MINUTES – JUNE 21, 2004



The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on June 21, 2004.  Chairman Fazzalore called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. noting that the Board had been meeting in Executive Session since 6:30 p.m. interviewing an employee and discussing legal matters.


Those present:


Board of Supervisors:               Frank Fazzalore, Chairman

                                                Pete Stainthorpe, Vice Chairman

                                                Scott Fegley, Secretary/Treasurer

                                                Grace Godshalk, Supervisor

                                                Steve Santarsiero, Supervisor


Others:                                     Jeffrey Garton, Township Solicitor

                                                James Majewski, Township Engineer

                                                Kenneth Coluzzi, Chief of Police


Absent:                         Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager





Ms. Sue Herman read into the record her comments regarding her attendance at the first meeting of Representative Steil’s Task Force (copy attached to the Minutes).  She expressed her concern with the fact that no formal Minutes were being kept for Task Force meetings, and that she feels the Task Force is set-up to ignore sound engineering practices and PennDOT’s guidelines/responsibilities.


Mr. Fazzalore asked if the piece he read in the newspaper about the lawsuit filed by Wrightstown came up, and Ms. Herman stated it did not.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated while it was not specifically discussed, the representative from Wrightstown did bring this up.  She indicated she did not feel PennDOT considered their Stormwater Run Off Ordinance.  Mr. Fazzalore stated he feels this is actually a way for Wrightstown to delay repairing the bridge.  He stated Wrightstown does not want the bridge repaired unless the entire roadway is repaired.


Mr. Santarsiero stated he agrees that Minutes should be kept.  He stated Lower Makefield Township keeps Minutes for all their Committees. 


Mr. Santarsiero moved, and Mrs. Godshalk seconded to give the Township Representatives on the Regional Traffic Commission the charge to go to the next meeting

June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 2 of 15



and request that formal Minutes be kept and that they be posted on each of the Township’s Websites that participate.  Motion carried with Mr. Stainthorpe opposed.





Mr. Stainthorpe moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the June 7, 2004 Minutes as amended.





Mr. Fegley moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the June 4, and June 21, 2004 Warrant Lists and May, 2004 Payroll as attached to the Minutes.


Mr. Fazzalore stated Ms. Sheridan wrote the normal report and things look good.  He did review expenditures to date in total, and they are slightly below Budget.





Mr. Edward Furman, Maillie Falconeiro, and Ms. Heidi Sheridan, Finance Director, were present.  Mr. Furman stated this is the first year that the Township adopted the new accounting practices.  He reviewed what is different from prior years.  He noted the two sets of financials now prepared.    He noted their Audit Report which begins on Page #4 and stated there is a clean, unqualified opinion.  The Management Report was noted on Page #5.


Mr. Fazzalore stated next year may be more difficult.  He stated one of the highlights indicated the General Fund Balance remains above the Safe Harbor level for the year 2003, but he is concerned about 2005.  Mr. Furman stated the General Fund is the old format which is on Page #21.  He stated you compare this with the General Fund Revenues on Page #23.  They have found that most bond raters and those reviewing the financial statements migrate back to the old format.  Mr. Fazzalore stated they do have an AAA Rating, and he wants to make sure that they do not do anything to change this. 

Mr. Furman stated they will look at this going forward to make sure that they keep the Safe Harbor level.


Page #19 was noted on the Assets and Balance Sheet where they record all the fixed assets. This includes the road system.  He reviewed how this was calculated.  Sewers are under the Business Type as are the Pool and the Golf Course.  Net assets of the Township

June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 3 of 15



are at $80 million with the predominate pieces being the land and road system.  The Township has agreed to maintain the roads at a base average level.  The Golf Course is shown as “under construction” and in 2004 this will be under active assets. 


Mr. Furman stated the new format on the Statement of Activities is shown on Page #20 and this format is proving to be difficult to read.  He advised how to read this section and stated there was a net positive asset change of $1.9 million. 


Mr. Sam Conti asked about the transfer from the business activity to the Government activity.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated he feels this is a portion of the Manager’s salary, overhead for the building, etc.   It is a portion of those things that get used by the Pool, Sewer, etc.  Mr. Furman stated if you compare this to what other Township’s charge, it is actually quite low. 


Mr. Furman stated the old Balance Sheet is on Page #21.  He stated the General Fund had a balance of $1.6 million, but they will have to keep an eye on this going forward.  He stated Page #22 is the bridge from the old format to the new format.  The old statement of Revenues and Expenditures is on Pages #23 and #24.  He stated everyone is familiar with this format, and this is what most people look it.  He noted the bottom of Page #24 where they show there was a small difference in the General Fund but it was comparable to 2002.


Page #25 was noted which is another bridge between the old and new format.  He stated under the old format the more you borrowed, the stronger you looked so that was somewhat of a distorted look. 


The Governmental/Enterprise Funds are shows on Pages #26 and #27.  Mr. Furman also noted the footnotes on Page #54 which include a statement on the status of the Pension Plan funding.  The balances have been determined to be actuarially sound.  He stated there is still an un-funded obligation which needs to be funded.  Mr. Fazzalore stated the State will give them some funds.  Mr. Furman stated they are funded at 80%, and actuarially this is much better than other Pension Plans.    Mr. Fazzalore stated they were concerned that the investments may drop by the end of this year, but based on their allocation, they were not too far off.


Mr. Furman noted Page #61 which is one of the new items in the format.  He stated they are required to show the original and final Budget, but in Lower Makefield it is one and the same.  Mr. Fazzalore stated this is the challenge they have for 2005.  Mr. Furman stated the transfer taxes came in higher than budgeted. 


Page #63 was noted, and Mr. Furman stated this discusses the condition of the infrastructure.  He stated they do not have to record depreciation if they maintain it at a


June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 4 of 15



base level.  He stated this should not be difficult for the Township to maintain based on the condition of the Township roads. 


Mr. Fazzalore noted the copy of the Sewer Authority Audit and stated he did not see anything of significance.  Mr. Fazzalore stated because of their assets, they are strong and the General Fund Balance was well above the Safe Harbor level.


Mr. Sam Conti noted Page #49 where they list the General Obligation Notes for the Golf Course which indicated interest shall be paid monthly beginning December, 2002 for Note A and in June, 2003 for Note B; but no interest has been recorded or accrued. 

Mr. Furman stated any interest on the Golf Course was capitalized while it was under construction.  He stated this is shown in the footnotes on Page #39.  Mr. Fazzalore stated they will make interest payments only for the first three years, and they start principal payments in 2007.  Mr. Furman noted Page #39 shows how much was capitalized. 

Mr. Fazzalore stated they are still under Budget in the interest rate by quite a bit. 

Ms. Sheridan stated they watch this with Gordon Walker. 


Mr. Conti asked the intent of the Auditing Firm in examining the internal controls and auditing the internal controls for the Golf Course.  Mr. Furman stated it will be similar to the Pool Fund.  Ms. Sheridan stated she will have some input in that process and noted Kemper is coming in later this week to train their employees and herself as well. 

Mr. Fazzalore stated he heard they were going to hire a bookkeeper.  Ms. Sheridan stated this is correct, and this individual will be a Kemper employee.  She stated they will also be requiring a monthly inventory of the Pro Shop and food and beverage. 


Mr. Conti stated he feels Ms. Sheridan should be commended for all the work she did in converting to the new standards.  The Board and Mr. Furman agreed.


Mr. Sam Spera asked if they should not have an accountant instead of a bookkeeper for the Golf Course.  Mr. Fazzalore stated if they are just doing recordkeeping, they would only need a bookkeeper.  Ms. Sheridan stated there is a Controller at Kemper who will be overseeing this individual. 


Mr. Fazzalore reviewed the process as to how play at the Golf Course will be monitored.  He stated they will have a starter and the rounds of golf will be sold through the Pro Shop.  Mrs. Godshalk stated the daily records are computerized.  Mr. Fazzalore stated Ms. Sheridan must have coordination between herself and the individual at the Golf Course, and Ms. Sheridan stated she did request the Chart of Accounts so that they can work together. 





June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 5 of 15




Mr. Fazzalore stated the Township Manager did provide a schedule of the meetings held in the Township Building.  He suggested that they ask Mr. Fedorchak to check out all the other people involved such as the solicitor, engineer, etc. to see if there are any conflicts.


Mrs. Godshalk stated she has a conflict and cannot make Wednesday night meetings.  She stated when people ran for the office of Supervisor they knew what dates they were committing to.  She stated for approximately thirty-five years it has been the practice to have the Supervisors meeting the first and third Monday of the month.  She stated everyone who ran for the job knew it was on those dates.


Mr. Fegley stated he does not feel it was being changed because any one person had a problem – it was because of the number of holidays which fall on Monday. 

Mrs. Godshalk stated only three holidays are involved and they can cancel those meetings.  She stated the Martin Luther King holiday is not a State or local holiday.  She stated Yom Kippur is different each year.  She stated you decide – the religious days – you just take off whether it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday – that’s proper. It should be done.  But to change a meeting date that’s been in for forty years because there are three National holidays that fall on a Monday, you just cancel the meeting three times a year.   She stated she is concerned that any change will impact a number of other Boards and other people. 


Mr. Stainthorpe stated the first and third Wednesday could be available provided the Pop Warner football people changed their meeting night.  He stated he would be willing to go either way.   Mr. Majewski stated his firm does have a conflict on the first and third Wednesday.


Mr. Santarsiero stated he originally raised this matter not to create more problems but because there had been some conflicts on Monday nights and one or more members of the public were not able to attend due to observances of one sort or another.  He stated if Mrs. Godshalk has a problem with Wednesday night and the engineer cannot attend, then Wednesday night would not be the correct night.  He stated possibly they should look at the holidays and potential problems and spend some time now trying to work around them. 


Mr. Fegley stated they could televise the meetings, and the public could then watch it at some other time if they were unable to attend a meeting.  He stated he has proposed this in the past as had Mr. Santarsiero.  Mr. Santarsiero stated hopefully they will get to this point by the end of the year, but he does not feel this fully addresses the issue.  He stated while someone may be able to observe the meeting, there may be holidays when the Board may not want to meet.  He stated they have six months to look into this and find the dates where there is a potential conflict and try to work around it.

June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 6 of 15



Mr. Stainthorpe stated there are only twelve people from the public present this evening in a Township of over 30,000. He stated he would propose that they stay with the Monday night meeting; and if they look at the amount of business they have to conduct, they can decide whether they will need to meet on certain dates. 


Mr. Fazzalore stated they always have the possibility of re-scheduling a Monday night meeting to another night if they need to.


Mr. Santarsiero stated he wanted to do this ahead of time for 2005 rather than waiting.  He would propose that they decide now which dates would be rescheduled for a Monday meeting that is not held.


Mrs. Godshalk stated as of January 1 they must advertise their meetings in the newspaper, and at that point they can say the meeting will be held the first and third Monday except for those dates that they list. 


Mr. Fegley proposed that they ask Mr. Fedorchak to provide in the Board’s packet a 2005 calendar highlighting the Monday nights that may pose a problem in that they fall on some recognized holiday so that they have an idea of what they are facing in 2005.  As a group they will then decide which should be rescheduled, but Monday will remain the regular meeting night. 


Ms. Virginia Torbert stated she agrees with this approach.  She stated she feels it is far more than three meetings a year which are impacted and that there are at least six or seven and usually more.  Ms. Torbert stated the decision to cancel meetings usually comes up at the end of the Agenda when many people have left.


Mr. Sam Spera, Tomlinson Lane, stated he would highly recommend not televising meetings.  He stated Falls Township televises their meetings and it is a “circus.”





Mr. Fazzalore stated he is opposed to this because he does not believe in giving anyone $800 million when they do not tell what they are going to do with it and do not tell how much Lower Makefield will receive.


Mr. Santarsiero stated the issue in front of the Legislature is whether or not they will put this on the Referendum for the Election and give the voters in Pennsylvania a chance to vote on this.  He stated the question is whether they should ask that this be put on the ballot and let the people of the Commonwealth make the decision.  He stated this is not the first time that this kind of issue has come up.  He stated this previously came out

June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 7 of 15



under Governor Ridge; and it provided money to the State and local Governments for the acquisition of open space and improvements, and to clean up Brownfield sites and improve infrastructure.    They hope this will bring in businesses and encourage young people to remain in the area.  He stated if you personally feel this is not a good idea you will hopefully have the opportunity to voice that opinion in November.  This is only a request to put this on the ballot in November.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated this was not in his packet, but he is familiar with the Growing Greener legislation.  He stated regardless of where he stands personally, he does feel adopting a Resolution like this is a bad idea for the Township because what they start to do is inject State politics into the Township business. He feels the Board of Supervisors is here to take care of Township business.


Mrs. Godshalk stated she can think of about fifty Resolutions they could consider if they are going to get into this business.  She stated one of them she would be in favor of would not permit licenses to be issued to illegal aliens.  She stated there is no breakdown shown as to where the money would go in this program.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated it is $800 million to be raised by increasing tipping fees to haulers.


Mr. Santarsiero stated the approximate cost to homeowners of increasing the tipping fess would be $5 per year.  He stated this discussion they are having now is a discussion that hopefully should take place in the fall before this issue is voted on if the Referendum is on the ballot. He stated the question now is whether or not it will be put on the ballot. 

He feels this will have a direct impact on the Township. 


Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels they should see what it is tied to.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated he feels they should stick to the business of the Township.


Mr. Fegley stated he does not care whether farms are preserved in this area or someplace in western Pennsylvania.  He feels when a farm is preserved anywhere in the State it benefits the State as a whole, and when a park is improved it benefits everyone.  With regard to the procedural aspect, he stated this Board has passed Resolutions on many occasions; and it is only an expression of opinion by the group as a whole.  He stated they have done this on other issues in the past. He stated Growing Greener does have a bearing on Lower Makefield Township and Lower Makefield Township affairs since they could gain from this.  He stated Lower Makefield Township has benefited from the past from the Growing Greener Initiatives.


Mr. Santarsiero moved and Mr. Fegley seconded to approve Resolution No. 2061 Supporting the Governor’s Growing Greener II Initiative.  Motion did not carry as


June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 8 of 15



Mr. Fegley and Mr. Santarsiero voted in favor, and Mr. Fazzalore, Mrs. Godshalk, and Mr. Stainthorpe were opposed. 





Mr. Michael Stadulis was present.  Mr. Garton outlined possible Conditions for approval noting the Board must consider the issue of the street names and whether or not there should be a walking trail. 


Mr. Fazzalore stated he does not feel the sewer issue will be resolved for a significant period of time.  Mr. Garton stated the Applicant is aware of this.  Mr. Stadulis stated they are moving ahead with the Planning Modules so that at some point they can pass this on to Philadelphia for action.  Mr. Stadulis reviewed how the sewers will be handled on the site initially and how it could be handled in the future. Mr. Fazzalore stated they could go to Delaware Rim Drive and take it downhill to Morrisville.  Mr. Stadulis stated this was not the direction they were given previously from the Board of Supervisors. 

Mrs. Godshalk stated she always felt it should go that way.  Mr. Stadulis stated Preliminary Plans have already been approved. 


There was discussion on the street names. Mr. Stadulis stated the Historic Commission did recommend street names and the Board of Supervisors needs to make a decision. 

It was agreed that the street names would be Bray and Dyers. 


Mrs. Godshalk asked about the location of the Continental Pipe easement, and

Mr. Stadulis noted this on the Plan.  Mrs. Godshalk stated the homeowners need to be advised that nothing can be placed in this easement, and they should have this information flagged in the Truth-in-Advertising Disclosure.  Mr. Stadulis stated they will do so.


Mr. Stadulis noted the letter from Mr. Yates.  He stated there are a number of lots that have driveways that are longer than the typical setback requirement.  The Police Chief made a request that they build wide driveways in those instances.  He stated he does not see the need to make the driveways wider just because they are longer.  A majority of the Board agreed that the wider driveways were not necessary. 


There was discussion on the possibility of a connection between the existing and new development.  Mr. Stadulis stated previously they presented a sketch to the Township wherein, to be in compliance with the Ordinance, they had a through road.  There was discussion about traffic going through the development and the impact on Dyers Creek corridor and they agreed to have two cul-de-sacs instead.  He noted on the Plan where there is an old concrete pipe that was used to get from one side to the other, and he stated


June 21, 2004                                                                Board of Supervisors – page 9 of 15


he would be willing to leave this in place and have the trail go over this provided any Fee-In-Lieu of bikepaths, etc. has this connection netted out of their obligation. 


Mr. Stainthorpe stated he is concerned that when they have recommended these paths in the past, existing residents come in and state they do not want them because they are concerned about burglars, etc.  Mrs. Godshalk asked if there is an area where the path could go through without going in people’s yards, and Mr. Stadulis stated they would have to follow the water and sanitary sewer easement.  Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels people moving into a new neighborhood would like to be able to walk in the neighborhood.  Mr. Fegley and Mr. Fazzalore were in favor of leaving the area undisturbed.  Mrs. Godshalk was in favor of the connection.  Mr. Stadulis stated every piece of property on the tract is privately owned with the exception of the pump station lot.  He noted that this connection would not be connected to Township park land. 


Ms. Michelle Stambaugh stated Mrs. Heinz did submit a memo to Nancy Frick indicating there was a Conservation Easement on the land.  They also wanted to find out how they could preserve some of the historic trees that are about two hundred years old.  They would like an arborist to go out and tell  them which trees should be preserved. 

Mr. Garton stated they did indicate that they will review this on a case-by-case basis. 

Mr. Stadulis stated the residents from Gatefield had asked that the homes be moved away from their rear yards, and they agreed to approach the Zoning Hearing Board on a case-by-case basis on the merits of reducing the setbacks in the front yards to 50’, and this will have an impact on tree preservation.  Mr. Garton stated there is not a public easement. 


Ms. Torbert asked if it is the type of area that if you do not have a walkway, it will encourage people to cross at any location.  Ms. Stambaugh stated when you look at the site you can tell there have been kids in this area.  Mr. Fegley stated there are kids with dirt bikes already in the area, and it may encourage them to do this more often if there is a trail.  He stated this is natural resource protected area.  He stated if someone wanted to walk between the two developments, they could still do it without a trail.  Mr. Stadulis stated they cannot legally do this because it is private property.  Mr. Fegley stated if they put a trail back there, it will encourage it. 


It was the consensus of a majority of the Supervisors that there not be a trail connection.


Mr. Stainthorpe moved, and Mr. Santarsiero seconded to grant Final Plan Approval to Chanticleer for the Plans dated 2/27/03, last revised 5/7/04 subject to:


            1)  Compliance with the PCS letter dated 6/7/04 including the payment of

                   Fee-In-Lieu of Waivers discussed at Preliminary Plan;

2)  Compliance with the CKS letter dated 6/2/04;

3)  Roads to be named Bray and Dyers;

4)  Compliance with Lower Makefield Township Police Department letter

      dated 5/18/04;

June 21, 2004                                                              Board of Supervisors – page 10 of 15



            5)  Compliance with Jim Yates’ letter dated 5/27/04 but Applicant correctly

                    states there is no way for the Township to impose the obligation to

                    extend public water to Delaware Rim Drive;

            6)  Continued compliance with Preliminary Plan Approval dated 12/03;

            7)  There to be no walking trail between the new and old development;

            8)  Compliance with Historic Commission letter dated 6/18/04 noting the

                  developer has already discussed moving the houses on lots in an

                  attempt to save the trees on a case-by-case basis.  It was noted the

                  Conservation Easement is not a public easement – it is a Preservation

                  Easement over the areas that were resource protected;

            9)  Funding and execution of Development and Financial Security Agreements;

          10)  Receipt of all approvals including Planning Modules;

          11)  The Sewer Authority recommends that a Pump Station be constructed by the

                  developer for capacity of 25 EDUs.  Maintenance and upkeep will be done

                  by the Township but reimbursed for all costs by the Homeowners’

                  Association.  At some time in the future the Township may construct a new

                  pump station and land has been provided for this purpose and would result

                  in decommissioning this particular pump station with the understanding

                  that the sewer line will be treated at Philadelphia as opposed to Morrisville

                  because of the need to go across the Golf Course if they went to Morrisville;

         12)  Special notice must be provided concerning disclosure with regard to

                 limitations on the lots related to the Trans Continental pipeline;

         13)  Wide driveway requested by Mr. Yates will not be required.


Mr. Stadulis agreed to the Conditions, and the Motion carried unanimously.





Mr. Santarsiero moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve an Extension of time to Flowers/Madany Subdivision until 9/20/04.





Mr. Santarsiero moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve an Extension of time to K. Hovnanian Companies for Fieldstone/Harris until 9/30/04.


It was agreed to have Mr. Fedorchak contact the Railroad complaining about the dilapidated building adjacent to the Harris Farm which is an attractive nuisance.


June 21, 2004                                                              Board of Supervisors – page 11 of 15





Mr. Santarsiero moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve an Extension of time for the Patterson Farm Minor Subdivision until 12/30/04.


Mr. Conti stated Farmland Preservation Corporation would like to know how they are proceeding with Patterson Farm being deeded to the Farmland Preservation Corporation.  Mr. Garton stated he wrote a letter on this matter some weeks ago, and Mr. Fedorchak has it in his possession.  Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels there is a difference between lands given by a developer when he gets a tax write off because he has given land to the Farmland Preservation Corporation.  When the Township purchases farmland it is either through a bond issue or regular tax money, and she feels this is different.  She would be in favor of deed restricting the Patterson Farm forever. 


Mr. Fegley stated he agrees that they should do this so that there is a Conservation Easement and a future Board cannot change this.  He is also in favor of the Board of Supervisors deciding what should be done with the Patterson Farm and not the Farmland Preservation Corporation. Mr. Santarsiero stated he agrees that Mr. Fegley’s idea is the one they should pursue and there should be Conservation Easements.   Mr. Fegley stated he feels they should come up with a plan for the Patterson Farm as they have done for other properties.  He stated he is in favor of subdividing off the Satterthwaite House but does feel the main house, barn, and other outbuildings could be converted into a public use.  He stated Dr. Strahle had considered a Howell Farm type use for this property. 

Mr. Fegley stated he is also in favor of a Conference-type facility and other ideas could be considered for the manor house and the barn.  He feels the Board of Supervisors should sit down and discuss the future of the property so that there is a plan when there is no longer a farmer willing to farm the property.  He feels the entire parcel – not just one third – should be protected from being sold other than the Satterthwaite House. 


Mr. Santarsiero agreed that they should come up with a Master Plan and deal with all of these issues.   Mrs. Godshalk stated a Deed Restriction would hold up more than a Master Plan.  Mr. Santarsiero stated he feels they should discuss this at that time as well.


Mr. Fegley asked for guidance from the Township Solicitor as to what steps should be taken to preserve the remaining two-thirds of the Patterson Farm in terms of a Conservation Easement, how this should be drafted, etc.  Subsequent to that he feels they should form a Sub-Committee to include members of Park & Recreation, Planning Commission, etc.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated the Committee could include members of the Board of Supervisors, Historic Commission, Park & Recreation, and residents. 

Mr. Fegley stated he would like to see the property farmed as long as possible.



June 21, 2004                                                              Board of Supervisors – page 12 of 15



Mrs. Godshalk stated everyone seems to have good ideas and suggested that everyone write them down and they will have something to start with.  She suggested that this be put on the Agenda for sometime in the future so that they can discuss it again.


Ms. Torbert stated when she brought up the issue about the Patterson Farm in the past it was because she felt there was farming expertise on the Farmland Preservation Corporation which should be utilized because the property is still being farmed.  She stated she did not intend that the land be turned over to the Farmland Preservation Corporation.  She feels the Farmland Preservation Corporation should have some influence on how the Farm is supervised.  She stated when they set up their Committee, they should include members of the Historic Commission and the Farmland Preservation Corporation.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated there is really only one farmer on the Farmland Preservation Corporation, and the farming of the land is left to those actually farming it.  Mr. Fegley stated the Patterson Farm is leased to the Tanners, and they are the ones making the decisions. 


Ms. Torbert stated when the Farmland Preservation Corporation was set up there was a lot of expertise on that Board.





Chief Coluzzi asked that the Board approve the updated, revised Policy Manual which includes the Disciplinary Code.


Mr. Stainthorpe moved, Mr. Fegley seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the new Police Policy and Disciplinary Code.


Mr. Fegley stated he would like to see as a future Agenda item the discussion of training, not just for the Police, but all Township staff and personnel on diversity training and harassment issues.  He stated they must demonstrate that staff has been advised of these policies and how to report grievances.





Mr. Fazzalore stated the Newsletter will be going out shortly.  Mr. Fazzalore reported on additional funds needed for the Pension Plans.  He stated he has talked to the actuary and there is a lot of work that needs to be done as a result of the new Act 30 revisions.  He stated the Sewer Authority will meet on Thursday, and CKS will advise what needs to be done with regard to the sewer system.

June 21, 2004                                                              Board of Supervisors – page 13 of 15



Mrs. Godshalk asked what occurred at South Drive.  Mr. Fazzalore was not aware of this.  Mrs. Godshalk stated it was dug up for four to five blocks and had just been repaved last year.  Mr. Fazzalore stated he will bring this up at the Sewer Authority meeting on Thursday.  Mrs. Godshalk noted some of the equipment was left on the road on South Drive, and it is creating a dangerous situation.  She stated she feels they need to have flashers around this equipment.  Chief Coluzzi was asked to look into this.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated the Golf Course will open on July 1.  He stated starting July 2, it is open for play to the public.   He stated this Saturday there will be an Open House for the public from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and there will be refreshments served and a tour of the Course.  The VIP and Press Day will be July 22, and all Supervisors will be invited to play on that day.  They want to make sure that the Golf Press will see the Course at its best.  The architect will also be in attendance.  Mr. Fegley stated he has observed the Course from his property and feels it looks sparse.  He stated he recognizes that they have an irrigation system but feels September 1 would have been a better starting date. 

He stated he hopes that he is wrong.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated they relied on Kemper’s expertise.  He stated he has walked the Course four times and feels most of the Course is in good shape.  Mr. Fegley stated he does not feel they will have any trouble filling tee times and feels they will experience great things from the Golf Course.  He stated his only concern is that because they were concerned with getting the extra two months of revenue, they are pushing it too fast and may damage the Course.  He stated if the professionals are indicating it is fine, he hopes that they are correct.  Mrs. Godshalk noted those interested in holding outings or getting tee times should call 215-321-7000.  The General Manager is Terry Bannon.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated he did attend the first Regional Traffic Task Force meeting which was essentially an organizational meeting.  They decided each Municipality will have one vote.  Any action that is taken by the Committee will have to be referred back to the individual Townships. For any type of study they want done, etc. it will take a vote of five; and there are seven members in total.  They did discuss taking notes or not taking notes earlier this evening.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 29 in Upper Makefield. 


Mr. Santarsiero stated the Planning Commission met last week and discussed the Minehart Tract.  He stated there is an issue whether or not they will connect to public sewers and water which is a trade off between that and potentially disturbing the wetlands.  He stated he indicated he would prefer that they have public sewer and water. 

Mr. Majewski stated the sewer line does run up the eastern side of the property. 

Mr. Fazzalore stated they will have sewers at the Park in this area as well. 

Mr. Santarsiero stated next week the Planning Commission meeting will be devoted largely to a discussion with the Historic Commission regarding Edgewood Village and the Zoning changes necessary.  Mr. Santarsiero stated the next meeting of the Southeastern Bucks League of Municipalities is July 29 at Bristol Township.  They  have


June 21, 2004                                                              Board of Supervisors – page 14 of 15



invited eight additional Municipalities to attend.  He stated the Regional Traffic Task force is also meeting that night, and in the future he hopes they can avoid these conflicts with dates.





Mr. Stainthorpe moved and Mr. Santarsiero seconded to approve the Public Works Labor Agreement.  Mr. Fazzalore stated the contract calls for the following increases:  3.25% in 2004, 3.5% in 2005, 3.5% in 2006, and 3.75% in 2007.  He reviewed other benefits provided in the Contract.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated the Signature page will require some corrections, and Mr. Garton agreed to discuss this with the Township Manager.  Motion carried unanimously.





Mr. Fazzalore announced that the public informational meeting regarding Scudder Falls Bridge Improvement Project will be hosted by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission on Wednesday, June 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Lower Makefield Township Building.  Mr. Majewski stated he believes Mr. Fedorchak did send out notices regarding this meeting.





Mr. Santarsiero moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the revised release related to the Woodland Drive oil spill.





Mr. Stainthorpe moved and Mr. Santarsiero seconded that the Township change their position and not oppose the Cross Application and leave it to the Zoning Hearing Board.


Mrs. Godshalk stated she would like the front setback to be adhered to.  There was not a majority of the Board in favor of this.


Motion carried with Mr. Fazzalore, Mr. Santarsiero, and Mr. Stainthorpe in favor,

Mrs. Godshalk opposed, and Mr. Fegley abstaining as the Crosses are his clients.


June 21, 2004                                                              Board of Supervisors – page 15 of 15




There being no further business, Mr. Stainthorpe moved, Mr. Santarsiero seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,




                                                                        Scott Fegley, Secretary