The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on January 14, 2003.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:        David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Ron Smith, Vice Chairman

                                                John Kuebler, Secretary

                                                Henry Carpenter, Member

                                                Richard Jutkiewicz, Member

                                                Andrew Newbon, Member


Others:                                     Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                Wes Hackman, Supervisor


Absent:                         Patricia Martin, Park & Rec Member

                                                Scott Fegley, Supervisor Liaison





Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Smith seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of  December 10, 2002 as written.




Mr. Carpenter moved, Mr. Jutkiewicz seconded and it was unanimously carried to elect officers for the year 2003 as follows:  David Fritchey, Chairman,  Ron Smith,

Vice Chairman, and John Kuebler, Secretary.





Mr. Smith stated the Sub-Committee met one week ago at the Township Building with

Ms. Martin, Ms. Liney, Ms. Ann Langtry, representatives from the Township engineer’s

office,  and himself in attendance.  They discussed the historic background of the tract,

reviewed available aerial photos, and other documents relating to the tract.  The Sub-

Committee decided that they needed to see an updated aerial since the photos they reviewed

were ten years old and the surrounding area has changed in that time.  They agreed to

submit a request to the Township Manager for an updated aerial photo and some other survey work which needs to be done so that when they meet next they will be better informed.  This work will need to be scheduled, and Ms. Liney will advise when this

information is ready. They will then schedule another Sub-Committee meeting.  Mr. Smith

stated it was very helpful having Ms. Langtry on the Sub-Committee as she was a valuable




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Mr. Hackman stated he has never been on the property and feels it would be a good idea to

have an on-site visit.  He stated in the past he felt there should be a driveway off Dolington

Road.  He noted existing road conditions and stated there is quite a distance on Quarry

Road and they could bring in an entrance road directly across from Quarry Court rather

than on Dolington Road.


Mr. Smith stated they did have some initial discussion about an ingress/egress and initially

felt it would be good to have an entrance and exit on Quarry Road, although they were not

sure where these should be located.  They felt they may not need as many parking spaces

on the tract if they were able to use the School parking lot.  Mr. Hackman stated he did not

feel this would be advisable since they would have to cross Quarry Road where there is

now a fair amount of traffic even when the Schools are closed.  He noted traffic is also

coming down from Newtown Township toward I-95 which adds to the traffic volume.

Mr. Smith noted people are crossing Edgewood Road now when there are certain events at

the Township baseball fields.  Mr. Hackman stated he feels they should plan for adequate

parking on the site, although they may have to use the School parking lot for over-flow.


Mr. Smith stated they also had preliminary discussions on what would be suitable for the

area and there was some consensus that the location would be a good area for soccer.

They noted the natural buffers and desire to minimize the impact on Elm Lowne which is

why they are considering a Quarry Road entrance.  They also discussed the type of

soccer which would be best for this area and whether it would be geared to younger or

older players.  Mr. Smith stated as the YMS liaison, he feels this would be a good area for

the younger players.  He stated there are new rules coming in soccer which will impact the

sport since there will be more of an emphasis on smaller size teams and there will be the

need for smaller fields so that they can accommodate the new rule changes.  These changes

are coming from EPYSA, their National organization. It is felt the new rules will be more

beneficial to the players since each player will get to touch the ball more.  He stated they

may have to adjust some of the fields to meet these rules.


Mr. Hackman stated he feels the Board of Supervisors will want to see as many of the

recreational need problems solved as possible across the board.





Mr. Hackman stated the bids for the Pool upgrades were rejected because they came in

higher than anticipated. They are making some changes and will go back out for bid. 

He stated because of this delay, the handicap ramp will not be able to be installed this Pool

season; although they will proceed with the bid and then do that work in the fall.  He stated

they do want to see the bathrooms renovated before the start of the season.  Mr. Newbon

asked if bathroom renovations were the biggest area of concern listed in the surveys, and

Ms. Liney stated this is correct.  It was noted the number two concern was with regard to

the snack bar.  Ms. Liney stated the Pool Manager has requested that the “dirty

trees” be removed from the tot pool area because of the debris coming off the trees that goes into the baby pool.  In place of the trees, there will have an expanded eating area with picnic tables.  Mr. Newbon stated he did not feel the problems with the snack bar were with respect to the food or prices, but with the delay in getting served.  Mr. Hackman stated the operator of the snack bar has a tremendous amount of equipment in the snack bar which may create this problem and also adds to the amount of heat inside.  Ms. Liney stated the vendor has one more year remaining on her contract.  Ms. Liney stated the

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feature in the baby pool will be installed in-house which should result in a cost savings.  Wallover will re-package the bid specs and go out for advertising shortly.


Mr. Hackman stated work on the Golf Course is continuing.  He invited the Park &

Recreation Board to tour the site.  They are currently pushing dirt on the site.  They would

like to be in a position to plant seed in August.  At the next Board of Supervisors meeting

they will vote on going out to bid on the club house, pump house, and the maintenance

building.  The pump hose and maintenance building need to be in operation by August

when they do the seeding.   They are currently considering how the Golf Course will be

run.  There is a strong feeling that they should have professionals managing the Course

although they have not eliminated the possibility of in-house maintenance.  They are

currently interviewing management companies.  He would like to see this decision made by

March or April.  He stated there is a debate on whether the person who will maintain it

should be on board during construction.  He stated they still have to consider the fact that

they do not want the Golf Course to cost the Township taxpayers money.    Mr. Hackman

stated the Jury of View has met once and will have second Hearing a week from this

Friday.  They hope that they will know the final decision on the cost of the land in three

months time.


Mr. Hackman asked about discussions on the Samost Tract, and Mr. Fritchey stated they

are waiting to get an aerial photograph.    He stated he also wants to know about the

grading.  Mr. Hackman stated they do have grading plans for the tract since there was a

development plan submitted for this site.  Mr. Kuebler stated he felt in the past they had

asked the Township engineer to lay out what type of fields would fit on the site, and he

feels this would be more beneficial than just looking at a map.  Mr. Fritchey stated PCS

will be involved.  Mr. Hackman stated the Samost property was also a condemnation, and

the Jury of View for this site will be sometime in the next week. 





Ms. Liney stated she is in the process of issuing the paperwork for upcoming purchases

and projects which were approved in the Operating Budget.  She reported that all 2002

summer programs have expressed interest in returning and some would like to expand their

programs.  Ms. Liney stated that the Township will enroll all Park & Recreation Board

members in the Pennsylvania Park & Recreation Society for 2003.  Ms. Liney stated the

Park & Recreation Department is continuing to  compile figures and formulate a draft estimated Operating Budget for a proposed Senior Center to be presented to the Board of

Supervisors.  Information has been received from all area Senior Centers, the Area Agency

on Aging in Doylestown, and from the architects.  Ms. Liney stated that the Park &

Recreation Department will continue to support the Earth Day Celebration and work on the

start up of the Pool.





Pennsbury Athletic Association


Mr. Kuebler stated he feels given sufficient time, PAA should be able to pay for lighting of

the baseball fields.  He feels they should advise PAA how much the lights will cost and

how long the Township will give PAA to pay for them.  Mr. Kuebler stated he feels the

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Township should pay for the lights and then require PAA to pay them back over a period of

years.  He stated he would be in favor of approving a proposal of requiring PAA to pay no

money down and give them ten years to repay the Township.  Mr. Fritchey stated he did

not feel a majority of the Board of Supervisors was in favor of lighting these fields.  He

stated if they get to the point when they are considering the Senior Center on the Samost

Tract which will require a certain amount of lighting, the resistance to lighting these fields

may diminish.  He feels the timing to propose lighting the fields would be better at that time

than currently.  Mr. Smith stated he felt when they discussed this matter previously, they

discussed the fact that lighting these fields would be for the most part unobtrusive. 

Mr. Fritchey stated he feels the PAA leadership should be making this request to the

Township including how much they are willing to pay.  Mr. Fritchey stated if PAA were to

make a proposal, he does not feel Park & Recreation would refuse to recommend it.


Mr. Carpenter moved that the Park & Recreation Board is in favor of lights at the LMT

Baseball fields and would favorably consider any proposal PAA would have for funding

the lights.  Until such time that this proposal comes in, the conversation will be tabled.

There was no second to the Motion at this time.


Mr. Smith stated he feels they should contact the PAA leadership that they will not consider

this matter further until something comes in from PAA.  Mr. Hackman suggested that

Ms. Liney advise Mr. Morrison of the discussions held this evening and advise that while

the Park & Recreation Board is willing to consider this matter, PAA must come in with a




Pop Warner Football


Mr. Kuebler stated registration begins tomorrow evening.  There will be no expansion in

the near future as the existing size is functional.  He stated their organization appreciates

everyone’s support.  He stated he personally will no longer run the Program but he will

continue to be the owner and will insure that it is run properly.



Lower Bucks Lacrosse


Mr. Jutkiewicz stated they had their last registration for the spring season and have 400

registered.  They did have to turn away some first and second graders since they did not

have sufficient coaches.  He noted this is a growing program.  Ms. Liney stated Lacrosse

does purchase their own equipment and lines their fields. 



Yardley Makefield Soccer Club


Mr. Smith stated the soccer organization is in the process of considering fees and costs to

run the Club.  He asked how much it costs to pay lacrosse, and Mr. Jutkiewicz stated a

starter pack costs approximately $225.  He stated they charge $125 at the third and fourth

grade level and they re-use the jerseys from the previous year.  He stated there is a financial

commitment in lacrosse as well as a travel commitment since many of their games are

played in New Jersey.  The first and second grade teams do not travel as this is a clinic, but

they do have to have equipment.  He noted the insurance is also high.


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Mr. Smith stated YMS is beginning registrations for spring which has been well received. 

He stated they will have to increase their fees.  He noted they will continue to work with he

Township on Earth Day this year.



There being no further business, Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Newbon seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                        John Kuebler, Secretary