A meeting of the Disabled Persons Advisory Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on Tuesday,      December 28, 2004.  Chairman Rogers opened the meeting at 7:40 p.m.


Those present:


COMMITTEE MEMBERS:                        John McConville, member

Lisa Huchler-Smith, Secretary

David Rogers, Chairman     

Ann Piccinotti, Vice-Chairman            

Liz Harbison, member (absent)


OTHERS:                                                       Scott Fegley, Supervisor Liaison (absent)

                                                                        Jeff Werner, Yardley News                             




Mr. Rogers said the Board received a request for an audible traffic light at Big Oak Road for a blind resident at Bexley Orchards.   He stated that Mr. Fedorchak gave Mr. McConville permission to talk with Jim Majewski, a Township Engineer to move things ahead to have the light altered with an audible signal.




Mr. Rogers stated that $90,000 has been allocated in the budget for renovations to the front of the Township Building.  Mr. Rogers said he would talk with the Township engineer about the need for additional lighting outside the building.




Mr. Rogers said he talked with Mr. Fedorchak about why the Disabled Persons Advisory Board meeting is not on Channel 16 each month.  Mr. Fedorchak said that every group would ask to be advertised on Channel 16.  Mr. Fedorchak stated if the Board has a specific issue for Community input, then he would put and advertisement on Channel 16.


Ms. Huchler-Smith distributed a draft of a letter to local business owners educating them on how to comply with ADA requirements to attract more physically challenged people to their businesses.  She said the letter would have attachments such as the ADA guide and information about business tax credits.


Mr. Rogers asked if the letter and attachments should be hand delivered or mailed and asked how the Board could access a list of businesses in Lower Makefield.  Ms. Piccinotti asked if the


Disabled Persons Advisory Board – December 28, 2004

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Board would distribute the letter and attachments to businesses in Yardley Borough.  Ms. Huchler-Smith said the Board would need approval from the Borough Council to do so.  Mr. Rogers said the Board could breakdown distribution of the letter and attachments to businesses in steps.


Mr. Rogers asked the Board if the Township’s legal council should review the letter and the Board agreed yes.  The Board agreed the letter should be sent to Mr. Fedorchak to review then he would send the same to attorney Garton.


Ms. Huchler-Smith said she would contact Mr. Fedorchak to get answers to some of the questions discussed tonight and send the letter she drafted to Mr. Fedorchak to review.  Mr. Rogers said he would talk with Mr. Fegley to determine if the Board has a budget to pay for postage to mail the letters to businesses.


Ms. Piccinotti suggested using the newspaper as a vehicle to get the Board’s message out to the public about ADA requirements such as the case of the article in the Courier Times she read this week. She suggested the Board contact the young man who was featured in the Courier Times this week or the person who wrote the article.




Mr. Rogers said that he spoke with Mr. Fedorchak who educated him about how the Township handles plan review.  Mr. Fedorchak stated most work such as plan review is contracted out to Russ McLaughlin and BIU and compliance with ADA requirements lies with them.


Mr. Rogers gave an update about the McCaffrey’s plans.  He noted McCaffrey’s responded to the Board’s request fro some alterations and McCaffrey’s responded by saying they would do everything the Board requested, noting they were oversights.  Some of the corrections are curb cuts at the proper pitch, audible and visual fire alarms and hardware for doors.


Mr. Rogers said he told Mr. Fedorchak his frustration with the inability of the Board to review plans especially interior renovations.  Mr. Fedorchak instructed Mr. Rogers to provide him with the process the Board wants to happen for review of plans and he will make it happen.  Mr. Rogers said he drafted a letter to Mr. Fedorchak setting forth the Board’s objectives and requested that the Board be advised of all building permits for public access buildings, both new and modifications of existing and the Board would like to see site plans for new commercial developments and multi-family buildings that are three stories high.


Ms. Huchler-Smith noted that the Board might be overloaded with plans that do not relate to the Board’s mission.  She suggested talking with Ms. Frick about her department’s plan review process.




Disabled Persons Advisory Board – December 28, 2004

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The Board discussed Mr. Rogers letter to Mr. Fedorchak regarding plan review and made revisions.  Mr. Rogers said he would redraft the letter, send the letters to the Board for final review and would talk with Ms. Frick about the planning process.


Ms. Huchler-Smith suggested inviting one of the Township engineers to a Board meeting to educate the Board.




Ms. Huchler-Smith moved, Ms. Piccinotti seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the November 2004 meeting minutes as written.




The Committee scheduled the next meeting for Tuesday, January 25th at 7:30 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.



                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                                    Lisa Huchler-Smith, Secretary