they should have a report back to the Board of Supervisors within one month. Mr. Strahle suggested that the interested residents come back to the Board for an update on this matter at the second meeting of the Board in June.


Mr. Barry Wagner and Mr. Paul Krupp were present. Mr. Krupp stated he is a member of an off-shoot of the Ad Hoc Committee that Congressman Greenwood formed three and a half years ago. At that time Congressman Greenwood suggested they form a grass roots organization to pursue the problem of airport noise.

Mr. Wagner stated Bucks Residents for Responsible Airport Management (BRAM) was started when the Trenton-Mercer Airport entered into a program to increase the traffic at their airport. He stated their group has been made aware that less experienced air traffic controllers will be taking over this airport in the future. He stated there is only one runway equipped to handle take offs and landings in inclement weather, and this runway takes traffic directly over Lower Makefield Township. They have met with officers from the Airport, Eastwind and the FHA. Congressman Greenwood has also been instrumental in an upcoming environmental study and has attempted to adopt into law legislation that would require community input for expansion plans for airports and to have additional instruments installed at the airport to help during inclement weather. Mr. Wagner stated BRAM has established long and short term goals and would like to be established as an Ad Hoc Committee of Lower Makefield Township. Members of BRAM present this evening were asked to stand and be recognized.

Ms. Holly Bussey stated a Ewing group was established about eighteen months ago which has since dissolved and she had been their liaison. She stated they now understand the Hopewell Community is looking to start a group because of increased traffic over their area. She will be contacting one of their representatives.

Mr. Fegley stated some members of BRAM have suggested that the Township participate in an emergency drill. He stated while there are plans in place for various emergencies, he is not sure what they have in terms of an airline disaster. He suggested the Emergency Management Committee look into what the Township has in place to see if it needs to be updated.

Mr. Krupp stated he has been in contact with the Bucks County Coordinator for Emergency Management and asked why nothing has been done in the way of a drill, and the Coordinator stated the Township must request that this be done. Mr. Krupp stated the Township would have to agree to the funding for this drill. Mr. Fegley asked that the Township look into the cost of a drill and what would be involved. Mr. Fazzalore stated if there was a disaster of this type it would take coordination with other communities in the area as well.

Mr. Hackman suggested that the County Representative be asked to come to a Supervisors’ meeting and tell them what would be involved in such a drill and then they can discuss how to proceed. Mr. Fedorchak agreed to contact the County Representative.

Mr. Fazzalore stated he feels the Board should write to Congressman Greenwood and the FHA indicating their support for a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew.

Mr. Krupp stated they would like to have the Board of Supervisors give BRAM recognition as an Ad Hoc Committee of the Township so that they can officially go to the Airport representatives in this capacity. Mr. Hackman stated he does not agree that this should be a Committee of the Township and feels it would be better if this group spoke on their own behalf. He added he feels they may get a better response as a community group than they would as a Township group. Mr. Garton stated they could send them with a letter of support from the Board of Supervisors endorsing their approach. Mr. Fegley stated if they were an official Ad Hoc Committee it could create some procedural problems since the Board of Supervisors appoints all members serving any Committees of the Township. The Board would then have to interview everyone on the Committee as well as open it up to others. He stated this could result in a long, drawn-out process. He does not have a problem with a Resolution expressing the Board’s support for the work BRAM is doing. He stated if BRAM advises the Township of their upcoming meetings, possibly a Supervisor could attend.

Mr. Hackman asked if any of BRAM members are residents of Yardley Borough, and it was noted some are. Mr. Hackman stated they should also go to Yardley Borough for their support.

Mr. Strahle asked Mr. Fedorchak to draft a Resolution supporting this group to be presented at the next Board of Supervisors’ meeting. He also noted there is a vacancy on the Emergency Management Committed and he would suggest that one of the BRAM members apply.

Mr. Krupp stated BRAM is requesting that traffic be spread out through the area rather than having all planes fly over one particular area. He stated previously they felt the problem was with Eastwind but now feel the problem is with the corporate jets and helicopters. He noted Eastwind is down to three flights a day.

Mr. Rich DiLullo from Sandy Run stated he is concerned with the growth of the airport since they do not know who will be flying out of this airport in the future. He feels the problem is with the airport itself and stated they would like to have input into what goes on at the airport.

Ms. Bussey asked if there is a time when all Supervisors from the area get together to discuss mutual problems, and it was noted there is not. She stated this creates a problem since a drill would involve other local municipalities. Ms. Bussey stated BRAM still plans to approach the Airport management in the future and will keep the Board of Supervisors advised.

Mr. Fedorchak was asked to keep Mr. Krupp advised of what is taking place regarding this matter.


Mr. Fedorchak stated in response to the letter sent to Upper Makefield and Newtown Township regarding taking Lindenhurst Road back from PennDOT, Upper Makefield Township has indicated they are not interested in participating in a turn-back of Lindenhurst Road. The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors has requested their Planning Commission to conduct a comprehensive review of this matter. The Township engineer and the Police Department have also been asked to submit reports. They are looking at possible alternate routes that could be used if truck traffic was eliminated from Lindenhurst Road. Mr. Fedorchak stated Upper Makefield’s lack of participation should not be fatal to the project, and he feels they would be able to work through this, but they would have to have Newtown’s participation.

Mr. Fedorchak stated it is felt a special meeting should be arranged with State representatives invited to attend along with representatives from PennDOT to discuss the Lindenhurst Road situation with the Board of Supervisors, Township staff, and the Police Department.

Mrs. Godshalk asked about the previous discussions regarding use of videotape. Officer Bainbridge stated they are going to conduct a survey on unannounced dates to include a combination of video, radar and Acutrack. This should be completed in two weeks. Training for this has been completed. They will provide approximately twenty minutes of videotape.

Mr. Fedorchak was asked to contact the District Administrator, and Representatives Conti and Steil to determine dates they would be available.

Mr. Fazzalore read from a letter from Newtown Township which indicates that absent cooperation between the two Townships, it is unlikely PennDOT or the State Highway Administration will give the area much attention. The letter also indicated Newtown Township encourages re-formation of a Committee with one Supervisor from each Township, their engineers and Township Managers.

Mrs. Godshalk noted she served on such a Committee for one year and they got to a point where a presentation was made to the entire community and they agreed to come back to the community and this was not done. She feels formation of such a Committee at this time would be taking a step backward. Mr. Fegley stated he feels the Board should agree to Newtown’s suggestion to meet so that this matter can at least move forward. He feels any meeting is better than no meeting and representatives from each Township should be talking and coming up with concrete problems and items for discussion which could be the Agenda for a future meeting of both Boards. Mrs. Godshalk stated they met for two years and eventually a group meeting was held but nothing was resolved. She stated she feels the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors should decide what should be done in their own Township. She stated despite the Newtown Township engineer’s suggestion of improvements that needed to be done to get access to their O/R, they provided no access and did not follow their own traffic engineer’s report. Mr. Fegley stated he feels the problems are the making of both Townships and both Townships must be involved in the resolution of these problems. Mrs. Godshalk stated both Townships should then be fully involved.

Mr. Strahle suggested that a few Supervisors and representatives from both staffs meet to reduce the list of eight solutions down to three which could then be presented to the full Boards.

Mr. Fegley moved and Mr. Fazzalore seconded to respond to the Newtown Township letter of 5/13/99 by having the Township engineer respond to the Traffic Study Technical Summary that Newtown Township submitted in January if not previously responded to and to agree to arrange a Supervisor level meeting including the staff, Township traffic engineers, and Township Managers to include at least one Township Supervisor.

Ms. Sue Herman stated she is concerned about a pre-Election document being distributed by Skip Goodnoe against Anne Goren which indicates Ms. Goren is in favor of moving quarry trucks from Lindenhurst Road to 413. Ms. Herman stated she does not feel this document indicates Newtown Supervisors can work cooperatively with Lower Makefield Township. She agreed to provide a copy of the information being distributed by

Mr. Goodnoe to the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors. Ms. Herman stated she feels Lower Makefield should deal with the State representatives and above.

Mr. Hackman stated the Board of Supervisors could also decide to do nothing to help the traffic situation and simply allow the traffic to back up all the way to Buckingham.

Ms. Karen Friedman asked if PennDOT has ever been advised that Newtown Township is giving minimal support. Mr. Hackman stated Andy Warren lives in Newtown Township and is aware of this situation. Mr. Garton stated the State cannot compel a Municipality to accept back a street so there is no way they can turn Lindenhurst Road into a Township Road unless all Municipalities involved agree. Ms. Friedman asked if they could move on from this issue and ask that PennDOT restrict the truck traffic from Lindenhurst Road.

Mr. Gunkel stated he feels the letter from Newtown Township offers a spirit of cooperation and he feels the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors should not throw up roadblocks. He stated while the proposed Committee is not in the form that Mrs. Godshalk would prefer, at least there would be discussions held. Mr. Gunkel stated they do not need all five Supervisors to attend a meeting in order to determine what Newtown is thinking.

Ms. Sally Conlon suggested that the politicians be left out of the meeting and there be a meeting held of staff first.

Mr. Franckowiack stated the engineers meetings went fine but when it got narrower and decisions had to be made it went nowhere. He stated only Lower Makefield Township is indicating that there is a problem on Lindenhurst Road since the State and Newtown Township do not feel Lindenhurst Road is a problem.

Ms. Ella Mae Thompson stated Mr. Steil was quoted in the paper recently and indicated that until the people rise up and say they want the problem addressed it is not going to happen. She stated the people have spoken up to the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors and it is now the responsibility of the Lower Makefield Township Supervisors to address the problem. Mr. Hackman stated Lower Makefield cannot solve the problem themselves since it is a State road. Ms. Thompson stated the Township should then get State representatives to come to a meeting. She stated until the Lower Makefield Board of Supervisors start to agree among themselves on certain things, they are not setting a good example to the constituents that they serve.

It was suggested that the Township Manager set up a special meeting in June just for this issue.

Mr. Baiard McWilliams stated when accidents occur on State roads they go into a computer and they keep track of this and when enough accidents occur, they will agree to do something. They then prioritize this through their budget. He stated the State will respond to political pressure although they will have to re-arrange the Budget.

There was discussion on Mr. Fegley’s motion and Mr. Strahle stated he would like to know the goal of the meeting to be held. Mr. Fegley stated he feels the goal would be to come up with ideas to be discussed by the full Boards. Mr. Strahle noted there were eight alternatives previously discussed. Mr. Fegley stated he would like to consider those eight as well as additional alternatives and then come back to the full Boards with possibly three alternatives. Mr. Hackman stated there have been at least three official traffic studies done at a cost of thousands of dollars. Mr. Fegley stated he is not recommending that they do an additional study but that they would look at what has already been generated. They should also not be limited to only the eight alternatives already suggested. They could then come back with three proposals to the full Boards.

Mr. Fedorchak stated Mr. Yeager was hired by the Lower Makefield Board of Supervisors approximately one year ago to take a special look at this matter. He is also sensitive to the concerns of Lower Makefield. Mr. Fedorchak stated he feels Mr. Yeager’s help on any committee would help the process and bring a strong voice on behalf of Lower Makefield. It was suggested that he attend the joint meeting if held.

Mrs. Godshalk stated since they are trying to get the State Representatives to attend a meeting, she would suggest that the Newtown Township Representatives be invited to attend that meeting as well. They can then consider a future meeting between Lower Makefield and Newtown. Mr. Fegley stated he feels they should go ahead with both meetings simultaneously.

Mr. Strahle stated he will agree to vote yes to Mr. Fegley’s motion since Newtown Township has offered to coordinate the lights along the By-Pass to make it more attractive to truck traffic to help reduce the traffic on Lindenhurst Road.

Motion carried with Mr. Fazzalore, Mr. Fegley, and Mr. Strahle in favor, and

Mrs. Godshalk and Mr. Hackman opposed.

Mrs. Godshalk moved, Mr. Fazzalore seconded and it was unanimously carried that when the meeting is set up with State Representatives and the District Administrator that Newtown Township be invited to the meeting.



Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Fazzalore seconded to approve the 1999 Consortium Pipe Bids to Chemung, Continental and Stroudsburg. Motion carried unanimously.
Mrs. Godshalk was not present for the vote.


Mr. Roger D’Arcy was present. Mr. Fazzalore read from the Minutes of the meeting held 4/1/96 when PA American Representatives indicated there would not be a rate increase in the next few years. Mr. D’Arcy stated they did not increase rates for three years. He added they spent $200 million in capital investment, and they must have some kind of return. He stated all consumers throughout the State basically pay the same rate. They did spend a higher proportion of the money in this area because of the construction which took place in this area. He stated the proposed increase is 12.7%. This will be analyzed by the staff and hearings will be held on the rate increase request. The PUC will make the final decision.

Mr. Fazzalore moved and Mr. Fegley seconded that the Board of Supervisors approve writing to the PUC in opposition to the rate increase.

Mr. Richard Storm asked the last time rates were increased, and Mr. D’Arcy stated the last increase was in April, 1997. Mr. Storm asked how much this increase was indicating he felt it was 23%. Mr. D’Arcy stated he did not believe it was that high but did not know the exact amount.

Mr. McWilliams asked the annual revenue generated by PAWC. Mr. D’Arcy stated he could provide this information to Mr. McWilliams at a later time since he did not have the financial records with him.

Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Hackman asked about the status of the old reservoir. Mr. D’Arcy stated Lower Makefield Township now has the land. Mr. Hackman stated he did not feel it had been turned over yet. Mr. D’Arcy stated the land has been filled in and the agreements have been signed by both parties. Mr. Garton stated they have given the easement and PAWC should proceed with the deed and the title report. Mr. D’Arcy agreed to look into this matter and report back to the Board.

Mr. Hackman stated the Township plans to build a Northern Emergency Squad/Fire Station on Dolington Road and asked if PAWC has been made aware of this. Mr. D’Arcy stated he is aware of this but does not know the details. He stated he does not feel the water pressure is enough to make the extension. Mr. Doherty stated a booster facility was put in. Mr. Hackman stated they are planning to put in a well but he would prefer that there be public water if it is available. Mr. D’Arcy agreed to look into this matter and report back to the Township.


Mr. and Mrs. Will were present with Mr. Robert Pelt. Mr. Fazzalore stated he did receive a number of phone calls from people who live in this area who were concerned about this Minor Subdivision, but he could not recall the discussions. It did not appear that any of the interested residents were present this evening.

Mr. Will stated there are no immediate plans for the property but he feels eventually his family will move to Lot #2. Mrs. Godshalk stated she does not feel they should be backing out onto the street and there should be provisions for a turn-around. Mr. Will stated while they would be willing to consider this, other residents in the area have to back out onto the street. He added that this is a dead end street. Mr. Pelt stated there is a large copper beech in the area that would impact the construction of a side entrance garage.

Mr. Fegley moved and Mr. Hackman seconded to approve the Preliminary/Final Plans for Albert & Joanna Will, Plans dated 10/3/97, last revised 3/17/99 subject to:

1) Receipt of all permits and approvals by agencies having jurisdiction;

2) Payment of all Township expenses;

3) Compliance with PCS letter dated 4/7/99;

4) Confirmation that standard note regarding no further subdivision is on


Motion carried with Mrs. Godshalk opposed.


Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve an Extension for Fieldstone @ Lower Makefield Preliminary Plan until 8/20/99.


Mr. Fazzalore noted HARB has recommended approval of this sign. Mr. Strahle stated subsequent to this approval HARB had discussion on signs and will be making recommendations to the Board. He noted since the applicant is not present this evening he feels the matter should be tabled until the Board hears from Ms. Stark on signs.

Mrs. Godshalk noted this shopping center was a result of a lawsuit and she is not sure that they are permitted to have this sign.

Mr. Fegley moved, Mr. Strahle seconded and it was unanimously carried to table this matter.


Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve May 3 and May 17, 1999 Warrant Lists, and April, 1999 Payroll as attached to the Minutes.

Mr. Hackman noted Mr. Taylor has provided an update on financial activity for April and the Real Estate market continues to be strong. Transfer taxes to date are over $100,000 more than they were last year at this time and it is the highest April recorded.

Mr. Hackman stated he feels their financial condition is good.


Mr. Taylor stated the Auditors have suggested that the amount be raised to $250 from $100 on checks requiring two signatures since not much can be bought for $100.

Mr. Fegley moved and Mr. Strahle seconded to revise the policy and require two signatures on all checks over $250.

Mr. Hackman stated he feels they should leave the policy as it is presently regardless of how much can be bought for $100. Mr. Fazzalore stated he always reviews all the checks even those under $100.

No action was taken on this matter since Mr. Fegley and Mr. Strahle voted in favor of the motion, Mrs. Godshalk and Mr. Hackman were opposed, and Mr. Fazzalore abstained.



Mr. Taylor recommended the Board accept the Resolution which will reduce costs from $10 to $7 per location and freeze the rate until the year 2005. He stated they might be able to fight this longer, but it would cost more money and they could come back with a rate increase next year.

Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Fazzalore seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve Resolution No. 1029.

Mr. Taylor stated this should save the Township $600 to $700 per month.



Mr. Hackman moved and Mrs. Godshalk seconded to re-appoint Jim Coyne to the Non-Uniform Pension Committee and Tom Augustin to the Uniform Pension Committee.

Mr. Hackman noted another individual did express an interest in being appointed to the Non-Uniform Pension Committee. Mr. Fazzalore stated this individual will be invited to attend the meeting to take notes only and will not participate. He stated he would recommend Heide Sheridan be appointed since he does not feel Mr. Coyne should be stretched any further at this time. Mrs. Godshalk noted Mr. Coyne did ask to remain on the Committee. Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels Mr. Hamilton should withdraw as the Uniform Pension Committee representative since he has a conflict of interest.

Motion carried with Mr. Fazzalore voting no.

Mrs. Godshalk moved that the Financial Report be given earlier in the evening so that

Mr. Taylor does not have to stay as long. Mr. Strahle noted Mr. Taylor is second in command of the Township. There was no second to the Motion and no action was taken.



Mr. Doherty reviewed the additional roads to be included. He noted these were recommended by Mr. Coyne.

Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the extension of the 1999 Resurfacing Program at a cost of $35,000.



Mr. Doherty stated this is scheduled to be bid on June 17. It is presently in at PennDOT for permits and they expect to have this by the time they go out to bid. They will do the exit first. Mrs. Godshalk asked about the trees. Mr. Doherty stated one tree will have to come out. Mrs. Godshalk asked if they could re-locate this in front of the Township Building. Mr. Strahle suggested it be moved to Roelofs. Mrs. Godshalk suggested a location at the Township Complex.



Mr. Hackman stated when they repainted the pools there were considerable problems since the paint blistered in many areas. The Pool is scheduled to be open in two weeks and there is only water in one of the four pools. Mr. Doherty stated Mr. Gouza is at the pool watching the pool contractor who is scraping the paint from 4 p.m. until dark. The paint manufacturer has indicated it should not be done in the heat of the day. The contractor has agreed that the work will be completed by Monday. Mr. Hackman stated a decision must be made what will happen next year since this job was unsatisfactory. Mr. Doherty stated the paint manufacturer has agreed to stand behind the paint and if it has to be done again next year, they will do so.



Mr. Garton was asked to enter an appearance on behalf of the Board at the Zoning Hearing Board when the McCullough Special Exception Request is heard to permit accessory outside storage and salvage facility at the Dobry Road property. He will report back to the Board at the next meeting.



Mr. Edward Murphy was present and stated two months ago the Board of Supervisors

approved a Minor Subdivision for Mr. and Mrs. McClister. Mr. Murphy asked that the

Board sign the linens this evening since they have sold the house and settlement is scheduled for the end of the month and the Board will not meet again until June 7. He stated he submitted the plans after the deadline because he made a mistake with the dates for the Board of Supervisors’ meetings.

The linens were presented this evening and the Board agreed to sign.



Mr. Strahle asked that Mr. Scott cite Mr. Goodnoe and Mr. Harp for illegally posting signs in Lower Makefield Township.



Mr. Fedorchak asked that the Board agree to the request to sell two 1996 Fords and one 1992 Chevy to Morrisville Borough. Mr. Garton stated this does not have to go out to bid if they sell it to another Municipality.

Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the sale of three used police vehicles to Morrisville Borough for $5500.



Mr. Fazzalore moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to appoint Karen Wild to the Community Pool Board, Barbara Kirk to the Zoning Hearing Board, and to re-appoint John Pazdera to the Planning Commission.


There being no further business, Mr. Fegley moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Frank Fazzalore, Secretary