The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on November 13, 2001. Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Those present:

Park & Recreation Board:

David Fritchey, Chairman
Ron Smith, Vice Chairman
John Kuebler, Secretary
Angie Mancuso, Member
Patricia Martin, Member


Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager
Donna Liney, Recreation Director
Scott Fegley, Supervisor Liaison


Henry Carpenter, Park & Rec Board Member
Andrew Newbon, Park & Rec Board Member


Mr. Kuebler moved, Ms. Martin seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of October 9, 2001.


Mr. Allan commended the Park & Recreation Board on moving forward with the dug-out improvements. He stated it is important that they move the dug-outs from the inside to the outside of the field at Stoddart. He stated this is a safety issue. He has discussed this matter with Mr. Morrison and PAA would be willing to work with the Township to make this work. Mr. Allan stated he feels at Stoddart they should run the block up from the concession/restroom building that is being built at the current time. He stated this would make the dug out conform more to the other structures.

Ms. Liney stated they were moving forward only with the slab work. They have not done work yet at Stoddard and started at Macclesfield Fields B and H and the Pool fields. She stated if there is to be a design change, this would have to go before the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Fritchey asked if they were planning to move the dug-outs outside of the fence this year, and Ms. Liney stated this is a new item. She stated she would support this since the current situation does encroach on the playing field at Field #1 Stoddart, and it would be safer if it were moved to the outside. Mr. Fritchey asked if PAA would place a higher priority on the Stoddard Fields, and Mr. Morrison stated he feels they are all equal in priority.

Ms. Martin noted the way they constructed the dug-outs at the Complex in Fairless Hills on Austin Drive. She noted the maintenance of that structure is less than wood or block. She feels block could be a safety concern because of the potential of someone hiding behind it.

Mr. Kuebler stated at most ballfields it is 50/50 block or fence. He stated he feels block looks nicer. Mr. Allan stated he did not feel there would be a problem with vandals, etc. at Stoddart since it faces a main road.

Mr. Fedorchak asked if PAA would be willing to pay for this modification, and Mr. Morrison stated they would be willing to do so. Mr. Fedorchak stated the Budget includes the first phase of the project which is laying the concrete floor. Mr. Allan stated he hopes that if PAA is willing to pay for this modification that they would be permitted to pay for it a portion at a time. Mr. Fedorchak asked how much this would cost. He stated if this is going to cost more than $10,000 and the Township were going to do it, it would have to go out for bid. Mr. Allan stated he feels it will cost more than $10,000. Mr. Allan stated he feels PAA should look into doing the project and possibly PAA could work something out with the Township.

Mr. Fritchey moved and Ms. Mancuso seconded to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they authorize PAA at PAA’s expense to construct dug-outs with the exception of slabs and footings which will be installed and paid for by the Township.

Ms. Liney stated they are putting in six slabs with footings. Mr. Fedorchak stated he feels they should look into this matter further before they proceed with the concrete floors. He suggested that he meet with Ms. Liney and Mr. Morrison to consider this matter further.

Ms. Liney stated the Plan was to put the fence back up once the concrete floor was installed. Mr. Morrison stated he needs to find out how much the Township is allocating for dug-out improvements and what fields they are working on in 2001. Mr. Morrison stated he would be available to meet with Mr. Fedorchak and Ms. Liney on Friday afternoon.

Mr. Kuebler stated it appears PAA is requesting permission to do all the dug-outs but to be able to do them when they are able to afford to do so. He suggested that the Township install the concrete pads and leave the fence on the inside until PAA can make a decision.

The fence is the existing fence that was taken down and will then be re-installed once the concrete floor is installed.

Motion carried with Ms. Martin abstained.


Mr. Fritchey stated this matter was previously discussed and approved in concept but they decided to put off a decision until further reflection was given to this matter. Ms. Liney stated they did receive four recommendations from residents which were included in the Board’s packet. She stated they also plan to hire a landscape architect but they would like a recommendation as to concept and location.

Mr. Fritchey noted a sculpture garden in Hamilton, New Jersey which was very well landscaped and possibly something similar could be considered for Lower Makefield. He stated he feels there are people who are more qualified to design this than the Park & Recreation Board. He stated he feels the best location for such a Memorial would be one of the more quiet areas at North Park. Mr. Smith stated his only concern with North Park is that they may decide to put a monument at this location and nothing else will be there since there are no current plans to develop north Park. Mr. Fritchey stated he does not feel there are any other suitable alternatives in the Township.

Ms. Martin stated she would prefer not to do something hastily. She stated they could develop a portion of North Park to accommodate this Memorial. She does not feel the Memorial should be located at Macclesfield Park simply because this area is already developed.

Ms. Mancuso stated a number of people she spoke to stated they felt there should be faces with the names of the victims. She suggested a Memorial be at the proposed Golf Course which has been approved and they could put pictures of the victims at that location with the permission of their families. Mr. Fegley stated he had not given this location consideration and this may be a proper location since a Golf Course is a fairly serene location. He stated if this is going to be considered, this recommendation should be made shortly so that the Golf Course designers can take this into consideration during their planning.

Ms. Sue Herman stated she does not feel the only location should be the Golf Course since a number of people in the Township may not feel comfortable going to the Golf Course and possibly this could be a temporary location. She stated she feels North Park is the proper place and asked if they could accelerate the North Park project.

Mr. Smith noted a location near Kids Kingdom where the picnic tables are located.

Mr. Fritchey stated he would be concerned about this location because of its proximity to Edgewood Road. He stated he feels what has been proposed for North Park would make it the perfect area for such a Memorial.

Ms. Martin stated one of the residents suggested that they use a piece of material from the World Trade Center in the Memorial. Ms. Liney stated she could discuss this with Mr. Fedorchak to see how this could be obtained. Mr. Fritchey stated he feels something more abstract similar to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial would be more peaceful and less jarring than a piece of the World Trade Center structure. Mr. Smith agreed. He also stated he would be in favor of the faces of the victims engraved in bronze which he feels would be more meaningful than a piece of the World Trade Center.

Ms. Herman stated if they could narrow this down to a few ideas, they could then approach the families involved to see what they would prefer. Mr. Fritchey stated they did discuss approaching the families at the proper time. Mr. Fritchey stated he feels they need to give this matter additional time since there may be more victims before this matter is concluded.

Mr. Smith stated he had previously recommended that the name of North Park be changed to Memorial Park.

Mr. Fegley stated there was discussion given to the fact that the Board would like the Memorial constructed so that it could be dedicated on the one year Anniversary of September 11, 2001.

Ms. Martin moved to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that North Park be named Memorial Park with a portion of the site to include a Memorial to the 9/11/01 victims with the goal that it be dedicated on 9/11/02. It is further recommended to bring in a consultant to consider alternative plans for the Memorial.

Mr. Kuebler stated he does not feel this should only be limited to the victims of 9/11/01 and feels they should include those who made a conscious choice to volunteer to serve their Country and to honor those individuals as well.

Mr. Smith seconded the Motion, and the Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Liney stated that Mr. Doherty had hoped to be present to discuss this matter but had a prior meeting and must have been detained.

Mr. Tom Minehart was present and stated he only learned about this bikepath through reading the Minutes on the Internet. He stated he owns two properties in this area and stated it appears the Township would need to acquire an easement from him in order to install the bikepath where they now propose. He stated he felt the bikepath was going to be on the opposite side of the road. He noted the Township previously did a taking from him when they widened the road. At that time he had wanted to extend his property line on the opposite side and the Township agreed to this. However, he was later told that he would have to pay for engineering and go through the Land Development process. He was never paid for the taking of his property. He stated in order to put the bikepath down his side of the road, the Township will have to take more land from him. He stated this parcel is very unique and has a very steep bank. In order to build a bikepath, they will have to cut into the bank. He stated there are also 200 year old trees on his property which would be impacted if they cut into the bank. Mr. Minehart stated a stub road was put in at the new development which he feels would be perfect for the bikepath as it goes to the Park and could then connect on the other side of the Park to Woodside Road. He showed this location on the Plan.

Ms. Herman noted her concern is a safe walking/biking access along Lindenhurst Road.

She also noted she feels people who moved into this area felt that a bikepath would be installed since this was what they were shown on the Plans.

Mr. Fritchey stated he feels they will need to discuss this at a future meeting when the Township engineer is present. Ms. Liney noted the Township engineer does feel there is sufficient space in the right-of-way although he does want to discuss this with the developer’s engineer who showed this on the Plan to review how they plan to install this.

Ms. Herman asked about putting the bikepath on the other side. Ms. Martin stated this would force people to cross the road. Ms. Mancuso stated they need a light at this location. Mr. Fegley stated at the last meeting, the Board of Supervisors did approve going out to bid for a light at Twining Road.

Mr. Fritchey stated they will consider this matter further at their meeting in December.

Mr. Kuebler stated he is not in favor of taking anyone’s property against their will.


Mr. Fedorchak stated in 1996 the Board of Supervisors hired THK Associates to consider if a Golf Course would be economically feasible, and their report indicated that it would be feasible. Effective July 1, 2001, the land proposed for the Golf Course was transferred over to the Township. The Board of Supervisors decided to obtain an updated Feasibility Study, and the new firm reported that in five years the Golf Course would be self-supporting and revenues could cover operating expenses and the debt service. The financial analysts felt that there are a substantial number of unserved rounds in the area and a strong demand for a Golf Course. They are considering construction of an affordable, up-scale Golf Course which should be quite profitable. Mr. Fedorchak stated that the Board of Supervisors has hired a construction management company - Rainmaker, Inc. - who will build the Golf Course for them with the help of the architect and a technical team.

They hope to begin to break ground sometime in the spring. They hope that the Course will be open by the summer or fall of 2003.

Mr. Fedorchak stated the architect has put together five routing plans, and he presented two of these to the Park & Recreation Board this evening. He stated a number of residents were present at the last Golf Course Committee Meeting expressing concern with the location of the proposed driving range. Rainmaker is looking at the plan and considering moving the Club House and driving range away from the residents. Mr. Fedorchak noted there is a historic home on the property and the intent is to preserve it. There was discussion about turning the house into the Club House; however, after Rainmaker looked at the house, they felt it would be better for the house to be used for some other purpose due to the amount of renovations needed to make it a viable Club House. They are considering that the house could be made into the Superintendent’s house.

Mr. Fedorchak stated they will continue to work with the Golf Course Committee to try to make everyone happy.

Mr. Smith stated he has never been to a quality Golf Course where they did not have a facility which could be used to hold weddings and other functions. Mr. Fedorchak stated it is their intention to make money from the project, so this is a possibility.


Ms. Liney stated all organizations have met their obligations for fall user fees, and she thanked them for remitting their fees in a timely manner.

Ms. Liney stated they are using Macclesfield for more and more special events such as Earth Day and the Day of Healing so that it is more apparent that there is a need for more electrical resources. They have been able to provide for this by reallocating some funds and they will still be able to refurbish four tennis courts as proposed. She noted the Board of Supervisors did accept both the Park & Recreation and Pool Budgets as submitted.

Ms. Liney reported that the restroom/concession building construction at Stoddart is moving forward. They anticipate that it will be completed by spring.


Mr. Kuebler provided a copy of the 2001 Yearbook for Pop Warner Football.

Mr. Kuebler reported the PAA has sent out a letter requesting sponsors for next spring.

Mr. Fedorchak stated he was surprised that there was not more information on costs, etc. on the dug-outs from PAA. He feels there is a lot of work still to be done. He is not sure that this can be done a quickly as PAA would like.

Mr. Smith stated people are still parking on the grass at Macclesfield Park despite the signs indicating no parking is permitted. He stated they are 88% done the fall soccer season and the season has gone well. He stated there was good cooperation between football and soccer and the lights have helped this situation. He stated he has been elected the new President of YMS. He stated YMS representatives will be present tomorrow evening at the Environmental Advisory Council meeting to discuss Earth Day activities.

There being no further business, Mr. Smith moved, Mr. Kuebler seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 p.m.