The regular meeting of the Planning Commission of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building
on October 25, 1999. Vice Chairman Koch called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

 Those present:


Planning Commission:

Edward Koch, Vice Chairman


Deborah Gould, Secretary


Paul Gunkel, Member


Albert Roeper, Member


Nancy Frick, Director Zoning, Inspection & Planning


Douglas Maloney, Township Solicitor


Duke Doherty, Township Engineer


John Pazdera, Chairman Planning Commission


Frank Fazzalore, Supervisor



Mr. Gunkel moved, Mrs. Gould seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of June 28, 1999 as written.

Mr. Gunkel moved and Mrs. Gould seconded to approve the Minutes of September 27, 1999 as written. Motion carried with Mr. Roeper abstaining.


Mr. Robert Pelke was present. Mr. Gunkel noted the fourteen items listed in the 10/8/99 letter from PCS.

Mr. Pelke noted Item #1 and stated the applicant is willing to pay Fee-In-Lieu of Recreation. Mr. Gunkel stated a change must be made to the Plans to reflect this.

Item #2 was noted, and Mr. Pelke stated they will comply and will revise the Plans.

Item #3 was noted and Mr. Pelke stated they will comply and they have already done the delineation and will put the Certification on the Plans.

Mr. Pelke stated they will comply with Item #4.

With regard to Item #5, Mr. Doherty stated usually they take the ultimate right-of-way although he does not feel they will ever actually use it in this case. He noted it will be part of the front yard of the property, and will not involve any maintenance by the Township. The Planning Commission agreed the ultimate right-of-way should be dedicated to the Township, and the plans should be changed to reflect this.

Item #6 was noted, and Mr. Pelke stated they will comply and will revise the Plans.

It was noted Item #7 refers to the slopes and Mr. Pelke agreed to revise the plans to reflect this requirement.

Mr. Pelke stated they will comply with Item #8 and will add the necessary information to the Plans.

Mr. Pelke stated they will comply with Item #9 and will regrade around the tree.

Item #10 was noted. Mr. Pelke stated they have been asked to provide curbs and two inlets along the front of the lot and they will comply with this request.

Item #11 was noted, and Mr. Pelke stated they did get a letter from the Conservation District dated 10/14/99. Mr. Doherty stated they have now received this as well.

Item #12 was noted and Mr. Pelke stated they will add the required details.

Item #13 was noted and they will make the requested site capacity calculations.

Mr. Pelke stated Item #14 refers to the CKS letter, and they will comply with the requests outlined in their letter dated 10/14/99.

Mr. Koch stated once they have made all the changes and resubmitted the Plans for review, the Planning Commission will review the changes made and make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Gunkel asked the name of their environmental engineer, but Mr. Pelke was not aware of the firm. Mr. Gunkel noted the Skelly & Loy letter states on Page 3 that they must have someone on site when the excavating is done to make sure safety precautions are followed in the event additional asbestos is found. Mr. Gunkel stated they should be a note on the Plans to this effect. Mr. Pelke agreed to add this note to the Plans. Mr. Maloney stated in the note they should reference the letter from Skelly & Loy.

Ms. Frick noted they will need an extension from the applicant.

Ms. Jean Madden of 104 W. College Avenue asked if they have determined whether the sanitary and storm sewer easements are in Lower Makefield or Yardley Borough. She stated she wrote a letter to the Township asking this questions, and it was never answered. Mr. Doherty stated they are in both Lower Makefield and Yardley Borough. Ms. Madden stated there are existing flooding problems and the curbs are now lower since the Township repaved the roads. She has asked Yardley Borough to install additional storm sewer grates and Yardley Borough has indicated this has been put out to bid again since the first bid came in too high. She stated there was also discussion whether Yardley Borough would agree to spend funds to help a Lower Makefield Township resident. Mr. Doherty stated Mr. Wolf from Yardley Borough and Mr. Coyne were working with the Yardley Country Club to revise their inlets now so they do not clog up so quickly. The Yardley Country Club is also considering the installation of additional inlets. Mr. Doherty further stated it appeared that Yardley Country Club was going to cooperate.

Ms. Madden noted the letter from Mr. Gouza regarding the easement indicates a swale should be installed on the Casadonti property. Mr. Doherty stated they have asked for two additional inlets and a depressed curb on the Casadonti property and the applicant has agreed to do this. Ms. Madden was shown on the Plan where the improvements will be made on the applicant’s property. Mr. Doherty added that the main problem is coming from the Yardley Country Club property. Mr. Gunkel stated Ms. Madden should continue to put pressure on Yardley Borough and the Yardley Country Club. Mr. Koch stated she could also discuss her problem with the Lower Makefield Township Board of Supervisors.

Ms. Madden asked if there will be a recreation area, and it was noted that the applicant will pay Fee-In-Lieu.


Ms. Frick noted the second Planning Commission in November is scheduled for Monday, November 22 but neither she nor Mr. Pazdera will be available. She stated she would like to cancel that meeting and re-schedule it for Monday, November 29 if a second meeting is necessary in November.


Mr. Gunkel stated the property at the intersection of Lindenhurst Road and Route 332 may be involved in additional improvements which could help the traffic in this area. He stated the developer indicated he wanted approval of the Preliminary Plan by October 1 for financing reasons. The developer was required to submit his plans with additional revisions, but has not, to date, done so. Mr. Gunkel will stay on top of this application.


Mr. Gunkel stated the Fall Road Tour will be held this Friday.

There being no further business, Mr. Roeper moved, Mr. Gunkel seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m.