MINUTES - APRIL 10, 2001

The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on April 10, 2001. Vice Chairman Smith called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Those present:

Park & Recreation Board:

Ron Smith, Vice Chairman
John Kuebler, Secretary
Henry Carpenter, Member (left meeting in progress)
Angie Mancuso, Member
Patricia Martin, Member (joined meeting in progress)
Andrew Newbon, Member


Donna Liney, Recreation Director


David Fritchey, Park & Recreation Board Chairman


Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Newbon seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of February 13, 2001 as written.


Ms. Liney stated Deborah O’Donnell has submitted a proposal for an art program to replace Kids Krafts, which cannot return this year. Children who attend the program will be covered through the Township insurance, and Ms. O’Donnell is looking into insurance for herself.

Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Carpenter seconded and it was unanimously carried to recommend approval of the Art Program to replace Kids Krafts.


Ms. Liney noted the information provided in the Board’s packet on the Earth Day activities planned for April 21. She stated the Environmental Advisory Council is working hard on the Event and has had positive feedback. They have also gotten good support form the

local athletic organizations. Many of the Events are taking place at Macclesfield Park.

Ms. Martin joined the meeting at this time.

Exhibitors will be setting up at Macclesfield Park. An American Indian Band will also be in attendance. A fishing derby will take place at the Canal, and the Boy Scouts will help with this activity. Ms. Liney noted Ms. Martin’s firm is doing the printing of the brochures that will be given out. The Earth Day T-shirts were shown to the Board.


Ms. Liney stated two all-weather bocce courts are under construction. They will be built for under $10,000 since some of the labor is being done in-house.

Ms. Liney stated the Township Manager asked that she advise the Park & Recreation Board that Fred Allan made a presentation to the Board of Supervisors during Executive Session about DeLuca constructing a restroom facility at the Stoddart baseball fields. Details are limited at this time, and no location has been identified. Additional information will be forwarded as it is received.


Ms. Liney stated permits have been issued for the spring including use of Edgewood Village Park which is a three acre site which is less than ideal. This site will be used for the youngest age groups for t-ball and soccer. Even with permitting this Park, the field situation is very difficult. Ms. Liney stated possibly the Park & Recreation Board would like to suggest to the Board of Supervisors an interim solution to help meet the demands for active recreation in the Township.

Mr. Smith stated he has been at Macclesfield Park recently and it does seem to be packed, particularly at Fields E & G. Ms. Liney stated they did put identification signs up at the suggestion of the Police Department that certain fields are "by permit only." Mr. Kuebler stated there has been a lot of activity at Macclesfield Park. He feels YMS should schedule practices on Fields E & G since this one way of keeping other people off the fields, and the YMS coaches could practice away from the goal mouths to help preserve them.

Mr. Smith stated he does not feel E & G are in good condition at the current time.

Mr. Kuebler also asked about the possibility of keeping E & G for games only and finding some way of keeping people off the fields at other times.

Mr. Smith asked if there is space that is ready to be adapted which would not take much work that they could recommend to the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Smith noted the area near Fields J & K at Macclesfield Park. Ms. Liney stated today they did look at the Snipes property; and possibly for an interim solution, they could use this for some mid-size or smaller size fields. Mr. Smith asked if it would take much to do something at this location in time for the fall, and Ms. Liney stated she did not feel it would be a problem to do so.

Mr. Kuebler stated he feels lights could be installed in the outfield of Field H at Macclesfield Park which would be sufficient for practices. Ms. Liney stated this would be something that they would have to put on a "wish list."

Mr. Kuebler reviewed the needs of the Football Program in the fall and stated they will not need the fields on Monday or Sunday. Mr. Kuebler stated he feels if they put one light post on Field H, it would be sufficient to run soccer practices and keep the wear and tear off the two good fields.

Ms. Liney stated there is a five year long-range plan in the Township for capital improvements, and they did put in lighting Fields F and H, but this is subject to Board of Supervisors approval, project priority, and the Budget process. Ms. Liney stated she does not feel this will address the immediate problem. Mr. Kuebler stated he feels they could expedite installation of one light.

Mr. Kuebler moved and Mr. Smith seconded to recommend to the Board of Supervisors installation of one light by the outfield of Field H at Macclesfield Park so children can practice in the fall after Daylight Savings Time. No vote was taken on this Motion.

There was further discussion on the Snipes Tract. It was noted it was not felt that use of this property for soccer would be objectionable to anyone in the area.

Mr. Kuebler moved, Ms. Martin seconded and it was unanimously carried to recommend to the Board of Supervisors an interim solution by expansion into the Snipes Tract for several soccer fields on the section to the right.

Mr. Kuebler asked about the possibility of lighting the fields which are adjacent to the cemetery. Ms. Martin stated she is concerned about spending money for lights when there is land at North Park that needs to be developed. Ms. Mancuso stated she feels they should utilize the fields they have already developed to their fullest extent. Mr. Smith stated they were advised by the Board of Supervisors to hold off on the development of any further tracts at this time.

Mr. Kuebler asked about the possibility of installing an additional set of lights on the back of the existing post at the field adjacent to the cemetery.

Mr. Kuebler moved and Mr. Newbon seconded to recommend to the Board of Supervisors installation of lighting at Field F at Macclesfield Park for the express purpose of providing practice space in the fall after Daylight Savings Time. Motion carried with Ms. Martin voting no and Mr. Carpenter abstained.

Mr. Carpenter left the meeting at this time.

Mr. Kuebler stated if this does not pass, they could make a request to put up temporary lights for six to eight weeks after Daylight Savings Time in that same location using portable diesel generators. Mr. Smith stated this was done in the past during a Columbus Day Tournament. He noted they are not cheap to rent and are also noisy.


Mr. Newbon stated he discussed with Larry Silvi the possibility of donating concrete to the Township. Mr. Newbon stated while he would not agree to this, he did agree to sell it to the Township at a lower rate. Mr. Newbon stated they would then have to advise the contractors that the concrete will be provided.


Mr. Kuebler stated PAA is running but the fields are crowded. He stated the sheds are very much appreciated, and he feels it will save money for the Township in the long run to keep the fields in better shape. Mr. Smith asked about the registration costs, and Mr. Kuebler stated it is $115 per child. Mr. Newbon stated showing numbers on the backstops has made it much easier to find your team. Mr. Kuebler reviewed the fields they are using, noting that many of them are School fields.

Mr. Kuebler discussed the Football Program and noted the organization has been re-named Lower Makefield Football Association. The Program has been advertised on the Cable Channel and included in the Township Newsletter. The Schools have been provided flyers. They do not intend to recruit outside of the Township. Everyone who participated in the past was sent a registration form, and they have until April 18 to register. Lower Makefield Township residents have until April 30 to register, and then they will go to an open registration. They feel that they will get the ratio of Township residents where it belongs. They can field twelve tackle teams. If they have more people who want to play, they will not be able to accommodate them because of field availability and costs involved.

The plan is to keep it at twelve teams. Mr. Kuebler stated all the helmets are going to be re-conditioned this year, and will be re-conditioned every year going forward. Mr. Smith asked if they feel they will be able to field twelve teams, and Mr. Kuebler stated he does not feel this should be a problem. He stated all games will be held in the Township, and the feedback he has received from the parents on this issue is very good. Mr. Kuebler stated they will have monthly business meetings, and all business will be conducted in a public forum. The program is non-competitive, and there are no travel teams. Registration costs are $145 for tackle and $75 for flag football.

There being no further business, Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Newbon seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m.