The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on February 11, 2003.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:        David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Ron Smith, Vice Chairman

                                                John Kuebler, Secretary

                                                Henry Carpenter, Member (joined meeting in progress)

                                                Richard Jutkiewicz, Member


Others:                                     Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                Wes Hackman, Supervisor Liaison

                                                Grace Godshalk, Supervisor (joined meeting in progress)


Absent:                         Patricia Martin, Park & Rec Member

                                                Andrew Newbon, Park & Rec Member





Mr. Kuebler moved, Mr. Smith seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of January 14, 2003 as written.





Ms. Marsha Klayman , M.L.E., was present along with Brad Sharp, Pool Manager.

Ms. Klayman stated she has been involved with the Pool Concession Stand for twelve

years.  She provided a copy of her resume to the Park & Recreation Board.  She stated she

has also presented her proposed menu for 2003, and she reviewed the items which showed

a price decrease from 2002 as well as those which will increase in 2003.  She stated her

prices include the 6% sales tax.


Mr. Carpenter joined the meeting at this time.


Ms. Klayman noted the Pool Member survey questions which related to the Snack Bar. 

She stated some of the members indicated that there was a young staff and the staff was

sometimes rude.  She stated she does have a training program, and she is available if there

are problems.  She stated there were also comments about the prices being high and she

stated there are additional costs beyond the cost of food which impact the prices.  She

stated her prices are comparable or lower to area restaurant prices.  She stated there were

requests for her to sell soft serve ice cream, and she indicated that they have tried this in the

past but it is too hot in the snack bar to sell this item.  She stated there were also requests to

have vending machines at the Pool and she stated they have done this in the past at the Pool

but there were problems with vandalism and the machines breaking down.  She stated

when it is very hot at the Pool, they do use coolers, etc. for sale of drinks in other areas of

the Pool.  She stated this also helps cut down the line.  Ms. Klayman stated there were

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requests for more organized lines, and she stated they do have four separate lines which are

separated by ropes.  She stated there were request for salads, and she stated they already

offer seven different salads.  She stated there were requests for faster service, and she

stated she needs to make sure that the cooked food is properly cooked and this does take

time.  She stated they have received very high ratings from the Board of Health.  She stated

the people responding to the survey requested a number of items which they already offer. 

She stated there were requests for her to have additional help, and she stated on each shift

they have seven to eight employees, and they cannot really fit any more people in the snack

bar area.  She stated there were requests for healthier choices, and she reviewed the large

number of healthy items already on the menu.  She stated she has heard from visiting Swim

Teams that they were very impressed with the LMT Snack Bar.  She noted the comments

about keeping the area cleaner, and she stated the Township has been very helpful in this

area by providing a person to help clean up at the busy times. She noted many of the

customers simply leave their trash on the tables and a number of people order food from

outside vendors which adds to the amount of trash.  She stated the snack bar area may not

be large enough to accommodate the number of members at the Pool. 


Mr. Carpenter asked about the possibility of setting up a satellite stand at some other

location in the Pool to sell soda, ice cream etc. which may cut down the lines at the main

Snack Bar.  Mr. Sharp stated they do try to keep food out of the pool area. 

Ms. Klayman stated she does roll out  an insulated drum with drinks on hot days. 

Mr. Carpenter suggested that they do this more often which may help cut down the lines.


Mr. Hackman stated he has been into the Snack Bar and feels it could be better organized.

He stated the Snack Bar is also very hot and he does not know how the workers are able to

work in the facility.  He stated Ms. Liney has made some inquiries about installing air

conditioning, but no final decision has been made.  He stated they have tried alleviating the

problem with fans, exhaust, fans, etc. but nothing has worked.  Mr. Hackman stated he

also feels there are too many machines in the snack Bar which are generating a lot of heat.

Ms. Klayman stated because of the way the Snack Bar is built, she does not feel air

conditioning will work.  She stated she has been advised that it would be helpful if they

raised the ceiling. Ms. Liney stated she does have proposals on air conditioning, but they are all different.  Mr. Kuebler stated they would not need window units, and he recommended that Sanyo units could be considered.  Mr. Kuebler agreed to look into this matter, and the Board will revisit the issue in March.


Mr. Sharp stated they are in the process of sending out letters to last year’s staff.  He noted

Ms. Liney is also working on the bids for the work to be done at the Pool.  They will know

in the spring what impact the weather has had on the pool. 





Mr. John Heilferty, Naturalist, was present with members of the Friends of the Five Mile

Woods, John Lloyd and Jan MacFarlan.  Mr. Heilferty stated there continues to be a deer

problem in the Woods, and this is having an impact on the unique botany of the Woods.

He is concerned that eventually he is going to have to suggest a deer hunt.  They have

erected three deer exclosures to document what is happening in the Woods by comparing

these areas to the remainder of the Woods.  The Audubon Society is helping them monitor

this.  Dr. Ann Rhodes is an expert in this area and she has expressed concern about the

impact of the deer on the woods.  He stated they could do an aerial survey; and with a

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snow cover, they could probably get a good count of the number of deer in the Woods. 

He stated if they continue to do these things, he feels they will at some point be in a good

position to go to the public with the reasons why they must have a deer hunt.  He stated he

needs to budget monies for these items and would appreciate the Board’s support. 


Mr. Heilferty stated the Five Mile Woods continues to serve as an important component of

the Park & Recreation program. They continue to host the Roving Nature Center for eight

weeks in the summer, and the program is well received.  He thanked Ms. Liney and her

staff for all their help.  He stated the Friends have not yet had their Annual Meeting which

is scheduled for February 27.  He stated the Township continues to benefit from the work

done by the Friends of the Five Mile Woods which does a tremendous amount of work at

the Woods.  Mr. Heilferty stated he continues to work Scout Programs including walks

and other presentations and working with Eagle Scouts on their projects.  He also did a few

more School programs than he has done in the past. 


Mr. Heilferty stated besides the deer, they are also concerned about invasive species and

development of adjacent parcels although most of those are located in Falls Township.  He

stated he has been in touch with the Falls Township Supervisors as has one of the Friends

of the Five Mile Woods members.  He feels it would be better to have a Lower Makefield

Supervisor or someone from the Township administration approach Falls.  They have also

had contact with the County about their concerns with development of land adjacent to the

Woods.  Mr. Heilferty stated that some years ago the Friends worked on the National Park

Service Application for National Natural Landmark status for the Woods and while that

Program had been on hold for some time, it has now started up again and they hope to

obtain this designation for the Woods.  He stated it would be an honor to receive such a



Mr. John Lloyd stated the Friends do hold an Open House twice each year and they do get

a fair amount of people from the community going through the Woods.  The friends also 

hold a number of work days in the woods and host other presentations.  He stated they too

are very concerned about the deer and the impact they are having on the unique plants in the

Woods.  He stated they do need to do a deer survey so that they can gather scientific

information.  Mr. Hackman asked that Mr. Heilferty or Mr. Lloyd contact Tyler State Park

to get information from them on their deer hunt.


Mr. Hackman asked how many people are involved in the work days held by the Friends

of the Five Mile Woods, and Mr. Lloyd stated they usually get between fifteen and twenty

people.  They have a mailing list of approximately twenty-five people and this number has

remained steady over the years although they could always use more people. 


Mr. Heilferty stated they do make presentations at the Township’s Earth Day Event and

Harvest Day.  Mr. Hackman suggested they also put something on Channel 16. Mr. Lloyd

stated the have used Channel 16 in the past as well as the Yardley News, Yardley Voice,

and the Courier Times.





Mr. Hackman stated he asked the Golf Course architect and Golf Management

representative to look at the trees on the Snipes Tract to see if it made any sense to use

some of the trees on that property.  The Golf Course architect is more interested in large

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over-grown trees rather than trimmed Christmas trees.  Mr. Hackman stated he also spoke

with an individual who is the commercial representative for Moon Nurseries who are very

interested in doing some work at the Golf Course and he asked him how much it would cost to dig up large and small trees and transplant them, and he is working on a price for this.   Mr. Hackman stated he is considering this because they will be designing fields for the Snipes tract and they may need to have trees removed from those areas.  Mr. Hackman

stated he feels they should ask Snipes as well if they could provide this service. 


Mr. Kuebler asked if there is a need for additional trees around the softball fields, and

Mr. Hackman stated once he gets a price, he will see where they can use the trees. He

stated he feels they could shield off a number of areas  around the Township with the trees.

Mr. Hackman stated the Golf Course construction has stopped at this point because of the

weather but there should not be a timing problem once they start work again in the spring.


Mr. Hackman stated he is anxious to hear how the Pool bids come in.


Mr. Fritchey asked about the mulch pile, and Mr. Hackman stated they do have an

individual who is purchasing the excess mulch and will take it away in the spring.





Ms. Liney stated she did speak with Mr. Morrison of PAA and advised him of the

discussion regarding lighting of Township ball fields.  PAA has a Board meeting this

week, and Mr. Morrison will advise the Board of the discussions. 


Mr. Liney stated the bids were received for the Pool renovation projects.  Wallover will be

making a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on February 17.


Ms. Liney stated she is working with the Township engineer on drainage problems at

Roelofs.  The engineer had previously suggested aerating the fields and adding infield mix;

however, due to the severe winter and time constraints, he has now recommended that they sheet grade the infields with a 2% slope from the field out to improve drainage.  The Township is aware that no raised mounds are used in softball and infields should be graded so that baselines and homplate are level.  She noted there have been problems getting field prep work done because of the weather.


Ms. Liney stated the Board of Supervisors recently approved a Fundraising Event for the

9-11 Memorial to be held on Sunday, September 7 at Macclesfield Park.  Details are still

being worked out but plans currently include a carnival, hot air balloon ride and a

walk/bikeride.  YMS has been advised of this event. 


Ms. Liney stated the Township is working on the Master Plan update and this will be

reviewed by the Park & Recreation Board in March. 


Ms. Liney stated the Zoning and Building Inspector will be contacting the Park user groups

to advise them of the need to obtain a permit for any signs to be posted in the Township

including Registration signs. 


Ms. Liney stated field requests are still being received.


February 11, 2003                                                      Park & Recreation Board - page 5 of 5


Mrs. Godshalk was present and asked about the sign for Memorial Park.  Ms. Liney stated

she has not received any input on this as yet.  Mrs. Godshalk stated Liuba Lashchyk is

working on this.  She stated they do have some beams and these may be appropriate for

use in a sign.  She asked that a sign be placed saying “Future Home of Memorial Park and

9-11 Memorial.”  Mrs. Godshalk stated the beams had been under cover, but now they are

sitting out and she feels they should be put back under cover.  Ms. Liney agreed to check

with Mr. Fedorchak on this item.





With regard to the Pop Warner Program, Mr. Kuebler stated he hopes the Program will

continue as well as it has in the past.


Mr. Kuebler stated he did discuss the lighting issue with a number of people involved with

PAA and suggested that they get a consensus and bring it back to the Township in a

professional manner. 


Mr. Jutkiewicz stated they are getting ready to start the Lacrosse season.  Practices start

March 1 and there are 400 registered.  He stated they are concerned about the shortage of

fields.  He stated there was some concern about the cost to their organization by the

Township and they are wondering if there is any way for them to have Lower Makefield

children assigned to Lower Makefield Township fields and Newtown children playing on

Council Rock fields and the fees would then be less.  Ms. Liney stated the fee is based on a

total head count and the fee is assessed to all organizations the same way.  Mr. Jutkiewicz

stated they have had a number of people coming from Newtown over to the Lower

Makefield League.


Mr. Smith stated YMS registration is ongoing.  They are pleased with the numbers they

have so far and the signs have been helpful. 


Mr. Kuebler suggested that in a future Township Newsletter they have an insert including

the various organizations phone numbers and information on registering.





Mrs. Godshalk stated Mr. Hanahan will be running the 9-11 Fundraising Celebration Day

and they are looking for help with this event.  Mr. Smith stated they may be able to get help

from Pennsbury School District students who need to complete Graduation projects. 

Ms. Liney stated Sovereign Bank had indicated they would send over volunteers to help at

the Township’s Earth Day Event and they may also be willing to help with the Celebration

Day as well.


There being no further business, Mr. Smith moved, Mr. Jutkiewicz seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,




                                                                        John Kuebler, Secretary