TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2005


A meeting of the Disabled Persons Advisory Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on Tuesday,      July 26, 2005.  Chairman Rogers opened the meeting at 7:35 p.m.


Those present:


COMMITTEE MEMBERS:                        John McConville, member

Lisa Huchler-Smith, Secretary

David Rogers, Chairman     

Ann Piccinotti, Vice-Chairman

Liz Harbison, member


OTHERS:                                                       Scott Fegley, Supervisor Liaison (absent)




Letters to Local Business Owners Regarding ADA Compliance  - Mailing Results 


Mr. Rogers stated he found out that MLM Management Company manages Makefield Quarters and they requested additional copies of the ADA Guidelines and tax credit information from him.  He stated that some of the envelopes were returned.


LMT Seniors


Mr. Rogers stated that he is scheduled to make a presentation to the LMT seniors the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 6th at 10:15 a.m.  Ms. Huchler-Smith suggested that Mr. Rogers distribute something to the seniors that day to help them remember the presentation.  Mr. Rogers suggested having the seniors fill out an emergency form.  Ms. Huchler-Smith said that she would print out a page from the web site to hand out at the presentation.  Mr. Godun thought it might be a good idea to get some press for the Disabled Board about it’s presentation to the seniors.


Mr. Rogers stated he would discuss the Disabled Person’s Board’s accomplishments this year including the Township renovations, audible light signal, and the Board’s involvement with the Bucks County CIL at his presentation to the seniors.  He stated he would put together an outline for the presentation.


Update about the Bucks County CIL


Mr. Rogers stated the CIL is in its final stages of approval and will be located at One Oxford Valley Road, 3rd floor.  He stated the CIL may be able to get SEPTA to put another bus stop  near the CIL location.  He stated the interview for the executive director was completed.  Mr.



Disabled Persons Advisory Board – July 26, 2005

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Rogers stated the announcement to the Courier Times would be made on Wednesday, July 27th.  He stated the CIL is slated to open in late August.


Mr. Rogers stated the BCCID banquet is on October 27th and Sandra Weber, president of the state CIL group will be the guest speaker.


ID Cards


Mr. Rogers stated he sent a note to Mr. Fedorchak about ID cards for the Board members and he has not gotten a response from him yet.


LMT Emergency Squad Mailing


Mr. Rogers stated he attended a recent open house at the Emergency Squad building.  He asked the Emergency Squad what the results were of their recent mailing.  The Emergency Squad person stated they received 150 responses but the do not have anyone to input the responses into a database.  He stated once the information is keyed into the database it would be sent to the Emergency Response System (911) to be acted upon in the event of an emergency.  Ms. Huchler-Smith asked if the Emergency Squad sends out the information form with every mailing.  Mr. Rogers said that would be a good idea because people move.


Mr. Rogers said he would revisit the Emergency Squad to ask how he and the Disabled Board could help.


The Board once again discussed the problem with the narrow curb cuts at McCaffrey’s Market.  Ms. Huchler-Smith stated she would follow-up with McCaffrey’s to resolve.


Building Permit Requests


Mr. Rogers stated that no new permits except for the property on Township Line Road were recently issued.


Letter Received from Township Resident


Mr. Rogers stated that the Township received a letter from Ms. Megan Durko on Makefield Road, requesting information about the Disabled Persons Advisory Board.  He stated the Township sent a response to Ms. Durko with the information she requested.


Allegheny Valley School


Mr. Rogers stated the Zoning Hearing Board denied the variance request by Allegheny Valley School and they are appealing the decision in the Court of Common Pleas in Doylestown.  He stated the Board of Supervisors will not join in the action.



Disabled Persons Advisory Board – July 26, 2005

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The Board agreed not to meet in August.


The Board scheduled the next meeting for Tuesday, September 27th at 7:30 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.



                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                                    Lisa Huchler-Smith, Secretary