MINUTES – JULY 19, 2006

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on July 19, 2006. Chairman Santarsiero called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. Mr. Caiola called the Roll. Mr. Santarsiero noted the Board met in executive session from 6:45 to 7:30 to discuss litigation and real estate matters and prior to then they interviewed one candidate for the Zoning Hearing Board in a public meeting.

Those present:

Board of Supervisors: Steve Santarsiero, Chairman
Ron Smith, Vice Chairman
Greg Caiola, Secretary/Treasurer
Grace Godshalk Supervisor
Pete Stainthorpe, Supervisor

Others: Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager
David Truelove, Township Solicitor
James Majewski, Township Engineer
Kenneth Coluzzi, Chief of Police


Mr. Sam Conti, 96 Sutphin Road stated a few months ago the issue of composting leaves was discussed and he has not heard anything since then. He stated Farmland Preservation was asked if they would accept the composting of leaves issue and they said yes. Mr. Conti stated recently he visited Patterson Farm and noted that the corn should be five to six feet high and it is only three feet high. He also stated that some of the corn is useless, a result of a lack of nitrogen in the soil. He stated that Mr. Stewart applied additional side dressing with chemicals to help the problem. Mr. Conti stated all of the property Tanner Brothers has is useless because there has not been enough crop rotation and we need a long-term plan for composting. Mr. Conti stated Mr. Stewart is planting other crops such as soybeans to supplement the poor corn crop. Mr. Santarsiero stated we talked about this in May and he thought this matter would be left up to Mr. Conti, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Coyne, Mr. Fedorchak and possibly someone from the County to meet and look at Patterson Farm about these issues. He stated the issues are to see what the impact of spreading the leaves has been until now, look at what appropriate level of leaf spreading should be going forward and what amount should be diverted to the Farmland Preservation farms to ease the burden on Patterson Farm. Mr. Santarsiero asked if that meeting has occurred. Mr. Conti replied no because he thought Mr. Fedorchak would set up the meeting. Mr. Fedorchak stated that he believed after the May Board of Supervisors meeting, Mr. Conti and Mr. Coyne would meet, begin a dialog and bring in someone from the Penn State Agricultural Extension Service. Mr. Fedorchak stated he would setup a meeting. Mr. Santarsiero asked if they could meet before the next meeting and get a report. Mr. Conti asked that the Environmental Advisory Council be involved in the composting issue with the Township and the Penn State Agricultural Service.

Mr. Smith identified Mr. Jim Bray from the Environmental Advisory Council and suggested that Mr. Conti informally speak with him and Mr. Bray put this issue on his agenda.
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Tom Gallagher River Road, asked for a better public address system for the audience, noting that he cannot hear most of the speakers from the back. Mr. Santarsiero stated as part of the plan to televise the meetings, several upgrades will be made to this room including better microphones and video screens so when the Board reviews plans or documents, the audience will be able to see them. He anticipates the upgrades to be completed by the beginning of October.

Mr. Leo Cohen, 1210 Knox Drive stated he brought to the Township’s attention a dangerous intersection at Knox and Schuyler Drive and has talked with the Police about it. He stated since then there have been yellow tags put on some of the trees near the intersection and asked who owns the trees. He stated the Township informed him it does not matter who owns the tress, they need to be taken down for safety reasons. Mr. Cohen asked for a comment from Chief Coluzzi. Chief Coluzzi stated he and Mr. Fedorchak were at that location and had TFP, our Traffic Engineers go out to that location and based on our Township ordinances, they measured out a 25-foot distance in either way of that intersection, cut a sight triangle and all of the tress within that site triangle were marked with yellow tape that you see. He stated not all of the trees but some would be removed to improve the sight distance. Also, TFP came up with a list of traffic improvements for all of the intersections along Schuyler and we will see some progress on that road.

Mr. Bray stated he is the Chairman of the EAC but is speaking as a private citizen representing a group of citizens opposed to the building of a single-family residence on a lot at the intersection of Morningside and Terracedale Road. The owner has been trying to sell the property for 20 years and one of the problems is the lot is filled with resource protected land. Mr. Bray stated Cara Mia Builders had a contingency on the property and tried to push four variances through the Zoning Hearing Board in March 2004. He stated this situation has surfaced again and Cara Mia Builders has put forth a new proposal. Mr. Bray stated he attended the Zoning Hearing Board meeting, listened to the proposal set forth by Cara Mia and the building they proposed was not the same proposal that was heard by the Board of Supervisors at the July 5, 2006 meeting. He requested the Board instruct the Solicitor to attend the next Zoning Hearing Board meeting on August 1, 2006 and request a continuance so the Board could put the Cara Mia matter on its agenda to discuss and allow the public to comment.

Mr. Santarsiero stated he was not at the last meeting, but recalls that the Board considered Cara Mia but now Cara Mia has subsequently changed their proposal. Mr. Truelove stated Mr. Koopman is handling the matter on behalf of the Township because he has had it for several years. He stated his understanding was that Mr. Koopman was at the meeting last night where Cara Mia made its presentation and he would come back and consult with the Board on the matter. Mrs. Godshalk stated no one knew about the new plan because it was only presented last night. Mr. Bray stated that Mr. Koopman requested a continuance last night, however he requested a continuance until August 15, 2006 and he is asking the Board of Supervisors to continue it until August 15, 2006. Mr. Santarsiero stated the issue being asked is whether or not the Board will participate in front of the Zoning Hearing Board and we need to make a decision about this plan and if it is not continued to August 15, 2006 the Board will not have that opportunity to. Mrs. Godshalk stated that she thought that was expressed last night. Mr. Santarsiero stated he thinks the continuance was requested only through August 1, 2006. Mr. Truelove stated that is not sufficient, because the next Board meeting is August 2, 2006, so the first time Mr. Koopman could talk to Board would be August 2, 2006.
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Stainthorpe moved to instruct the Township Solicitor to participate in opposition at the Zoning Hearing Board meeting on August 1, 2006. Mr. Caiola seconded the motion and it unanimously carried.

Mr. Truelove stated he would write Mr. Koopman tomorrow advising him of the Board’s action.

Mr. Barry Woods stated he is here on behalf of RAFT, Residents Against Flood Trends and would like to be heard before any motions. He asked if he should hold his comments until that agenda item. Mr. Santarsiero stated there could be a motion on the floor but before a motion is voted on the procedure is to have discussion from the Board then the audience. He asked Mr. Woods to hold his comments until that agenda item.


Mr. Smith moved, Mr. Caiola seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the July 5, 2006 meeting minutes as written. Mr. Santarsiero abstained from the vote.


Mr. Caiola moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the July 3, 1, 2006 and July 17, 2006 Warrants Lists and June, 2006 Payroll as attached to the Minutes.


Mr. Santarsiero stated after the last flood event he asked Mr. Fedorchak to contact our engineer to put together a proposal to present tonight for a study of what could be done to alleviate if not prevent flooding in our neighborhoods from the canal and river. He requested the proposal look at the canal and river side both north and south of Yardley Borough and the study be completed within a 45-day period so the Township could receive a report on what options are available to undertake to alleviate if not prevent flooding in the future. He stated the Township could look at the options and with further public comment in the beginning of September, make a decision as to what options we want to undertake and what funding we should press the state and federal government for.

He stated today the Board received a copy of Schoor DePalma’s written proposal and will have a representative from Schoor DePalma explain it tonight. He stated the Board’s motivation is to move as quickly as we can to take whatever steps are possible to prevent this from happening in the future. He stated the second piece is something the Township tried to pursue last year and is equally important, getting funds for the elevation of houses. Last fall after the spring 2005 flood, the Township had discussions about trying to get FEMA to provide funds for residents who were interested in raising their houses and five families made application. He stated for reasons that we don’t understand, FEMA did not come through with the money. Mr. Santarsiero stated if we get a large group of families who have an interest in that and at the same time the Township has a number of improvements it wants to undertake such as a retaining wall along the canal, increasing the culvert at Black Rock Road or siphon the canal off the main canal into the river to alleviate water buildup in flood events, we then press the state and federal to come through with money. Unless we
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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have specific projects with defined costs it will be difficult to get money and the idea of a survey with public input, discussion from the Board and a decision is important in a relatively short time. He stated there are two things they are looking at and they are a survey done in 45-days to determine what the Township could do to mitigate or prevent future flooding and press forward with getting money from the federal government to elevate homes for those residents interested in that.

Mr. Majewski from Schoor DePalma introduced Mr. Chris Benosky who will be heading up a team doing the study. Mr. Benosky stated in the proposal before the Board the first step is identifying the flooding issues within the Township and try to identify how to alleviate some if these issues. He stated the proposal is broken down into several tasks and the first task is data collection and review. That will include talking with Township residents affected by the floods and try to determine what the cause of the flooding is. Mr. Benosky stated as part of the data collection review task we will identify the existing studies that have been done along the Delaware and along the creeks that run into the canal. There are FEMA studies that have been done and they want to build off of those studies and use the data for their analysis. He stated the third task is the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis which will be building off these studies, looking at the different avenues of flooding and determine how to alleviate those flood issues by looking at the water canal structure or enlargement of bridges once we identify the issues. Aside from looking at some of the smaller more chronic nuisance type flooding, we will evaluate some of the larger events and will look at more regional studies done for the Delaware by FEMA and the Corps of Engineers. They will then put together a summary report that will deal with some of the recommendations with cost estimates to allow the Township to evaluate these options and see what may be feasible to move forward with.

Mr. Benosky stated after we have the summary, identified the issues and mitigation measures we will present that information to the Board and residents and both could decide how to move forward. Mr. Santarsiero stated Schoor DePalma is proposing to do this study for a lump sum of $30,790 and the project will take two months, assuming you get these other studies to look at. Mr. Benosky stated the only thing that would hold up the study would be the studies from FEMA. Mr. Santarsiero stated he would like to see this study quicker than that and his hope is to get results in front of the Board in early September to be in a position to consider options. Beyond what the Township can do itself, the Township will need to ask for a significant amount of money from the state and federal government and that process will take some time. He asked if there is some way Mr. Benosky could collapse this study to get is done more quickly. Mr. Benosky stated in some ways they have started and are ready to go as soon as the Board approves the proposal. He stated they could get a preliminary report to the Board within 45-days.

Mr. Fedorchak stated it would be helpful to have a report no later than September 11, 2006 because the Township would need to submit a letter of intent to FEMA applying for any construction of structural hazard control measures the engineers would come up with as part of your report. He stated we would need to have the letter of intent to FEMA by September 15, 2006 to be eligible for this round of grant funding. Mr. Santarsiero stated our real deadline is September 6, 2006.

Mrs. Godshalk stated Mr. Benosky mentioned the regional flood going into the more global control measures. She stated at the last meeting she suggested the Township look into reopening Tocks Island Damn and the Board felt they did not know enough about it. She stated she thinks those
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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calculations could be found easily and at the last meeting three gentlemen from the audience stated they agreed with her that the damn is the ultimate measure and should be in the study. She stated one of the men stated that he worked on the engineering for Tocks Island. Mrs. Godshalk stated the Township could build dykes and lakes in the Township, but the answer is what is happening up the river. She asked Mr. Benosky what regional and global areas they would be looking into. Mr. Benosky stated they will identify studies from the past such as Tocks Island and other studies that are going on concurrently with the Corps of Engineers. They would provide a summary of those studies and provide information on how the Township may pursue re-enacting those.

Mr. Santarsiero stated that would enable the Township to advocate for those things that are not directly within our control. Mr. Benosky stated part of this scope is to identify these things and bring it to the Township’s attention to allow the Township to pursue with the appropriate agency.

Mr. Stainthorpe stated he was very impressed at the last meeting with the citizens group that spoke, with what everyone knew and what they contributed to the meeting. He stated he read through the proposal which is very thorough and it involves a lot of interaction and communication with the community. He stated he concurs that the study should be done quickly and if there are things the Township could do on its own they should be done quickly.

Mr. Caiola stated he agrees the proposal is thorough and time is of the essence.

Mr. Barry Woods 20 Glen Drive, Ms. Allison Smith Glen Drive and Scott Burgess, 13 Glen Drive were present on behalf of RAFT, Residents Against Flood Trends. He stated they are representatives of an organization for their community to ask for your assistance and the assistance of other governing bodies to prevent floods. He stated their main concern is not only the river but the canal, which has been a problem for the past 22 months and have had no action. He stated it has been 3 weeks since the June/July 2006 flood and two weeks from our meeting and we need action. He stated he understands the Township’s problems in getting things together with a 45-day or
60-day study, but action is required as soon as possible. Mr. Woods stated we are approaching the hurricane season and may not have 60-days to wrestle with this problem and we have residents trying to work toward preventing water from getting into their basements. He stated when he was young, we talked about the kids from the other side of the tracks and our parents warned us not to bother with those kids. He said he and the people from this community don’t want to be termed as coming from the other side of the canal. Our property values are going down, everyone is affected and we are inconvenienced when we have to evacuate and can’t evacuate when we are told to. He stated our community is being picked on, the north side of Bedford, Manor Lane south and Manor Lane east are without power and they have been told because of the storm last night, they will not get power until Saturday. We have had problems in this area and no one has addressed them. Mr. Woods stated that since the last meeting, the Board has come to action and given us good verbal support. Mr. Smith has done a great job by putting action into a letter to the Governor to try to get him to release funds for the canal. Mr. Woods asked the Board to have a walkthrough with the residents so they could give the Township ideas of what we think the problems are. He stated Mr. Burgess collected a lot of information from 75 residents who responded with ideas and put it in outline form.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Burgess stated after the meeting with the Township two weeks ago, he left thinking the Township promised that they would setup a Committee immediately to schedule a meeting and asked what will be done now in the near future. He created a punch list that he will distribute to the Board with each item that has been identified at the canal such as the drains, Township services and Township development. He stated he was informed there would be a walkthrough with Township officials, which occurred while he was on vacation last week, and none of the residents knew anyone was coming and most people work during the week. Mr. Burgess reviewed many of the questions proposed in his outline such as what repairs are being done to the Yardley Lock, when will the canal be dredged, when will the culvert at Black Rock Road be widened, will the Township strengthen the canal walls or build berms and who is responsible for the maintenance and clearing of the swamp area. Mr. Burgess stated all three neighborhoods in his area complain during the floods that water are comes out of the drains rather than going out through the drains. He stated as soon as the swamp rises above the drain, it starts to backup. Mr. Burgess asked if the Township could be more proactive about managing stormwater runoff and stop development in flood prone areas. He asked if the Township could consider flood prone area consequences when allowing non-floodplain area development. Mr. Burgess asked if the Township knows of any flood protection advisory groups that could make suggestions on how residents could better homes for flood events. He asked what protection the Township could give residents regarding contractors who may be overcharging. He stated that Yardley has a registration system for contractors immediately following floods to avoid excessive charges from contractors trying to defraud homeowners. He asked if the residents could get more effective television emergency posting and stated the Township television site was not updated at all during the flood weekend or the website. Mr. Burgess stated that the April 2005 flood seemed to be more coordinated for flooding and evacuation instructions. Mr. Burgess asked the Township to look into Congressman Fitzpatrick’s bill 1983 which passed the House but is languishing in the Senate. He stated he brought a petition for the Board and public to look at and sign. He stated there are enough local resources to begin to mitigate some of the flooding results, but we need your help.

Mr. Santarsiero stated we all understand the urgency to move as quickly as we can, but his concern is if we are not certain from an engineering standpoint that what we are proposing to do will solve and prevent problems somewhere else, we should not pursue it and must be sure what we are proposing is the right thing to do. We don’t want to exacerbate the problems some place along the canal, river or both. He stated that 45-days for the study is relatively quick and to put pressure where it needs to be applied to get funding. Mr. Santarsiero stated with regard to getting public input, Thursday was probably not the best time for a walkthrough. He stated a lot of what Schoor, DePalma is proposing is a great deal of public input and it would be good for the Board to have a second walkthrough on a Saturday with the residents.

Mr. Santarsiero stated a woman from the last meeting stated she received a letter from him in the fall during the campaign about what we could about flooding. He stated in that letter he said at the time the Township had limited ability to stop those flood events, but could do things to lessen the impact by adopting a Low Impact Development Plan which aims at recharging water on-site rather than funneling offsite when it goes down stream and contributes to flooding problems. That will not solve a 26 foot flood but over time that will lessen more minor stormwater events and if other Townships adopt those ordinances there could be a significance impact. He proposed to pursue a Low Impact Development Ordinance if his two colleagues were elected and that issue is now before
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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this Board for consideration. Mr. Santarsiero stated that Mr. Truelove spoke with Governor Rendell last night to get money for the culvert. He stated for the last two years Representative Steil said the state would fund the money for canal and this is the first time now the problem rests with the Governor. Mr. Santarsiero stated if the Township could do it legally, we would impose a moratorium in the flood plain and there are a number of things we want to follow-up with and are trying to move as quickly as they can to do it responsibly. He stated we will also coordinate our efforts with Yardley Borough so as not to do something to adversely to affect them or vice versa. Tonight the flood task force in Yardley Borough is meeting and Hank Hoffmeister is there to listen to what they are discussing. He stated he would contact Joe Hunter, the Borough Council president to let him know what we are doing and make sure our engineers stay in contact with each other.

Mr. Woods stated he appreciates that Mr. Santarsiero regards this as an urgent matter and we have to start moving on things. The walkthrough could be this Saturday morning and the Yardley News stated they would be there at 9:00 a.m. if the Township is, but we need action now.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she would like to propose something to the Schoor, DePalma proposal that the single point of contact referred to in the proposal be setup at the Township Building with easier access for the residents. She asked what a seamless entity is. Mr. Benosky stated a seamless entity is coordination through him and he will be working with Mr. Majewski. He stated he agrees with Mrs. Godshalk’s suggestion to have a contact at the Township Building.

Ms. Allison Smith stated that she would appreciate the Township undertaking any repairs before the engineering study is done first. She stated she hopes the engineering study identifies additional solutions than those we have thought of. She asked rather than waiting the 45 days, she asked Schoor, DePalma be directed to give the Township as much information as fast as possible to start the funding application process so that we don’t have to wait for the entire report to be delivered and be debated. As well as determine where the possible funding sources are, what will they require and is there anything different needed from the engineers to apply for funding.

Mr. Fedorchak stated there is a hazard mitigation program, through FEMA and the letter of intent has to be filed by September 15, 2006. The Board has directed Schoor, DePalma complete the report in advance so that he can put together a letter of intent prior to that date which is the first phase. He stated we have until the end of the year to file the complete application and is confident that we will have all of the details ironed out by then and will have more accurate costs and will file the application accordingly.

Ms. Smith stated with regard to the drains, there may be additional state and federal funds available which should be researched. Mr. Fedorchak stated the FEMA program has already been established and we make application through PEMA and FEMA who funds it. There are a number of acts being considered in Harrisburg that deal with this issue yet none of them have been passed and if that is the case there may be other sources of state money that we could apply to this issue in the future. Ms. Smith asked the Township as soon as they get information to start the process and include the search of all possible funding sources.

Mr. Fedorchak stated the Township has already started the process and these are the most likely areas that we would be eligible for this at this time.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Ms. Smith understands we need a regional study for flood management and asked if anyone attended Congressman’s Fitzpatrick’s meeting last Monday where numbers were presented to say that no amount of development or reservoir flooding caused the flooding in this area. She asked the Township to put off the last part of the regional look unless we need it to make application for funding within the 45-days. Mr. Santarsiero stated he agrees but we need it ultimately to advocate for the right position. Ms. Smith stated that one thing that will be looked at are the backflow preventors on the storm drains which is the easiest thing within the storm drain system to investigate and could be done within the Township’s existing funding system without waiting for the study.

Mr. Smith asked Chief Coluzzi what emergency management procedure was followed by his department for this flood. Chief Coluzzi stated that in April 2005 they were surprised about the flood event and felt they were better prepared for this flood event. He stated he issued a Community Alert Message to the public and contacted the media that the flood was coming on Wednesday and ordered an evacuation of the flood affected areas. He stated he had his Emergency Management team call a list of people with special needs to be evacuated. He stated they did not deploy the Fire Trucks in this flood event because the of the advance notice that was issued to the public of the flood.

Mr. Burgess stated he knows people who live on River Road that had no information about the flood. Chief Coluzzi stated that several notifications were sent out to the public about the impending flood.

Mrs. Godshalk stated that she knew on Wednesday morning that north of Yardley River Road was already closed down and River Road south of Yardley had three hours to evacuate. Chief Coluzzi stated the Township had a lot of advance warning with this flood and there is no reason people wouldn’t know they needed to get out.

Mr. Smith stated the Board has been brainstorming about a moratorium on new construction in the flood plain and are looking into the legality of that. He stated attended the walkthrough and the whole area has problems. He stated he talked with Commissioner Cawley who is concerned and wants to work with all of the river communities. Mr. Smith stated with all do respect to his colleagues, he knows the experts will look at this and there are things that can be done but we need to improve communications through the Township website and television channel. He stated the Township will look through the resident’s punch list and address things that can be done now. Mr. Smith stated he and Mr. Caiola discussed getting HAM radio communication on the agenda. Mr. Smith asked the public to contact our senators and asked them to send letters asking for action and the need to move quickly.

Mr. Woods stated he has a petition for the Board to sign supporting the Fitzpatrick 1983 proposal for the senate. He asked to add to the resolution that RAFT get updates at each Board meeting on the flood issues. Mr. Santarsiero stated that request does not need to be in a resolution and the Board will agree to update the residents at each meeting.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Caiola thanked the residents for coming tonight and thanked them for their work which will be helpful to Schoor, DePalma. Mr. Santarsiero asked the Board to agree to a second walkthrough this Saturday, noting that more residents will be home.

Chief Coluzzi stated the Township has a very strict solicitation ordinance in the Township with regard to contractors. He stated the Township tells people not to accept estimates from contractors they themselves have not reached out to. He stated the amount of the Township building permit is based on the total cost of the project and if the building department finds the cost estimate provided by the contractor to be questionable the Township will check.

Mr. Smith stated the Township has agreed to fast-track permit applications for work on flood affected homes. Mr. Fedorchak stated that has been the Township’s policy for the last 3 floods, noting that a resident could start construction and inspectors will routinely inspect the work during the process to get through the process quickly. At the completion of the project, the resident will give the Township a summary of the work for the Township file.

Ms. Smith thanked the Board for their attention to this matter and asked the Chief to work with the power company so they will not turn the power off so the residents could use their sump pumps. Chief Coluzzi stated he will put in a request to PECO to hold off turning the power off to certain areas. Ms. Smith stated tonight we talked about prevention and protection and is glad we will stay in touch with Yardley Borough. She stated the second piece of this is a single point of contact and what can be done to protect the Township from flooding Mr. Caiola suggested having a publication for the residents on how to prepare for a flood and stated that he would contact the mayor of Solebury Township about how they have dealt with these issues in the past.

Mr. Smith asked the residents to keep pressing the Board and the politicians above the Township on the floods.

Mr. William Jones, 1411 River Road thanked the Board for the mitigation study with FEMA. He stated the Fish & Game Commission recently raised the level of a damn north of the Township which came within 7 feet of the spillway during the recent flood. Mr. Jones stated the Township should ask the Fish & Game Commission and Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider lowering the level of the damn. He stated the Township has had three floods recently and the Township should be proud of Hank Hoffmeister who has done as much as he could do and listened to the residents.

Mr. Zach Rubin, 1661 Covington Road stated that Mr. Truelove talked with Governor Rendell and asked for an update. Mr. Truelove stated he talked with Governor Rendell who then called one of his staff members involved with flood mitigation. He stated that Mr. Stevens contacted him today and advised him he would look into funding immediately. Mr. Truelove informed Mr. Stevens that the Township was working with Representative Steil to widen and dredge the culvert at Black Rock Road and complete repairs to Lock 5 and asked if Mr. Stevens if he could look into where the bill was in the Senate. Mr. Truelove stated Mr. Stevens could not trace the bill number, but traced it to the budget from several years ago and the money could be released. He stated that FEMA would also expedite all applications from the flood affected areas. Mr. Truelove stated that he would provide the Governor with the proposal from Schoor, DePalma to align them with getting funding. Mr. Truelove stated that he felt he made great progress by talking with the Governor and Mr.
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Stevens and has his e-mail address and telephone number to contact him in the future. Mr. Truelove stated he and Mr. Stevens also talked about the 75/25 ratio between FEMA/PEMA. He stated that he would be accessible for any questions or information from the public.

Ms. Elizabeth Christopher Richard Road, stated she have lived in her neighborhood for 32 years and has been evacuated twice. She asked that Penn Dot be involved in the study. She stated a bigger culvert will not solve the problem noting that the water comes from the river. Mr. Santarsiero stated that is why there is a need for an engineering study to determine where the water is coming from.

Mr. Leo Shaw, 621 River Road stated he has lived on the river for 10-years and as much as people want to help, they don’t understand the river. He stated he watches the river everyday and it can change in minutes. He stated the problem is Black Rock Road noting the canal breeches when the river reaches 23 feet in Trenton. He suggested the problem is evacuating the residents at 23 feet when the water has run over already. Mr. Shaw stated in April 2005, he received two telephone calls from Emergency Services at 20 feet and in this flood the first call was received just before the roads flooded and the second call after the roads flooded. He stated there is an 18 inch gas line under River Road and the road is destabilized because of all of the floods. He stated there is a sink hole at Fenwood Drive and in front of the Yardley Inn. Mr. Shaw stated that Penn Dot needs to look at the substrate of River Road. He stated he has recommendations he could give to the engineers. Mr. Benosky stated any recommendations he may have could be sent to him. Mr. Fedorchak stated that Mr. Shaw could also send his recommendations directly to him. Mr. Santarsiero stated that he would put information on the Township website to send information to Schoor, DePalma at a given address. Mr. Smith also suggested e-mailing things directly to the Township.

Ms. Stephanie Ripka, 681 River Road stated she lives in between Ferry and Black Rock Road. She stated that she is not hearing that Ferry Road is part of these discussions and suggested that the road needs to be higher. Mr. Santarsiero stated the study will look at all areas of the Township problems. Ms. Ripka stated that she has lost her steps on River Road three times and the dirt on her side is drifting away and the banks are disappearing.

Ms. Robin Holmes, 333 Richard Road stated she agrees there should be more discussion about Ferry Road flooding first. She stated none of these events have been unforeseeable. She stated there have always been issues with the canal and nothing has been done. Ms. Holmes stated there is an issue with communication and she is in tune with the river and knew it was rising two to three days before the river actually rose. She stated she checked the Township website and there was no information about the impending flood then e-mailed the Township and never received any acknowledgement. Ms. Holmes suggested the website be more current and wants more reliable information from the Township. Mr. Fedorchak stated the Township had a notice on its website leading up to the flood and information about the flood stage noting the worst flood event to date because he crafted it.

Mr. Smith asked Mr. Fedorchak and Chief Coluzzi if they critiqued what could have been done better in this flood. Mr. Fedorchak replied yes, day by day preceding the flood and post evacuation and the number of ways we attempted to contact people. Mr. Fedorchak stated at the onset of the flood event, we had people posted at the Emergency Management Center making calls to residents
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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and during recovery we went door to door to check on residents and give information about such things as bulk trash pickup.

Mr. Mike Lynch, 353 Michael Road asked if the trees on River Road are safe. Chief Coluzzi stated the Road Department was out today to address the safety of trees along the river and will give a report on the condition of the trees.

Ms. Maggie Cronin, Robinson Place asked if there is any unit to help people in need who don’t have help. Mr. Smith noted there is a neighbor who is getting help from the Methodist Church. Ms. Cronin stated she has a neighbor in from the corner of Robinson, with a fence who has not had any help this flood. Mr. Santarsiero stated going forward the Township will devise a system of creating a list of people who need help and we will target them. Chief Coluzzi asked Ms. Cronin to contact him with the name and telephone number of the neighbor and he would update his list. Mr. Smith stated we should also devise a plan for pets in this situation.

Mrs. Mary Ann Patton, 69 Black Rock Road stated she was on the west coast and found out about the flood from friends. She stated she had a pet sitter and contractors in her house at the time. Mrs. Patton stated that we should not underestimate the power of the media noting the media coverage she heard on the west coast about the flood was negative as well as hearing people talking very negatively about our area. She stated she worries about the value of her home.

Mr. Kevin Trieber, Sherwood Drive stated the Red Cross is a great resource which has other organizations that can also help people.

Me. Ron Brown, River Road stated the issue is flood control on the river and we need a voice speaking for the Township on all levels for mitigation. Mr. Santarsiero stated with the study we will get an understanding of the causes and what could be done on a regional level. He stated we are communicating with the state and federal government but first and foremost we need to get an idea of what the problem is that is causing the flooding.

Mr. Smith stated he doesn’t believe in three acts of god in eighteen months noting that more has transpired. He stated that communication is a priority. Mr. Brown stated that this is going to happen again. Mr. Santarsiero stated that we need to get a handle on what is happening and it is more powerful to have a plan in place.

Mr. Gerry DeCallo stated he agrees with having an engineering study and asked that Board to instruct Schoor, DePalma to inquire into the current contracts for immediate projects for FY2006 and FY2007 funding. Mr. Benosky stated he would look at that as part of their tasks.

Mr. Stainthorpe moved to approve Schoor, DePalma to undertake a study of the causes of the flooding in our area and consider solutions in the amount of $30,790. Mr. Santarsiero added to the motion to front load the study to provide information to seek immediate funding. Mr. Caiola seconded and the motion was unanimously carried.

Mr. Santarsiero asked the Board to pick a date to visit the flood affected neighborhoods. The Board agreed to meet on Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 8:00 a.m. at Black Rock Road.
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Santarsiero adjourned the meeting for a 15 minute break at 9:35 p.m.


Mr. Santarsiero stated a request has been made to postpone consideration of this ordinance until our next meeting to allow the Planning Commission adequate time to weigh in on the proposed ordinance.

Mr. Stainthorpe moved to postpone this matter until the next meeting and Mr. Caiola seconded. The motion unanimously carried.


Mr. Shannon Olson and Larry Ott were present at the meeting from Open Aire Affairs as well as Jo Norum, Chairperson of the Elm Lowne Preservation Committee. Mr. Olson stated that Open Aire Affairs has had a contract at Elm Lowne for two years now and are entering their third year with the contract scheduled to expire on July 30, 2007. He stated they are looking to extend the contract. Mr. Olson stated they were originally chosen for the project to turn market the property and turn Elm Lowne into an event location, which they have done very well in the past two years. He stated they are a local company and donate a lot to the Township on behalf of the property. They were also chosen because they will allow any vendor on the property underneath them, so local businesses could profit from the site. Part of original contract was that they would upgrade the property at their expense and have done a good job over two years. He stated he could not put a dollar figure on what they have spent but they have trimmed the trees, graded and mulched beds, topsoil areas, re-stone areas and installed new plantings the Township paid for as examples. Mr. Olson stated there has been a significant change in the look of the property since they took over. He stated they come up with a list of things they want to do at the property and the Committee approves or disapproves those items and they proceed with the work.

Mr. Olson stated when they initially took over in July 2004, the year before there was only one event. He stated in 2004 they had seven events, in 2005 they had fourteen events and in 2006 they had 20 events booked. Mr. Olson stated over the past two years they have netting $55,000 for the Township from the property.

Mr. Stainthorpe stated he has a daughter who wants to get married on September 29, 2007 and is considering Elm Lowne. He stated he has been through the process of looking at wedding venues and Open Aire Affairs has done an outstanding job of improving the property. He stated that he supported Open Aire Affairs when first hired and was a skeptic of whether the improvements would get made, but you have proven yourselves to be able and are encouraged with the direction the property is going in and should only get better. Mr. Stainthorpe stated that Elm Lowne is one of the best places in Bucks County. He stated we’ve had discussions earlier in the year whether Elm Lowne pays for itself or not. The fact that you have been able to contribute $55,000 back to the Township is outstanding. Mr. Stainthorpe stated that Elm Lowne is under marketed and not enough

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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people know where it is. If we can help subsidize the building through weddings and find better uses that are more community wide, we have a great situation.

Mr. Olson stated they have given the Township the opportunity to use the tent for Township use to help support community events. Mr. Stainthorpe stated that people in the market for a wedding start looking two years from the event and what we stand to do is handcuff ourselves on the ability to grow the business if we are too short-sided and support offering a contract extension.

Mr. Caiola asked Mr. Olson what he attributes the increase in business to. Mr. Olson stated they market the property through websites and through industry affiliations. Mr. Caiola asked if they do any type of evaluations or get feedback so they can make any improvements they need to. Mr. Ott stated that is how the property has gotten to the point where it is. When we first envisioned events at Elm Lowne, they had a picture in they minds of what the property was going to do they have learned from each event what they need to change. He stated another way we market the property is in major wedding publications, websites, meet with potential brides and through personal affiliations. He stated Elm Lowne is known now as a popular wedding site.

Mr. Smith stated that Open Aire Affairs is doing a great job. He stated there was an attempt to get a grant for the property and asked for an update. Ms. Norum stated the grant is for the barn and did not have an update at this time. Mr. Smith stated he wants the property to be marketed right and let people know where it is and what it is all about. Mr. Smith noted that Ms. Norma Wood asked him to keep an open mind about Elme Lowne and he has. Fortunately for Open Aire they have helped defray the costs to the Township, and would like to see the outcome of the grant in October. He stated the property needs to be marketed right and everyone should know about it not only for weddings.

Ms. Norum stated the Elm Lowne Committee is in the process of re-evaluating the use of the house and the potential for any income to derive from that, which would be small but would come back to the Board with a different approach to the house. Mr. Smith stated the Board will keep the pressure on the Elm Lowne Committee to make the property a winner. Ms. Norum stated the property has come along way and thanked the Board for turning the property into a summer art camp and was gracious to bring in a port-a-potty and the program is running extremely well. The art camp has shifted the Committee’s vision of how this property could be maximized against the increased income produced by Open Aire Affairs.

Mr. Stainthorpe stated it is exciting that CAPS is having their summer camp at Elm Lowne and they may want to pay a little something to be there next summer, which could make their program more attractive. He stated there is a group, Artists in Yardley that used to meet at CAPS and are now talking about meeting at Elm Lowne which could lead to more of an artistic venue for Elm Lowne with greater potential for the community. Mr. Stainthorpe stated if Elm Lowne is only a catering hall then we shouldn’t have it.

Mr. Smith stated the Board has an obligation to do its best to be as fiscally responsible as it can and this helps. There are some things we cannot put into dollars and cents, and the CAPS program is one. Ms. Norum stated that eventually the issue of sewerage needs to be addressed because it caps the type and number in an event because there is none.
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Santarsiero stated there are two issues before us tonight. There is the letter of March 16, 2006 which asks for an extension through 2011 and the most recent request through the season of 2007. Mrs. Godshalk stated they want an extension through July of 2007 and she sent a letter to the group because she knew people would come in now to look at weddings through 2007 and 2008 and the Board should give an extension through the season of 2008. Mr. Santarsiero stated the Township hired the Heritage Conservancy to prepare a study on the feasibility of the historic properties and Elm Lowne was included in the study. Since then, the Township retained Mr. Marshall to help the Township sort through the historic properties and come up with a plan. He stated we have not yet had a discussion on Elm Lowne but would do that soon. He agreed with Mr. Stainthorpe’s comment of use and it is nice to see CAPS at the property and Open Aire has done a great job at the property. But if Elm Lowne is only a catering hall, then there is no compelling reason for the Township to own the property. Mr. Santarsiero stated the Township could sell it, have an easement that preserves the property and continue to be run by Open Aire Affairs. One of the issues will be to keep the property or sell it and that issue will revolve around whether there are other viable uses that bring residents into the facility because we own it. There has to be a compelling reason that opens the property up for a variety of uses for the residents to enjoy that they may otherwise not have the opportunity if owned privately.

Mr. Santarsiero stated it is premature for us to extend the contract through 2011 or give exclusive rental privileges. He stated he would propose to extend the contract through 2007 and raise this issue about the future use of the property in the fall and seek Jeff Marshall’s advice about what to do with the property. This should happen before we agree to a lengthy extension of the contract.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she was involved in the $7,500,000 referendum for Elm Lowne and the property was purchased not only for open space but for historic preservation. This home is a historic preservation project and even if people do not go into this house they drive by and it is an amenity for the community. It is now being used to bring in money and is providing something for our taxpayers and is not in favor of selling this. Mr. Santarsiero stated that we need to have a discussion of what to do with the property before we enter into a contract with anyone on a long term basis. Mrs. Godshalk stated the minimum we should extend this is through the season of 2008. Mr. Smith asked if Mrs. Godshalk is talking about the calendar year or season. Mrs. Godshalk stated the tent is taken down in November. Mr. Olson stated the tent usually comes down in November but we have an event for New Year’s Eve.

Mr. Olson stated when word got out that it was recommended to sell property our rental business was hurt badly and have not sold the property since then for this year. He stated they could have gotten four five more bookings. That doesn’t just hurt us it hurts the Township. Mr. Olson stated if the Board says they are going to extend the contract through 2007 and it is in the paper it will hurt business for everyone. He stated he would like to propose the Board extend the contract until 2011 and include a sale clause in the contract written by the Solicitor that ifs the property is sold we will be given a nine or twelve month notice and any monies that are paid for in advance by our clients would be refunded by the Township in full.

Mr. Smith stated his concern is fiscal responsibility and making this a winner for everybody. He suggested extending the contract through 2008 which would give us an opportunity to discuss the issues that Mr. Santarsiero brought up and discuss at an appropriate time. Mrs. Godshalk stated that
Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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we should extend it through 2008 and bring up this discussion in one year. Mr. Stainthorpe stated that we don’t want to handcuff Open Aire so that they can’t sell it, we don’t get the wedding business and we have to sell it. We should give them an option to extend to 2011 sometime before this first extension runs out. Mr. Olson stated we would need an extension until December 2008 and need the Township to make up its mind by December 2007.

Mrs. Godshalk moved to extend the contract with Open Aire Affairs through January 1, 2009 and reopen the discussion one year from now to discuss options for Elm Lowne.

Mr. Santarsiero stated he had a clarification to the part of the motion that speaks to what we do or don’t do a year from now. Mrs. Godshalk stated she is saying to bring up the issue within a year and we will see how well Elm Lowne is doing noting that Open Aire needs two years for booking affairs to see if we would extend it later. Mr. Santarsiero stated he wants to understand Mrs. Godshalk’s motion of what our obligation is in one year. Mrs. Godshalk stated our obligation would be to see how Elm Lowne is progressing and if we will extend the contract beyond January 1, 2009 because people do things in advance.

Mrs. Godshalk asked about the exclusive rental. Mr. Olson stated they have a difficult time with doing all of the upgrading on the property and seeing another vendor come in with tables and chairs. We are asking the Township to tell potential rentals to go to Open Aire Affairs for the tables and chairs and we will give a discount. Mr. Santarsiero asked if the Township has the ability to do that with Township property. Mr. Truelove stated that we should draft the details in document form and review before final form. Mr. Caiola seconded the motion pending the Solicitor’s review of the exclusivity clause.

The motion was unanimously carried.


Mr. Santarsiero stated there have been a number of requests from people including Jim McCaffrey on behalf of the fund he setup to run small games of chance in the Township as a means to raise money for other charities and fundraisers. He stated many other towns have ordinances in place to allow small games of chance such as Bingo. In preparation of the Community Pride Day, the seniors group asked if they could run Bingo games and right now we don’t have an ordinance on the books that would allow for small games of chance. He stated the reason he put this on the agenda tonight was not to make a decision as we would have to have a draft ordinance.

Mr. Stainthorpe stated that Jim McCaffrey mentioned this to him and he did some research that he would share tonight. He stated there are a few complications if we want to have small games of chance and that would be to have a referendum on the ballot and that could only be done in odd numbered years and in primaries. He said he checked with the Board of Elections to see if we could get this on the ballot this November and they said we can’t. Mr. Stainthorpe stated the Township could pass a resolution and have it put on the ballot. Mr. Santarsiero stated we could do in May 2007. Mr. Stainthorpe stated there are loose guidelines of when to file.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Smith stated he is in favor of this but would like to know the pitfalls of doing this. Chief Coluzzi stated there is no problem with doing this and will need to regulate the groups running the games. Mr. Stainthorpe stated each time a group would like to have a game of chance the County Treasurer has to license it. Mr. Truelove stated as to the Bingo issue, there is a separate chapter and we can allow the seniors a one-time event without the need for a resolution or ordinance because the statute does allow for that. He advised Ms. Linney of that information. Mr. Truelove stated small games of chance is a more complicated process and we must go to the District Attorney’s office for some issues there, but the County Treasurer is the licensing authority and permits are obtained from them.

Mr. Stainthorpe stated he would leave his research with Mr. Fedorchak which includes a sample resolution that Wrightstown and Newtown used.


Mr. Santarsiero stated the next item is to consider rejecting the bid from Pinnacle Painting, Inc. in the amount of $15,000 since the bidder does not meet the criteria of having three years’ experience in historic restoration. Mr. Stainthorpe moved and Mr. Caiola seconded the motion.

Mrs. Godshalk asked what three years experience in historic restoration has to do with this matter. Mr. Fedorchak stated there is a component where there will be work done to stabilize and repair the front porch and roof. Mrs. Godshalk asked if that should be done by a contractor rather than a painter. Mr. Fedorchak stated the Township worked with the Heritage Conservancy and Bucks County Community Development Department and Bucks County concurred with the Township’s decision to award the bid to Barnology.

Mrs. Godshalk asked if anyone checked Pinnacle Painting’s reference’s because they are $7,000 less. Mr. Truelove stated as he indicated in his letter, the specifications up front require that the bidding entity, Pinnacle Painting must have at least 3 years of restoration experience. Otherwise, we would confer an unfair competitive advantage on them and that would open up a can of worms that could get us into situations we don’t want to be in.

Mr. Stainthorpe stated he is concerned about the disparity between the high bid and low bid. Mr. Fedorchak stated the Township will be able to fix the front porch and paint the front of the house for $21,700.

Mrs. Godshalk stated on the bid sheet she sees a different name, Residential Restoration for $21,700, not Barnology. Mr. Truelove stated the schedule that was submitted on June 20, 2006 in the documents he has is from Spencer Sanders, the owner of Barnology, Inc. for $21,700. Mr. Fedorchak stated he does not have the actual bid in front of him.

Mr. Santarsiero moved to postpone awarding the bid to Barnology, Inc. until the August 2, 2006 meeting. Mr. Caiola seconded and the motion unanimously carried.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mrs. Godshalk moved to approve granting a Certificate of Appropriateness for sign at 686-688 Stony Hill Road to Anna Nails and Spa. Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and the motion unanimously carried.


With regard to T-Mobile Northeast, LLC, 400 Street Road, Bensalem, the subject requests a variance to construct a telecommunication facility at 1301 Yardley Road in an area that is not in the Overlay District. After discussion it would be appropriate for the Township to take a position to oppose the request for variance. Mr. Stainthorpe moved to authorize the Solicitor to appear in opposition to this matter. Mr. Caiola seconded and the motion unanimously carried.

With regard to John Melching, Jr. 1205 Bridle Estates Drive, the subject is appealing the determination of the Zoning Officer. He requests a variance to permit existing paver dog run which encroaches into the side yard setback. It was agreed that the Solicitor would appear and participate in the hearing but not necessarily oppose. There is an imperious surface issue we would attempt to minimize the increase.


Mr. Santarsiero stated the Citizens Traffic Commission had its first meeting on Monday and they are taking the first step toward putting together a list of problem sites in the town by talking with local residents and identifying places that are problematic. Mr. Stainthorpe noted the choice for the Chairman, Gary Gillman was very good. Mr. Santarsiero stated the Southeastern Bucks League of Municipalities will meet on July 31, 2006 and the Pension Committee has not met. He stated we will be working on the next addition of the newsletter in late August. Mr. Santarsiero stated that Jim Bray from the Environmental Advisory Council sent the Board a list of projects they are working on, and they are an excellent group of people. They are working on projects that will go well with what we have tried to do with the wind power initiative and other things the Township can do to save energy and make for a better environment. He stated his hope is if the Township is a leader in some of these things we could convince other towns, the county and state to follow suit. He also wanted to commend Jim Bray for his leadership.

Mr. Smith asked of the Southeastern Bucks League of Municipalities has talked about the floods. Mr. Santarsiero stated we have meetings once every 2 months and this is the first meeting since the flood. That meeting will be at the Falls Township Building on Lincoln Highway at 7:30 p.m.

Mr. Smith stated he is concerned about the erosion some people referred to on River Road relating to the floods and asked if that would come under the pervue of the Traffic Committee. Mr. Santarsiero stated no, that deals with Penn Dot and there are other issues that come under the flood and the study we approved tonight. He would rather have the Traffic Commission focus on existing problems within the Township.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Smith stated the Planning Commission did not meet, the Farmland Preservation report was heard from Sam Conti earlier tonight and the Historical Commission met but did not have a quorum. He stated the Citizens Budget Commission has not met and the Regional Traffic Task Force will meet on August 30, 2006 at 7:30 at Lower Makefield Township. He asked Mr. Fedorchak if the Township could provide a Recording Secretary.

Mr. Caiola stated Park & Rec and the Sewer Authority will meet next week. The Economic Development Committee has not met yet.

Mr. Santarsiero stated he did not anything to report other than the electricity is out at the Golf Course and Mr. Fedorchak could go into detail about that. Mr. Fedorchak stated the electricity has been out at the golf course and area the surrounding it and we are concerned about the traffic signals. The Township retrofitted the traffic signals several years ago to allow a portable generator to be plugged into the lights to operate the lights on a full cycle during this time. He stated the most important lights are Woodside at Taylorsville, Lindenhurst at Quarry, Woodside at Lindenhurst and Twinning. He stated the light at Twinning has some glitches but we will be able to plug emergency generators into those. Mr. Fedorchak stated the golf course was without telephone service and the computer system was not operational. The carts need to be recharged because they are all on battery and there needs to be at least a 6 hour period to recharge the carts. Mr. Fedorchak stated the golf course has a grinder pump. He contacted the Township’s electrical engineer, Darius Plinkta who worked with us at Macclesfield, and instructed him to find ways to get electric power on a temporary basis to the phones. He worked with Jeff Damcott to get one computer and the phones working. Mr. Fedorchak stated we have a few 480 volt 3-phase generators from Allentown which will hopefully arrive on Thursday to hook into to the grinder pump system and to the carts to continue to make money and are not sure when the power will come on.

Mrs. Godshalk stated she was at the golf course yesterday with full electric, but there were no customers because it was too hot. Mr. Fedorchak stated he is concerned about losing revenue from Thursday through Sunday and is concerned about charging the golf carts.

Mr. Santarsiero asked Mr. Stainthorpe if Emergency Management would have a meeting soon. Mr. Stainthorpe replied yes. Mr. Santarsiero stated he had people approach him on the break about crisis management issues and would give him some names of people to invite to that meeting and asked him to put that issue on the agenda.

Mrs. Godshalk stated the Zoning Hearing Board met last evening regarding the cell tower and Cara Mia, a single lot on Morningside and Terracedale. This is going to happen as our town develops; the lots that are left the neighbors will be out in force. This issue will come up again as discussed earlier in this meeting. She stated she did not have anything to report on HARB. Mrs. Godshalk thanked the Board for giving Elm Lowne a second wind and knows they will be pleased. She stated the official dedication ceremony for the Garden of Reflection will be September 30th at 4:00 p.m. She stated we had a lot of slow downs and felt the right thing to do was change the date. The Committee has been working everyday on the donor walls, names of victims and other final details.

Board of Supervisors – July 19, 2006
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Mr. Fedorchak stated the Chief asked the Board a few months ago to adopt a resolution to authorize Bucks County to prepare a hazard mitigation plan on the Township’s behalf and the Board unanimously approved that resolution. He stated we are asking the Board tonight pass a resolution to formally adopt the county’s hazard mitigation plan as Lower Makefield’s plan.

Mr. Stainthorpe moved, Mr. Caiola seconded and the motion unanimously carried.

Mr. Smith stated the Community Pride Day is coming up on Labor Day and fireworks will be part of the day. He stated we have a company, Zambelli that will come out to see if the setup will work and before they come out they want a commitment from the Township. Mr. Smith moved to approve the requested contractual obligation with Zambelli in an amount not to exceed $10,000. Mrs. Godshalk asked if Zambelli is the famous fireworks company. Mr. Fedorchak stated Zambelli has done a number of firework displays for the White House over the years. Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and the motion was unanimously carried.

Mrs. Godshalk asked for the date and time of the event for the newspaper. Mr. Smith stated it is Monday, September 4, 2006 from noon to 8:00 p.m. when the fireworks will be set off.


Mr. Caiola moved, Mr. Stainthorpe seconded and the motion unanimously carried to appoint the following people to the following Boards and Commissions:

Karen McElwee, Special Events
Sue Van Orden, Special Events
Wendy Jacobson-Simon, Special Events
David VanDenburgh, Special Events
Judith Gordon, Special Events
Doreene Kaplan, Special Events
Gregory Smith, Zoning Hearing Board

There being no further business, it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Greg Caiola, Secretary