The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on December 12, 2000. Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Those present:

Park & Recreation Board:

David Fritchey, Chairman
Ron Smith, Vice chairman
John Kuebler, Secretary
Henry Carpenter, Member
Angie Mancuso, Member (joined meeting in progress)


Donna Liney, Recreation Coordinator


Patricia Martin, Park & Rec. Member
Andrew Newbon, Park & Rec. Member
Grace Godshalk, Supervisor Liaison


Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Smith seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of November 14, 2000 as written.


Mr. Jack Morrison and Mr. Brian Derby were present representing PAA.

Ms. Mancuso joined the meeting at this time.

Mr. Morrison stated PAA feels they need to do a better job of maintaining the fields; and in order to do so, they need to have a storage shed at Macclesfield near fields A and B and at Stoddart. The proposed sheds would be 8’ by 12 ‘ and approximately 10’ to 12’ high. They would be the standard back-yard type sheds. They would like to put it at Macclesfield A on the third base side. Ms. Liney stated this would not be a good location.Mr. Fritchey stated they do not want to get in a situation where they could impact underground utilities. Ms. Liney stated they do have a print showing the underground lines in the area. She added that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors would prefer that PAA install the shed at Macclesfield Park where there are already two existing sheds located. Mr. Derby noted they do have a problem with the hose if it is left out.

Mr. Kuebler noted a location near the railroad fence. He stated they do have problems moving the heavy equipment if the shed is too far away from the fields. Mr. Fritchey stated while he recognizes the problems with the locations, they do need to get approval from the Board of Supervisors. He stated they are also very concerned about impacting the utility lines. Mr. Kuebler asked if they could leave it in the same area as the other two sheds during the off seasons, and move the shed to the location they desire during baseball season. Ms. Liney stated the shed must be anchored to a concrete pad. Mr. Smith stated if it is installed in the area of the existing sheds, the equipment would also be easily accessible to Field H. Mr. Kuebler stated he feels that in the future, Field H would be better put to some other use.

Ms. Liney noted there are lines all around the fields.

Mr. Kuebler staed Field A has been difficult to maintain because the equipment is not readily available. Mr. Morrison asked if the shed has to be on a concrete slab, and Ms. Liney stated it does.

Ms. Liney showed a copy of the utility line plan. After review it was suggested that the Park & Recreation Board recommend a location at Macclesfield Park at the third base side beside the dug out at Field B between the fence and the parking lot.

Mr. Morrison asked if PAA would be permitted to mow, and Ms. Liney stated she would prefer that the organizations not mow.

Mr. Morrison stated they would like to place the shed at Stoddart behind Field #2 by the backstop.

Ms. Liney stated she would like to have a formal request to the Board of Supervisors from PAA to which she will attach the Park & Recreation Board’s recommendation.

Mr. Smith moved, Mr. Carpenter seconded and it was unanimously carried to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that PAA be permitted at PAA expense to install storage sheds of approximately 8’ by 12’ with a height of approximately 10’ to be placed at the third base side beside the dug out of Field B at Macclesfield Park to be between the fence and the parking lot and behind Field 2 centrally located behind the backstop at Stoddart Complex.


Mr. John Paulus, Quaker Building, was present. The Park & Recreation Board was provided a picture of the proposed equipment to be installed and the location of the Park in the Development was shown on the Plan. Mr. Paulus stated PCS has accepted the equipment but did not indicate anything about the mulch material. Ms. Liney stated the proposed mulch material is acceptable.

Ms. Deborah Gould, Planning Commission, was present and was provided a copy of the Plans for her review. She asked if an access is proposed for people to be able to drive to the Park, and Mr. Paulus stated it is not, and that it will be accessible from the bikepath. Ms. Gould asked if any buffer is proposed for the area, and Mr. Paulus stated it is not. Ms. Gould expressed concern with children playing this close to the road. She also stated she feels the surrounding neighbors should have been advised of this. Mr. Paulus stated this playground was shown on the approved Plans. Ms. Gould stated the location of the proposed equipment was not reviewed by the Planning Commission. Ms. Gould stated she feels the surrounding neighbors should be advised of the exact location and what they plan to install and let them come back to the Park & Recreation Board meeting to discuss this.

Ms. Gould asked who will maintain this, and Ms. Liney stated Park & Recreation does have a maintenance staff, and they do maintain these pocket parks. She stated they will maintain it once it is dedicated to the Township. Ms. Gould questioned who is to maintain it now since it is not currently being properly mowed. Mr. Paulus stated they were advised by the Township engineer to mow it 25 feet back, and this is what they are doing now. Ms. Gould stated she would insist that it be mowed hedgerow to hedgerow. Mr. Fritchey stated he feels the Township will not accept the property until it is in the condition they desire. Mr. Paulus stated he is following the directions of the Township engineer.

Ms. Gould asked about the installation of a fence, and Ms. Liney stated while it is not required at this time, they will review this and would not allow an unsafe condition to exist.

Mr. Carpenter stated Park & Recreation has heard the concerns being expressed by Ms. Gould tonight and will take them into consideration.

Mr. Carpenter moved and Mr. Smith seconded to recommend to the Board of Supervisors approval of the Plan as submitted and when it comes time to site the Park, the Park & Recreation Board will be mindful of the concerns expressed.

Ms. Liney stated the Plan addressed the location, and the Park & Recreation Board only reviews the playground apparatus portion.

Ms. Gould stated she also feels the grade is too steep. She is also concerned about people parking along Oxford Valley Road to access the Park and feels the access should be from inside the development itself. Ms. Gould stated she would like to be involved with the Park & Recreation Board when they walk this site. She also noted other neighbors in the area who may be interested. Ms. Liney agreed to contact Ms. Gould.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.


Ms. Liney stated the Park & Recreation Board received information from the Township Solicitor regarding this matter. Mr. Fritchey stated the recommendation of the Township Solicitor was to meet with the Police Chief to work out a proposal on the license restrictions. Mr. Fritchey stated he feels someone should be delegated to meet with the Police Chief, and Mr. Smith agreed to do so.

There was discussion on the special events during which vendors would be restricted from the area. It was noted there are normally five major events per year, and Ms. Liney agreed to discuss this matter with the Chief of Police with Mr. Smith following up on the matter to make sure that what they are proposing meets legal requirements.


Ms. Liney noted the Park & Recreation Board had requested that the Police Chief look at the traffic patterns at Macclesfield Park, and he has indicated he feels he would need to do the observations during the active season and will do this in the spring.

Ms. Liney stated she has been advised that the Macclesfield light project will be placed on the Board of Supervisors’ Agenda for December 18. The Township Manager has indicated there are two parts to the project - the repair portion that he is handling and the legal matter which is being handled by the Solicitor. Mr. Kuebler stated he is concerned that this Township asset is not being utilized.

Mr. Smith moved and Mr. Kuebler seconded to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they revisit the light issue, and that the Park & Recreation Board strongly recommends again that they repair the lights at the earliest possible time.

Mr. Fritchey stated possibly they should assume that the Board of Supervisors will proceed with this, and if they do not, the Park & Recreation Board could make a recommendation in January. Mr. Smith stated he would prefer that the Board of Supervisors knows how they feel about this prior to the meeting on December 18.

Motion to approve carried unanimously.

Ms. Liney reported that she did ask the Township engineer for an update on the Roelofs Park restroom situation but has not received an update for the meeting this evening. She stated she has heard that PCS is awaiting test results from Acorn.

Ms. Liney reported that all fall light fees and user fees have been paid by the organizations. She commended the people involved for their cooperation. She noted this is the third year that the fees have been paid on a timely basis.

There being no further business, Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Carpenter seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m.