The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on August 6, 2001. Chairman Fazzalore called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. noting that the Board had been meeting in Executive Session since 6:00 p.m. to discuss legal and personnel matters.

Those present:

Board of Supervisors:

Frank Fazzalore, Chairman
Scott Fegley, Vice Chairman
Grace Godshalk, Secretary/Treasurer
Fred Allan, Supervisor
Wes Hackman, Supervisor


Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager
Jeffrey Garton, Township Solicitor
Duke Doherty, Township Engineer
Kenneth Coluzzi, Chief of Police


Mr. Harold Kupersmith, 612 B Wren Song Road, asked the status of the Senior Center.

Mr. Fazzalore stated the Board continues to discuss the matter but there is nothing further to report at this time.

Ms. Susan Dengler stated at the prior meeting there was some confusion as to the extension being requested by Matrix and asked if it had been determined whether this was an extension for Final Plan approval. Mr. Garton stated according to the terms and conditions of the original Master Plan Agreement going back thirteen years, the Agreement provided that any further review would be considered a Preliminary/Final Plan. Mrs. Godshalk stated the approval that was given last December was for a new Agreement. Mr. Garton stated this Agreement did not do away with the original Agreement except for those items specifically noted as modified by the new Agreement. Mr. Fazzalore noted Matrix will still be going through the whole process even though it will be a Final Plan. They will have to go before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors and the Plans will be reviewed by other reviewing agencies. Mr. Fazzalore stated they can also come back and request another extension if everything is not completed. Ms. Dengler asked the status of the barn on the property. Mr. Fedorchak stated he understands that they are in the process of demolition but parts of the building could be used for other structures. Mr. Garton stated they do not need Final Plan approval to take down this structure although they must have a Demolition Permit. Ms. Dengler asked about access to meeting Minutes. She stated she understands that Minutes are approved by the Supervisors at their meeting and then are available on the Township Website. She asked what would happen if someone from the audience did not agree with what is listed in the Minutes. Mr. Garton stated only the Board approves the Minutes and they are not official until after Board approval. He stated if a member of the public disagrees with something in the approved Minutes, they can come back at a subsequent meeting and ask for an amendment.


Mr. John Hricko, 556 Scattergood Court, stated he would like to donate trees to the Township to be planted in Macclesfield Park adjacent to his property to provide additional screening. Mr. Hackman showed the location of Mr. Hrickoís property on the Macclesfield Park map. He is asking permission to donate to the Township some trees which he would like to put on the Township property on the edge to help buffer his property. He is also planting some additional trees on his own property. Mr. Hackman stated Ms. Liney and Mr. Copson have looked into this and do not feel it will interfere in any way. Mr. Fazzalore stated he would like the Township engineer to look into this to make sure that no water problems will develop. Mr. Hricko stated the trees he is purchasing will be delivered on Wednesday to be installed on Thursday.

Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to accept the donation of trees from John Hricko on Township property at Macclesfield Park subject to concurrence by the Township engineer.

PUBLIC COMMENT (continued)

Ms. Marcy Conti, Wrightstown, stated the Stoopville Road widening project is still a priority for Newtown Township despite requests from residents not to proceed with this project since they feel it will result in more traffic and greater speeds. She stated Upper Makefield is opposed to the widening and straightening of Stoopville Road and she asked that the Lower Makefield Board of Supervisors look into this project. She provided information this evening on the effects of road widening. Mr. Hackman stated Lower Makefield Township has only a small parcel involved in this project where a Church is to be built and they will be improving the road around the Church to accommodate parking.

Mr. Mike Kane, 1552 Brock Creek Drive, asked if the Matrix project would have been approved if the Extension had not been granted. Mr. Garton stated if the Board does not act within a certain period of time, it is a deemed approval. The Board of Supervisors would have had to articulate why they were denying the Plan if they did not grant an Extension. He stated they would also have had a problem since they had not given Matrix an opportunity to speak to the denial. He stated this matter has not yet been before the Planning Commission. Mr. Kane asked the status of the Plans, and Mr. Fazzalore stated they are still being reviewed by the Township engineer and the Sewer engineer. Mr. Kane stated it appears that Matrix wants to start construction in October, and Mr. Garton stated this is highly unlikely. Mr. Kane asked what kind of notice will be provided to the residents of the meetings when Matrix will be discussed. Mr. Fegley stated the Bucks County Courier Times does publish their Agendas and it is also listed on the Township Website and Channel 16. Mr. Kane asked that the residents be provided at least one weeks notice.

Ms. Virginia Torbert, 1700 Yardley/Newtown Road, asked if there are accident statistics for the area where the loop ramp is proposed, specifically the percentage of accidents by people trying to make turns to get to I-95 North and those making U-turns. Chief Coluzzi stated the majority of accidents were for people traveling eastbound on 332 and turning to get to I-95 North. Chief Coluzzi stated they are doing some selective enforcement in the area to try to stop people making U-turns. Ms. Torbert stated if the ramp is approved, it will still not be built in the near future and she feels they should do something prior to that time. She would suggest looking at extending the time for the left turn signal to permit more cars to turn left and to get more cars coming from I-95 South able to head toward Newtown. She stated since only a limited number of cars can make the movement, a number of cars are making U-turns in her driveway. Mr. Allan stated he feels this is part of the timing project taking place at the current time. Ms. Torbert stated she feels the timing should insure that more than twenty-five cars can get through at a time.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she also feels they are closing their eyes to the Oxford Valley Road situation. She stated the State indicated that this would be corrected a number of years ago. Mr. Fazzalore stated this project is on the list. Ms. Dengler thanked Mrs. Godshalk for her comment and stated Matrix will just make the Oxford Valley Road situation worse.

Ms. Karen Friedman stated she hopes that whatever amendments they make to the intersection it will take into account all the traffic patterns. She stated there was some confusion following her comments at the public meeting last Tuesday night and she is not advocating a full cloverleaf at this location.

Ms. Sue Herman thanked the Township for the public meeting which was held last Tuesday night. She stated after that meeting she spoke with Mr. Yeager about the intersection out of the Newtown Township O/R onto the By-Pass. She stated Mr. Yeager indicated that a traffic light would be sufficient if there was only an office building and the twenty-four homes proposed; however, when she advised him that Newtown Township has indicated Brandywine is looking at another five buildings for the Roberts Tract, Mr. Yeager then stated they may have to look into the overpass situation. Ms. Herman asked if they could meet with Mr. Yeager to get his input on the specifics for handling this intersection and what would be most effective and not tie up traffic on the By-Pass. She stated Mr. Yeager indicated he had not seen the blueprint of the ramp and the residents would be in favor of having Mr. Yeager review this. Mr. Fazzalore stated they will take this into consideration. Ms. Herman stated Mr. Steil contacted her last Friday and advised her that the cost to upgrade the two culverts will be added to the project cost for improving Swamp Road. She is assuming that this means it will be added to the Twelve Year Plan. Mr. Fazzalore stated he had discussed this matter with a Wrightstown Supervisor who indicated that the bridges will be part of the total cost. Mr. Garton stated he and Mr. Fedorchak, with resident input, could work on a letter to be sent to Mr. Steil in this regard.

Ms. Maureen Freedman, 1230 Quarry Hill Court, stated she is concerned with the environmental issues associated with the Golf Course and the impact on surrounding wells.

She would like to know if the Township can advise what water supply will be used for the Golf Course. Mr. Fazzalore stated this has not yet been finally determined. Mr. Fegley stated he feels they will drill wells to serve the Golf Course. He added that the Golf Course will also be part of the Audubon Cooperative Program, and the Township will voluntarily comply with strict regulations set forth by the Audubon Society for maintenance of Golf Courses with regard to lawn treatment, etc.


Mr. Allan moved and Mr. Fegley seconded to approve the Minutes of July 16, 2001 as written. Motion carried with Mr. Hackman abstained.


Ms. Ann Langtry was present. Mrs. Godshalk moved and Mr. Allan seconded to accept the $10,800 Grant award from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Ms. Langtry reviewed the work to be done. She stated no planning component is involved at this time. This is Phase I.

Mr. Hackman stated he is concerned that some items seem to have been fairly well finalized including installation of sidewalks, lights, and sewers, and he does not feel the Plans make sense. He does not feel they should continue with this project until they have a Plan that they can agree on. Mrs. Godshalk stated they need the Grant money to get a Plan they can agree on. She stated they are attempting to bring this area back to a Village atmosphere.

Mr. Hackman stated parking along the road does not make sense. Mr. Fazzalore stated he felt that they already approved a Master Plan. Ms. Langtry stated this was only a study. She added it will be used as a guidebook to approve a Master Plan. Ms. Langtry stated the Historic District is about to be sewered, and it will open the area up to commercial development. What they are trying to do with these guidelines is to control the aesthetic growth of the Village. She stated the parking issues, etc. will be considered at a later time.

Mr. Hackman stated basically this is a residential area, and he does not feel they should be turning it into a commercial hub. Ms. Langtry stated there are multiple parcel owners who are waiting for the right offer to come along. Mrs. Godshalk stated it has been zoned Historic/Commercial for twenty years. Mr. Hackman stated he feels what they are doing is building a new Historic District. Ms. Langtry stated this is the only Historic District in the Township.

Ms. Langtry stated the Grant does involve matching funds from the Township in the amount of $8,915. She noted $12,000 was approved in the Budget.

Ms. Debbie Parsons asked if the Township will be expected to take over land and restore the Village. Mr. Fazzalore stated the Plan is that developers would come in and develop both residential and commercial developments. Water and sewer would be assessed to the property owners if it is installed.

Mrs. Godshalk stated in a Historic Village you can legislate architectural design which you cannot do in any other area of the Township.

Motion carried with Mr. Hackman opposed.


Mr. Fegley moved and Mr. Allan seconded approval of Carter VanDyke Associates Proposal to prepare Edgewood Village Historic District Guidelines in the amount of $13,734.

Mr. Hackman asked about the additional money remaining since the Grant is in the amount of $10,800 and the Township has a matching portion of $8,915. Ms. Langtry stated it will remain with the Township.

Motion carried with Mr. Hackman opposed.


Ms. Donna Liney was present with Ms. Beth Ann Menard and other members of the Community Pool Board. Ms. Liney stated the Pool Board has recommended that the Board of Supervisors approve the Contract with Wallover Architects so that they can provide a base line analysis of the existing Pool facilities and to make future recommendations. Ms. Liney stated they have researched a number of firms over the past eight months. She reviewed work Wallover Architects, Inc. have done in the past. Funds for the project would come from the Community Pool which is a user-based Budget and no Lower Makefield Township taxpayers funds are involved.

Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Allan seconded to accept the total proposal.

Mr. Allan stated this will help bring the Pool in compliance with ADA and they can also address other problems that they have within the Pool confines. Mr. Fazzalore asked if they will be involved in determining if there are leaks, etc., and Ms. Menard stated they will.

Mr. Fegley asked about the Yardley Borough membership, and Ms. Liney stated they had approximately 30 families from Yardley Borough join the Pool. Mr. Allan stated they feel that next year there will be more Yardley Borough families who join since they did not offer membership until late this year.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.


Mr. Winslade, Mr. Newman, and Mr. Cadwallader were present representing the Fire Department along with Mr. Tom Zarko, Sewer Engineer. Mr. Winslade stated Mrs. Godshalk had asked about the feasibility of connecting Elm Lowne to public sewer and water in conjunction with the Fire Station project.

Mr. Zarko stated they looked at three locations for the Fire Station and at all three locations it is feasible to connect Elm Lowne to public sewers. He stated the Elm Lowne facility would have had to be pumped under all three location alternatives. However, if some adjustments were made to the depth, Elm Lowne could be served by gravity from all three locations. He would recommend that the Board considering requiring service of Elm Lowne by gravity. At location A the cost would be $71,000 to provide public sewers for the Fire Station and Elm Lowne. At Location B, close to Quarry Road, the cost would be $120,500. The Final alternative is the Fire house at Location B however easements would be provided to go across the property to shorten the distance and this would then cost $112,000. Mr. Zarko stated he has not looked at the gas or water line costs. At Location A the depth would be 12 feet. At Location B it would be 11 1/2 feet and at the Nursery alternative for Location B, the depth would be 12 1/2 feet. Mr. Zarko stated Location A would be served from the Miller Place cul-de-sac. Mrs. Godshalk stated they have an easement for this. Mr. Zarko stated he has not been able to confirm this with Mr. Hoffmeister. Mr. Doherty stated both the water and gas are on Quarry Road. He stated coming from Quarry Road at the B location through the nursery would be the least expensive proposal when you consider all the utilities. Mr. Fazzalore asked about water pressure from Miller Place, and Mr. Doherty stated Mr. Badey indicated they could service the house from that location but not the Fire Station.

Mrs. Godshalk asked if gas will be used for heating, and Mr. Winslade stated it will.

Mrs. Godshalk asked if they have considered other new ways of heating. She stated she is concerned about the proposed improvements since they are running the lines in a road that is scheduled to be improved. Mr. Winslade stated what they are now considering is having the lines run across the field. Mrs. Godshalk stated she is opposed to putting the Fire Station in the middle of Township open space which will restrict them from other uses they may want to have in this area. Mr. Fazzalore stated the Township purchased additional property in the area. Mrs. Godshalk noted the Master Plan also shows the realignment of Dolington and Creamery Roads.

Mr. Coyne stated he discussed the matter with the Water Company representatives who indicated there is a high pressure line at the corner which they can tap into with a hydrant for training and for sprinklers. This will also provide better fire protection for Elm Lowne.

Mrs. Godshalk suggested that they take the sewer from Miller Place and look into other alternatives than gas. She stated she is still in favor of the original location for the Fire Station. Mr. Fazzalore stated they were interested in bringing public services to Elm Lowne so that they have the proper facilities for people who are renting the property.

Mr. Fegley asked how the Woodside Station is heated, and Mr. Winslade stated it is heated by gas. He stated they have gas radiant heaters that are sent on the trucks and also help dry the equipment as well. Mr. Winslade stated with convection heat, which is what he feels Mrs. Godshalk is referring to, they do not get the recovery they do with gas radiant heat.
Mr. Newman stated they also have gas at the Yardley Station.

Mr. Fegley asked about the number of calls they have had this year, and Mr. Newman stated they had 553 calls this year. Mr. Fazzalore asked how long it takes to get to the north end of the Township from the existing stations, and Mr. Winslade stated it can take from eight to fourteen minutes.

Mr. Fegley expressed concern with future use of the open space and accessibility to that open space adjacent to the Fire Station at Location B. Mr. Cadwallader stated at Location A six feet of fill would need to be brought in. He stated there is also a safety issue at Location A because of the sight distance for the fire trucks. He stated when it is moved to Location B they can meet the sight distance. Mr. Doherty stated Site A has been moved somewhat so that there is now sufficient sight distance.

Ms. Virginia Torbert asked the total difference in cost between Sites A and B. It was noted the difference is approximately $100,000 less going with Site B. Ms. Torbert asked if they will "T" off the intersection at Creamery, and Mr. Fazzalore stated this is a State road and nothing has been finally designed. Ms. Torbert stated if they are not going to do this, the fire trucks will be coming down Dolington Road and have to make a difficult right turn going out and a difficult left turn coming back to the Fire Station. Mr. Fegley stated they could have put the Fire Station at Quarry Road, but the three schools in the area were opposed to this because of traffic in the morning.

Mr. Tom Parsons, Fox Hollow Drive, stated the existing Fire House is on a corner and asked why this new building could not be on a corner. Mr. Fazzalore stated they were concerned with significant opposition from the residents in the area. Mr. Parsons stated he is concerned with the change in the building from a Sub-Station to a full-blown building with room for people to sleep, etc. Mr. Parsons stated he is also concerned that the Township purchased Elm Lowne with Open Space money and he questions how much more money the Board is going to have to put into this structure in terms of maintenance, etc. He stated he did not vote in favor of the Open Space Referendum in order to purchase buildings which need to be maintained. Mr. Fazzalore stated many of the open areas left in the Township do have buildings on them.

Mr. Coyne stated there was discussion on the heat at the Fire Station. He stated both of the existing Fire Stations have stand-by generators which are driven by gas. He stated the reason they did this was because of problems in the past with underground tanks.

Ms. Lorraine Tamarino, Silverwood Drive, stated she is concerned that money is being spent on Elm Lowne and asked how much money the property is generating.

Mr. Fazzalore stated they do not generate enough money to cover the repairs needed.

Mr. Fegley stated a majority of the Board voted to purchase Elm Lowne and it has been used for a number of functions. The only reason it is being discussed in conjunction with the Fire Station is that they felt if they were already spending money to run utility lines to the Fire Station, they wanted to try to service Elm Lowne as well so that it is suitable for the public functions that are held there.

Ms. Maureen Pelehety stated whenever the Fire Station has been mentioned in the past, they have also discussed Elm Lowne. She stated when Elm Lowne was purchased as Open Space, she did not know it was to become a place of business. She stated not every taxpayer in the Township will benefit from this property but their tax dollars are going into sewers and bringing public water to this location. She stated she does not feel running a business qualifies as Open Space.

Mr. Allan moved and Mr. Fegley seconded to accept Location B for the Fire Station as described by the Fire Department personnel present this evening.

Mrs. Godshalk asked that they amend the Motion that it be subject to utilities being moved so that they do not interfere with the hook up to Creamery Road. Mr. Doherty stated gas and sanitary sewers are always in the right-of-way of the road. Mr. Hackman stated he does not feel they need to make a decision on the utilities this evening.

Vote was taken on the Motion as amended by Mrs. Godshalk but did not pass as Mr. Allan, Mr. Fazzalore, and Mr. Hackman were opposed and Mr. Fegley and Mrs. Godshalk were in favor.

A vote was taken on the original Motion without the amendment and it carried unanimously.


Mr. Fazzalore noted some of the Supervisors are concerned with the size of the proposed quarters area. Mr. Fegley stated he felt this was intended to be a Sub-Station; and while he understands the need for some facilities for Fire Department personnel, he is concerned with the different sleeping quarters proposed for officers and the rank and file as well as provisions for ten people to be able to sleep at the Station. Mr. Winslade stated they would agree to remove the portion for the officers sleeping quarters and change it to menís sleeping quarters and female sleeping quarters.

Mr. Winslade stated he feels the public restrooms are going to have to be substantially larger than what is shown in order for them to comply with regulations. Mr. Fazzalore suggested that they only consider the Fire Station facilities now and if they need public facilities in the future, they can consider them at that time. Mr. Winslade reviewed what is proposed on the present Plan including a 13í8" by 27" recreation area, kitchen, restrooms, and closet facilities along with a small office. Mr. Winslade stated over the past three years they have been very reactive to the requests made by the Board of Supervisors. The new building is proposed to be 8,200 square feet. Mr. Fegley asked how many Fire Department personnel can sleep at the Woodside Station, and Mr. Winslade stated they can house eight. At Yardley Borough they do not have sleeping quarters and if they have to sleep there, they put them in the meeting room.

Mr. Hackman asked if a second floor is proposed where the dormers are shown on the model, and Mr. Winslade stated it was determined that they could have a second floor at virtually no additional cost. At this point it will just be a large open room.

Mr. Hackman moved and Mr. Allan seconded to approve in concept the Plan presented by the Fire Company and that they move into Land Development.

A gentleman residing at 1613 Fairfield Road stated what they are building is not a satellite station. He asked why they do not use the space they are getting as a second floor and cut down on some of the square footage on the first floor. Mr. Winslade stated they would have to comply with ADA requirements and provide an elevator.

A gentleman residing at 1653 Fairfield Road asked the plans to staff the facility.

Mr. Winslade stated they hope to get people from the area involved and will have a Membership Drive. He stated they do currently have some people from the area who will be at this Station rather than going to the two lower Stations. Mr. Coyne stated when they have bad weather they will have people bunk in at all three Stations.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.


Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Allan seconded and it was unanimously carried to award Contract No. 1 to Miller and Son Paving, Inc. at $268,545.05

Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Allan seconded and it was unanimously carried to award Contract No. 2 to Asphalt Industries at $62,683.13.


Mr. Garton stated the developer has submitted the required information, and the staff would recommend approval of the Development Agreement.

Mrs. Godshalk moved, Mr. Allan seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Afton Crest Development Agreement.


Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Allan seconded and it was unanimously carried to table approval of the Agreement with Rick Jacobson to provide Golf Course design services.


Mr. Fedorchak stated last Tuesday morning the State Environmental Review Committee met to discuss the Rock Run Dam Project. He attended the meeting with Mr. Doherty and Mr. Johnson of Skelly & Loy. Mr. Fazzalore stated it was determined that they have four to five acres of exceptional value wetlands which raised some concerns by those in attendance. This is only a preliminary review and it will be some time before the permits are submitted. They were instructed to come up with a variety of alternatives such as increasing the size of the channel from Derbyshire Road to the St. John Church, relocating the detention facility across from Stony Hill Road, and increasing the size of the detention basins throughout the area. Mr. Fedorchak stated a number of these suggestions made at the meeting were already addressed; however, they asked that the Township revisit all of these alternatives. The DEP engineer that is responsible for this project will be doing this with assistance of the Township. They hope to have this report addressing these alternative completed by September/October. Around that time they plan on having a site visit where representatives of the Environmental Review Committee will come on site and look at the situation first hand. Mr. Fegley expressed concern that the Committee is making these recommendations at this time.

Ms. Sue Dengler asked if the Army Corps classified these as exceptional wetlands, and Mr. Fedorchak stated both DEP and the Army Corps did so based on the existence of one particular plant. Ms. Dengler asked the purpose of the dam, and Mr. Fazzalore discussed flooding problems they have had in the past in this area.

Mr. Fedorchak noted someone representing the Delaware Riverkeeper did ask to review the Township files on Rock Run.

One gentleman stated he lives in Valley Greene adjacent to where the dam is proposed and he asked if the residents have been advised of the project. Mr. Fedorchak stated while this is called a dam, it is actually nothing more than a glorified detention basin. The gentleman stated he has reviewed the file. Mr. Fedorchak stated they will go into the design phase next March and the public will be informed as this progresses.

Ms. Mya Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, stated her office did review the files and she feels that saying this is not a dam is a disservice to the public. She stated the alternative analysis that was done was highly deficient. She stated there are alternatives which can provide flood protection and still preserve the environment. Mr. Fegley stated he is concerned that developers are permitted by DEP to put roads and other facilities in the wetlands and the Township is now trying to alleviate flooding problems and they are getting opposition to the project. Ms. Rossum stated the Delaware Riverkeeper and the residents are concerned about both the environment and protection for flood victims.

She stated she feels there may be a better way to do this. Mr. Fazzalore stated they would be glad to study these alternatives but they also want to protect their residents. He stated they would welcome any alternatives. Mr. Fegley stated he would like to see the alternatives before the final vote on the dam. Ms. Rossum stated the Riverkeeper did submit solutions in November, and they will issue another letter on these suggestions and make them available to the Township and the other reviewers.


Revised Mylars for the Homes at Chestnut Woods were signed following the meeting.


Mr. Allan moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to deny the request for Dedication of Oak Tree Farms because of outstanding Final Certificates of Occupancy.

Mr. Garton noted the developer has corrected the other items.


The Jam Enterprises request for several Variances to construct a single family dwelling at Oxford Road north of the intersection with Stony Hill Road was noted and the Board decided to take no action.

The Eric and Nancy Wolfenson Variance request to add a one car garage at 549 Delvale Road was noted and the Solicitor was asked to attend the meeting and report back to the Board.

The Ron and Mary DeMaio Variance request to the impervious surface requirements to build a single family home at 638 Washington Crossing Road was noted and the Solicitor was asked to appear in opposition.

The DeLuca Enterprises Variance requests for Afton Crest Lots 12 and 13 was noted an the Board decided to take no action.

The March Errichetti request to change a recorded linen in order to permit existing patio and landscape beds as well as addition patio to be located within the drainage easement at 1720 Jockeys Way was noted and the Board decided to take no action.

The Gary and Judy King Variance request to construct a garage at 2111 Stackhouse Drive was noted an the Board decided to take no action.


Mr. Hackman stated the Golf Course Architect is working on some preliminary designs and they should have them in a week or so. The financial analysts are putting together their report which should be available in September.


Mr. Fegley moved, Mr. Hackman seconded and it was unanimously carried to cancel the September 3, 2001 meeting.


Mr. Taylor announced that the Delaware Valley Workmenís Compensation Trust awarded the Township an award for the year 2000 for being the safest Township among thirty-five Municipalities.

Mr. Fazzalore noted the Township was also recognized for their recycling efforts and was cited as the best in the area.


Mr. Fazzalore moved to establish the date to discuss the I-95 loop ramp to be the next meeting of the Board to be held on August 20, 2001.

Mrs. Godshalk asked if someone is looking into whether the loop could be made smaller.

Mr. Doherty stated he felt that Mr. Gouza had looked into this and what is proposed is the minimum the curves could be for the speeds that are set. He stated he would be willing to look into this matter again.

Mr. Fegley seconded the Motion.

Mr. Hackman stated if they are looking to solve the regional problems, he does not feel they will have heard from the other Townships by August 20. Mr. Fegley stated all they have to do is send out a letter of intent to go forward with the loop ramp. He stated in the final document he would like to see that Newtown Township insures that the CAU parking lot does not become a cut through to Lindenhurst Road. Mr. Fegley stated he does not feel they can wait until the Wrightstown culvert goes through before they approve the I-95 loop ramp. Mr. Hackman stated he feels Lower Makefield Township has done a great deal to help the residents with their traffic concerns and he would like to see the same effort in the neighboring Townships. Mr. Fegley stated if there is an Inter-Governmental Agreement, they can require them to abide by it. If nothing is agreed to, Newtown Township can do whatever they want to do. Mr. Fegley stated if the loop ramp does not go forward, the problems will continue in the area.

Ms. Herman stated she feels they are premature making any decisions since they have not reviewed the intersection from the O/R to the By-Pass. Mr. Fazzalore stated he does not link those issues with the loop ramp issue. Mr. Fazzalore stated whether they do the ramp or not, Stoopville and Lindenhurst Road will still be heavily traveled. Ms. Herman stated she feels that the Township can use the loop ramp to their advantage. Mr. Fazzalore stated the problem is that they have been told that they are coming to the end of the money, and if the funds go away, the ramp will never be constructed. Ms. Herman stated she would like the Board of Supervisors to insist that Swamp Road be put on the Twelve Year Plan.

Mr. Fazzalore stated the Township has already written a number of letters in this regard.

Mr. Fegley withdrew his second to the Motion.

Mr. Fegley moved and Mrs. Godshalk seconded to table the matter. Motion carried with Mr. Allan abstained.

There being no further business, Mr. Hackman moved, Mr. Allan seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 p.m.