The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on December 10, 2002.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.  Mr. Fritchey introduced Richard Jutkiewicz, who is the newly-appointed member of the Park & Recreation Board.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:        David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Ron Smith, Vice Chairman

                                                Richard Jutkiewicz, Member

                                                Patricia Martin, Member (joined meeting in progress)

                                                Andrew Newbon, Member


Others:                                     Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                Scott Fegley, Supervisor Liaison (joined meeting in  progress)

                                                Wes Hackman, Supervisor

                                                Jim Majewski, Township Engineer


Absent:                         Henry Carpenter, Park & Rec Member

                                                John Kuebler,  Park & Rec Member





Mr. Smith moved, Mr. Fritchey seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of November 12, 2002 as written.





Mr. Fritchey stated the Board of Supervisors has asked that the Park & Recreation Board

begin planning the Samost Tract and suggested this site be considered for the location of a

Senior Center for which engineering funds have been appropriated in the 2003 Budget. 

He noted they have also been asked to look at the Snipes tract as a possible location for

additional soccer fields.


Mr. Fritchey stated he will Chair the Subcommittee for the Samost Tract working with

Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Jutkiewicz, and Mr. Kuebler;  and Mr. Smith will Chair the

Subcommittee for the Snipes Tract working with Ms. Martin and Mr. Newbon.  He stated

they will each have an organizational meeting to look at the available maps and discuss

what they propose for the tracts.  They will seek input from other interested parties

including user groups and neighbors.  There will be public meetings held to listen to public

comment, and they will also be involved with consultants who will provide professional





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Ms. Liney stated the information from the Park & Recreation Board for the Township Master Plan Update was submitted in April, 2002.  A follow-up interview was held with a

representative from the Bucks County Planning Commission, Gayle Freedman, who

indicated she supported their comments and reiterated the Park & Recreation Board’s

positions.  The Plan will be available for public input at a special meeting to be held in the

near future.


Ms. Martin joined the meeting at this time.





In the absence of Mr. Fegley, Mr. Hackman was asked to provide any pertinent

information to the Park & Recreation Board.  Mr. Hackman stated the Board of

Supervisors voted on the Preliminary Budget which includes monies for the Senior Center engineering and Memorial Park.  At the last meeting, the Board of Supervisors asked

that the Park & Recreation Board become involved in the planning of the Samost Tract.  


With regard to the Snipes Tract, Mr. Hackman stated the Township has owned this

property for a number of years but they had an Agreement with the Snipes family that the

Snipes family could take out the Christmas trees until this year.  He stated the Fire

Company will have a Sub-Station on this tract and they plan to start construction in the

spring.  Mr. Hackman stated for many years they have shown on the Official Map,

Dolington Road being re-aligned to connect directly to Creamery Road, and the Fire

Company is going to build the Sub-Station up from the corner, taking into account the fact

that the road will be re-aligned some day.   He is not sure when they will actually move

ahead with the re-alignment.  He stated the Fire Company wants to bring the utilities up the

new road, and the Park & Recreation Board should work around this in their planning. 

Mr. Fritchey asked if they have decided where their driveway will exit, and

Mr. Hackman stated they have access only onto Dolington Road - not Quarry Road.

Mr. Hackman stated they have a complete design for the Fire Station, and the Board of

Supervisors has signed off on the architecture.  They anticipate completion approximately

six months after the start of construction which they anticipate will begin in the spring.


Mr. Fegley joined the meeting at this time.


Mr. Fegley stated he is glad to see the start of planning for the Samost Tract although he

personally is not in favor of the Senior Center.  He stated since this was the determination

made by a majority of the Board, they should proceed with the planning.





Mr. Newbon stated they had talked some time ago about lights being on at the different

Parks.  He noted the invoices sent out to the various organizations for their portion of the

lighting expense which are substantial.  He asked if any further consideration has been

given to a programmable switch on the boxes.  He feels there could be a reduction in the

light charge if the boxes were installed.  Ms. Liney stated she is getting an estimate on

alternatives from DGW.

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Ms. Liney stated as requested by the Park & Recreation Board, she has included

information in their Packet on the history of the PAA request to light the baseball fields.


Ms. Liney noted a bid opening was held on the pool renovations and a recommendation

will be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors.


Ms. Liney stated the remainder of the soccer season was canceled by Intercounty Soccer due to weather.  She congratulated Mr. Smith, whose team placed first this year.


Ms. Liney reported that the Lower Makefield Seniors had their Year End Luncheon today

and the Township recognized the volunteers for their service.


Ms. Liney thanked the Park & Recreation Board and the community groups for making

2002 a successful year and stated she looks forward to working with everyone again in






Mr. Hackman asked for a copy of the information provided to the Park & Recreation Board

regarding the history of prior discussions on lighting of the baseball fields.  Mr. Fritchey

stated it appears that the Board of Supervisors approved lighting Fields 1 and 2.  This was

then put out to bid, but the bids came back very high.  There was discussion about PAA’s contribution, but the Board of Supervisors never heard anything further from PAA. 

Mr. Fritchey stated he feels that Mr. Berlin did not feel they could afford their portion of the installation cost.  He noted this took place in 1995/1996.  Mr. Smith noted PAA had come in with their own estimate which was considerably below what the bids came in at. 


Mr. Jack Morrison asked the amount of the bid, and it was noted it was $90,000. 

Mr. Morrison asked how much the Board of Supervisors was willing to commit to the

project, and it was noted that the discussions never got this far.  Mr. Morrison stated he

feels that they could put lights on Fields 1 and 2 for $80,000 today.  Ms. Martin stated if

they are going to use Township funds, it must be put out to bid. 


Mr. Smith stated PAA never indicated how much they would be willing to contribute. 

After the bids came in, PAA never came back indicating the amount they would be willing

to contribute.    Mr. Morrison asked how much it would cost to build a new baseball field,

and Mr. Fritchey stated he would estimate it to be $250,000.  Mr. Morrison stated it would

be significantly less to light one field.  He stated they are unable to schedule the teams they

currently need to schedule on the fields now available. 


Mr. Fegley stated if they put every inch of open space they have left into recreation fields,

they would still not have enough fields as the organizations would grow into those fields as

well.  He stated he does feel the Township has the role of providing recreation for its

residents; however, he does not feel the Government is responsible to meet every recreation

need there is.  Mr. Smith stated he does feel they have an obligation in some respects to

accommodate the people who live within the Township.  He stated he does not believe

there will be an ever-increasing demand but does not feel what they have available at the

present time is sufficient.  Mr. Newbon stated they have set a precedent in the Township to

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support the organizations.  He stated he feels Mr. Morrison wants to make the best use of

the fields they currently have.  Mr. Fegley stated he does not have a problem with lighting

the fields across the street form the Municipal Building as it appears the Board already

approved this.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels the population of the Township is stabilizing

and there should not be much additional development of residential subdivisions. 


Mr. Fritchey stated he feels the Township has done well by the residents.


Mr. Newbon asked the position of PAA on funding the lights.  Mr. Morrison stated PAA is

willing to pay a portion of the cost although they cannot donate $50,000.  He feels they

could pay between $10,000 and $20,000. He feels it would be better to spend $40,000 to

light a field rather than spend $250,000 for a new field.


Mr. Hackman stated he is anxious to see the outcome of the planning process for Samost

and Snipes to see how far they can go to help the field situation.


Mr. Morrison stated he hopes that the Board of Supervisors will also consider the

enjoyment of playing baseball under the lights on a Friday night.


Ms. Martin stated she feels they need to get current bids on lighting the fields and to be

advised how much PAA is willing to give before they take this matter before the Board of



Mr. Fegley stated they should also consider the impact of lights on the surrounding



Mr. Hackman stated the Fee-In-Lieu of Recreation funds have virtually dried up.  These are

the funds that have paid for most of the recreation projects in the past.  Park & Recreation

is now broken out on the tax bills and it is no longer an incidental item.  He stated the

Township spends almost $900,000 attributable to recreation. 


Mr. Fritchey stated he feels they can look into the light issue to some degree in the context

of their discussion of the Samost tract.  He stated he feels they will come up with a

proposal for the Board of Supervisors to consider in the spring.





Mr. Smith stated the YMS season has come to a conclusion, and it was very successful. 





Mr. Hackman asked when the Sub-Committees will start meeting. Mr. Fritchey stated they

will discuss this with Ms. Liney and will publicize the dates.  He stated if there are

members of the public who would like to serve on the Sub-Committee, they will be

requesting volunteers.





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Mr. Fegley thanked the Park & Recreation Board for the work they did this year and stated

he enjoyed serving with them.



Mr. Fritchey thanked the Park & Recreation Board members for another good year and

stated he feels next year will be exciting as well.



There being no further business, Mr. Smith moved, Mr. Newbon seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                        David Fritchey, Chairman