MINUTES – MAY 11, 2004



The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on May 11, 2004.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


Those present:

Park & Recreation Board:        David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Ron Smith, Vice Chairman

                                                Patricia Bunn, Member

                                                Henry Carpenter, Member

                                                Richard Jutkiewicz, Member


Others:                                     Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                Frank Fazzalore, Supervisor Liaison





Mr. Smith moved, Ms. Bunn seconded and it was unanimously carried to amend the Minutes to change page 4, fifth paragraph, third sentence to read “3,000 persons.”

Ms. Bunn moved, Mr. Smith seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of April 13, 2004 as amended.





Mr. Fazzalore stated the Park & Recreation Board received a copy of the events which

took place during the last Board of Supervisors meeting. He stated hopefully the

Township will finish the year in the “black.”  He stated they will shortly begin to discuss

the Budget for next year.  Mr. Fazzalore noted the Matrix discussions are continuing and

they might have a consensus with a resolution in the next month or two.  If they are

unable to reach an agreement, the matter will continue in Court.





Ms. Bunn stated the Hazardous Waste Collection will take place this Saturday from

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lower Makefield Executive Park South Campus on Township Line

Road.  Ms. Bunn reviewed the procedure which will take place at this County run



May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 2 of 9




Ms. Liney reported that the YMS Epic Girls Soccer Tournament held this past weekend

at Macclesfield Park went very well.   The Township has spoken with Rivergate

Development residents both before and following the event, as well as with other

community members and feedback has been positive with all comments complimentary. 

Mr. Ralph Cleale, President of the Rivergate Homeowners Association stated he intends

to draft a letter to YMS expressing Rivergate’s appreciation for a well-controlled event. 

On behalf of the Township Ms. Liney thanked all the volunteers for their efforts, and

stated she looks forward to continuing to communicate, plan, and follow the established

Township procedures enabling these tournaments to reflect well on the Township and the

YMS organization.


Ms. Liney stated the annual Pennsbury versus Conwell Egan Girls softball game is

scheduled for Wednesday, May 19 at the Township Community Pool softball field at

5 p.m.  She stated this friendly rivalry is always a big draw, with close to 400 spectators

enjoying the game, and the Township is happy to be the host.


Ms. Liney stated planning is currently underway for the Nationally-recognized Pennsbury

Fastpitch Softball Tournament on Father’s Day weekend.  This college showcase attracts

teams from a number of different states, and serves as a recruiting exhibition for

hundreds of college coaches.  Tournament headquarters will be the Lower Makefield

baseball and softball complexes.


Ms. Liney noted the new Lacrosse Fundraiser is scheduled to be held at Macclesfield the

first weekend in June.


Ms. Liney stated the Lower Makefield Seniors continue to expand their program

offerings.  A new activity is a Monthly Movie Matinee on Saturday afternoons in the

Township Building.  A movie, popcorn and soda for $1 are offered.  This has been very

well received, and the seniors requested permission to continue this Saturdays through

the summer.  The Seniors also recently hosted two AARP driving courses in the

Township Building, and both sessions filled to capacity.


Ms. Liney stated the Edgewood Elementary School has scheduled year-end class picnics

daily from June 1 through June 17 at the Kids Kingdom Playground with basically all

classes participating, representing upwards of 950 children enjoying the playground.


Ms. Liney reported that the Lower Makefield Community Pool Swim and Dive Teams

will hold registration this Saturday, May 15 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Township

Building.  Last year’s Swim and Dive Teams were the largest in Pool history, and they

anticipate another successful season.    Ms. Liney stated all these activities demonstrate

the continued enjoyment and heavy utilization of Township facilities by the community and the user groups.

May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 3 of 9



Ms. Liney stated the Township recently received a request from the Makefield Glen

Homeowners Association to address cracking on the bike path on Covington.  The

Township crack filling machine became available, and the Park & Recreation staff were

able to address this concern in a timely fashion, crack filling the entire one mile loop in a

day.    Ms. Liney stated staining at the Kids Kingdom playground was completed today

and the facility is scheduled to reopen on Thursday.


Ms. Liney stated the Park & Recreation office has forwarded a copy of the Township

Resolution on the User Fees and the modifications to the Park & Recreation Policy

Statement to the user groups.  The Boards of Directors for PAA and YMS have

questioned whether children in the user groups who are not scheduled by the organization

to play on Township facilities are still assessed the user fee.  The Resolution states the fee

is a head count fee based on participation.  The fee is not based on field scheduling.  She

stated the established Township Policy requires rosters to be submitted two weeks after

registration is completed, and reflect the total enrollment of both PAA and YMS.  Both

organizations have been put on notice that complete rosters are due to Park & Recreation

by May 13. 


Mr. Carpenter stated his wife was involved in scheduling the picnics at Kids Kingdom

on behalf of Edgewood School and commented on the cooperation received form

Ms. Liney and her office.


Mr. Smith stated they recently completed the EPIC Tournament, and Ms. Liney and her

staff were of assistance and took a very hands-on approach.  He thanked Mr. Copson and

all the other members of the Park & Recreation staff who helped with the Tournament.

Mr. Smith stated YMS took a proactive approach, and he thanked Joanne Berger who

was the point person for YMS for making sure that the communication between YMS

and Rivergate was handled properly.


Ms. Bunn stated the Environmental Advisory Council has asked why there are no

recycling cans at any of the Township Parks and asked if Ms. Liney would look into this. 

Ms. Liney stated she will take care of placing these cans in the Parks.





Mr. Jutkiewicz noted the upcoming fundraiser for Lower Bucks Lacrosse which will be

held in June.  They will host a tournament and have dealer representatives present.  They

feel this will be a fun-filled weekend. 


Mr. Smith reporting on behalf of YMS stated there are some issues regarding the user fees and they will continue to address these with the Township in a proper way.  He noted there were some issues with baseball with regard to the EPIC Tournament, and the two

May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 4 of 9


organizations did work this out to make sure baseball and soccer had their interests



Mr. Smith noted they had a team come in from Canada for the Tournament and visitors

from different areas of Pennsylvanian, New Jersey, and Delaware.  He feels that the girls

and boys tournaments bring people to the community and when they see the fine facilities

that we have in the Township, he feels this is one factor that makes the Township such a

good place to live and resulted in the high ranking recently received in a national



Mr. Fazzalore stated PAA was authorized to install signs on the fences, and asked if

anything has been done about this. No one was aware of what was happening with this






Mr. Smith stated the opportunity to participate in athletics helps make the Township a

wonderful place to live.  He stated that one of the problems that has been growing over

the years is the lack of soccer facilities.  The existing facilities are overused and more

children and adults are looking to be able to participate in these activities.  He stated they

need the opportunity at some point in time to provide facilities at the northern end of the

Township.  He stated the Snipes Tract has been used in the past on a limited basis. 

He stated the parcel is near Elm Lowne and the Quarry Hill School.  Mr. Fazzalore stated

the Township does own this property.


Mr. Smith stated a Subcommittee was formed including people from a variety of

organizations including the Township engineer, YMS, and Elm Lowne.  They feel use of

this facility will have a minimal impact on the surrounding residents.  He stated Quarry

Hill School is nearby and they have a need for additional parking and they could utilize

the parking at this location.  This tract will meet the need for additional soccer fields in

the Township.


Mr. Smith stated some people have asked if there will be tennis courts on this tract, and

while there are not, there are tennis courts proposed for Memorial Park which is in the



Mr. Smith stated they feel the funds needed to develop this Park will be minimal as

compared to the cost of other facilities.   They hope the Township will find the money to

develop this Park.  Mr. Smith showed on the Plan the location of the future Fire Station. 

He also noted the location of a variety of soccer fields to be developed on the tract. 

These can be built in phases.  There will be a space for parking as well. He stated the

fields can be rotated and shaped differently to prevent overuse in one particular area. 

Mr. Smith reviewed the size of the fields proposed for the tract.

May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 5 of 9



Mr. Fritchey stated basically they will have a grassy flat area that can be lined out with

moveable goals.  Mr. Fritchey stated they have also proposed a few pavilions, a small

skatepark, and a small playground.


Mr. Fazzalore stated the Township bought the property for a future recreation area.  The

trees on the property will eventually have to be taken down to provide for these facilities.


Mr. John Bingley, 1543 Quarry Road, asked if there will be structures, and Ms. Bunn

stated there will be a restroom facility and a maintenance building.  There will not be

lights other than for security lighting.  It will be similar to the Park at Oxford

Valley/Roelofs Road.  Mr. Bingley asked if the parking could be pushed back to the I-95

area.  Ms. Bunn stated they tried to keep the paving in one area because the longer the

drive, the more it would cost.  She stated if they were to come in off Dolington Road,

they would need a permit from PennDOT.  She stated the line of sight was also not as

good on Dolington Road.  Mr. Fazzalore stated he feels there is proper sight distance on

Dolington Road.  Mr. Bingley stated if you look across Quarry Road there is a certain

elevation, and he asked if this will be changed.  Mr. Fazzalore stated no engineering has

been done yet. He stated they must go through a detailed land plan.  The engineer will

have to determine the best way to develop the tract.  Mr. Fazzalore stated they will make

sure that there are no water problems after development.  Mr. Bingley asked if the

residents will be invited to the future meetings, and Mr. Fazzalore stated they will all be

public meetings, and the residents will be notified.


Mr. Bill Roberts, 1505 Dolington Road, stated he feels that it is a good idea to have

recreation on this property, but it must be designed properly and not overused.  He stated

when the fire house was being considered, they did not want to put the fire house near

I-95 because of the slope and now they are proposing soccer fields.  He stated there is a

huge vertical rise off Quarry Road.  He stated he feels this will result in water problems.

He stated if they had the soccer fields up near I-95, it would be a problem because of the

noise coming from I-95.  He stated there is a huge congestion problem developing in this

northern area.  He stated this is the primary road to McCaffrey’s and I-95.  He added that

the Golf Course will also be in this area.  He feels for a facility like this, it is important

that pedestrian and bicycle access be provided.  He feels the parking should be next to

I-95.  He also feels too many fields are proposed.  He stated people travel very quickly in

this area, and the speed limit should be lowered.  Mr. Roberts stated he would not be in

favor of any lights. He is also concerned with the air pollution because of the increased

traffic.  He stated he feels the specimen trees should be preserved at some location on the

tract.  Mr. Fazzalore stated they have made inquiries about taking the trees out.  They

have found that the trees are not shaped properly and it would be more expensive to use

them than to buy new ones.  Ms. Bunn stated it would cost $100 per tree to move them. 

Mr. Roberts stated there will be a huge water problem and they will flood out their fields

and the school. 


May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 6 of 9



Mr. Tom May, 1242 Quarry Hill, stated he does not feel it would be good to consider

parking at this tract by the School for overflow parking as it is dangerous to cross this



Mr. Michael DiMaio, S. Kimbles Road, stated he was on the Sub-Committee and there

are other possible ways they could design the Park to solve different concerns.  He stated

he feels there is a need for a Park in this area.   He stated there is also a need for

additional fields in the Township because of the number of children coming out for



Ms. Joanne Berger, 40 Highland Drive, stated she has a property that backs up to the

Water Company and there are lights on for security reasons post 9-11 and she is thankful

that there are lights.  She stated if there were a Park in this area, there are a number of

people in her area who would be very much in favor of it and would like to have the

ability to ride a bike to the Park.  She stated she feels a soccer field is the best recreation

area to have because it gives children a place to play, and once the season is over, you are

overlooking an open field.


Mr. Rob Henderson, 1600 Quarry Road, stated he is in favor of a Park but feels it needs

to be handled appropriately. He stated he has not yet heard how much it will cost to

develop this and when it would be developed.  Mr. Smith stated no start date has been

given as this is just a proposed lay out of this tract of land.  He noted the proposed

Memorial Park is also planned for the northern area, and at this point the only portion

proposed to be constructed in the near future is the 9-11 Memorial.  Mr. Smith stated this

is only a plan at this point and he feels this is the proper way to proceed.  He stated the

cost has not yet been determined, although he feels sit will be much less than other

facilities that could be put in of a recreation nature.  He noted the Oxford Valley/Roelofs

Road facility cost much more than what this facility will cost because other than leveling,

etc. there is no carving of diamonds or installing of fencing needed.  Mr. Smith stated he heard a number of these arguments when they were discussing the plan for Oxford Valley/Roelofs Road from the surrounding neighbors, and he does not f eel any of those houses have lost value since the development of the Park.  


Mr. Michael Mathieson, 1596 Quarry Road stated he is in favor of the Plan.  When he

purchased his property he was happy that the property under discussion was a Christmas

tree farm; and when the Township purchased it, he was glad that it would not be

developed into housing.  He does feel the parking should be moved.  He stated the speed

limit should be changed to 25 miles per hour regardless of whether this Park goes in or

not because of the School in the area.  He stated it would be very difficult to have a

soccer game if the fields were adjacent to I-95 because of the noises from I-95.  He stated

when I-95 is expanded, hopefully, they will install sound barriers which should help this

situation.  Mr. Fazzalore stated with the representatives came in to discuss the expansion

of I-95 they stated that they would consider sound barriers but indicated they would be

May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 7 of 9



installed adjacent to the homes, and they did not discuss installing them adjacent to open

space.  It was also noted that there are four homes in this area.  Mr. Mathieson stated he

would also be in favor of tennis courts at this location.


Mr. Paul McKenzie, Colts Lane, stated he is in favor of recreation in this area if there is

no place for children to go and no place to go in a safe manner. He stated they need bike

paths in this area as well.  He stated he moved from Doylestown and lived adjacent to a

Park similar to what is being proposed and when it was built, it raised the value of the

adjacent homes. He feels a Park in this area will pull the community together.


Mr. Roberts stated if they do construct the parking in the area adjacent to I-95, they could

piggyback with the Fire House and double up on the reservoir. 


Mr. Mathieson asked if changes will be made to Dolington Road when the Fire House

goes in so that it will come straight into Creamery with a light.  Mr.  Fazzalore stated this

is not part of that deal.    Mr. Matheson stated he feels an accident will happen that will

force them to correct this problem.  Mr. Fazzalore stated they hope that PennDOT will

“T” it at some time.


Mr. John Bingley stated there are existing gullies which have formed because of water

run off.  Mr. Fazzalore stated Lower Makefield as a whole has a very high water table

and whenever they do construction, they do try to address the water problems.  He stated

they will make sure that the water is addressed. 


Mr. Fazzalore stated he understands that these are to be scheduled fields.  He stated the

only place where there are proposed to be non-scheduled fields for spontaneous

recreation is at Memorial Park.  He stated at the current time it is not possible for people

to just have a pick-up game.  He stated he is also concerned that there is not a permanent

home for the Senior Citizens in the Township, and he has made it clear he will not vote

for another Park until they take care of the Senior Citizens.  He stated the Township does

not have any additional funds to develop Parks.  He stated there are some bonds that will

be coming due, and at that time, they will most likely borrow again.  He stated they are

trying hard not to raise taxes. He stated they cannot raise the General Fund because those

funds are capped.  He stated they must determine how they can get additional funds.  He

is in favor of continuing to work on planning for the Park.  He stated while the Leagues

in Lower Makefield do an excellent job, he is anxious to see construction of Memorial

Park because it will make fields available for non-League play.


Mr. Roberts asked about use of the School parking lot.  Ms. Bunn stated the Schools

would not allow them to use their parking lot.  Mr. Fazzalore stated there are liability

concerns. Mr. Roberts asked about hours of operation.  He asked if people can use the

fields if they are empty, and it was noted that they are available to the public when there

is not scheduled play.  Mr. Roberts asked how they will secure the area.  Ms. Berger

May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 8 of 9


stated this should not be a problem because the children on the various teams are  taken

home after dark.  Mr. Carpenter stated there will not be lights.  Ms. Bunn stated the

Police do patrol the Parks.  Mr. Fritchey stated this has not really been a serious problem

in the Township at the various Parks. 


Mr. Smith stated the purpose of the meeting this evening was to get input from the

surrounding residents.  He stated they are interested in working with the residents to get

something good constructed.  He stated he also sat on the Senior Center/Community

Center Sub-Committee and he fought to get that Plan approved. 


Mr. Roberts stated they appreciate being contacted by the Township.   He stated they are

concerned because when the Fire Station was being considered ,they were not advised

when the location was changed.  Mr. Fazzalore stated the Park & Recreation Board is

excellent at communicating with the residents.  He stated when Memorial Park was being

planned, they met almost one year with the adjacent residents; and they were able to get a

concept plan approved that was acceptable to the Park & Recreation Board and the



Mr. Tom May stated he would like to see a resident represented on the Sub-Committee as

well.  Mr. Smith stated they do have a Sub-Committee which has been formed and they

would be interested in having a few residents from the area be involved.  He suggested

those interested contact Ms. Liney. 


Ms. Liney stated she will notify everyone whenever the Snipes Tract is on the Park & Recreation Board Agenda.  She stated she would be willing to notify them when the Sub-Committee meets as well.


Mr. Rob Henderson stated while he is not an engineer, he does not feel the Plan proposed

makes sense since it involves entering the site at a location where you have to go up an

elevation when you could go around and place the parking lot in an area where it would

make sense and not impact the adjoining residents.  He asked if there is a determination

on the cost.  Mr. Fazzalore stated at Memorial Park, the Township is only putting in a

road to the 9-11 Memorial and the utilities associated with it and it is costing them $1



Ms. Cynthia Threet, Quarry Road, asked if they have given any thought to making this a

Park for the entire community rather than just for playing soccer.  Mr. Smith stated they

did not consider this at this location because there is a facility less than one mile away

called Memorial Park which will address many of the concerns for a non-athletic facility. 


Mr. Henderson stated he assumes that studies have been done to insure that there is a

need for these facilities, and Mr. Fritchey stated studies have been done.  Mr. Smith

stated soccer, Lacrosse and football are all booming.  Mr. Fazzalore stated the Township


May 11, 2004                                                           Park & Recreation Board – page 9 of 9



is basically built out since there are only approximately three farms left.  He stated the

Township Supervisors were farsighted in purchasing as much open space as they did. 

Mr. Fritchey stated a Municipal study was done in the early 90’s to determine the

recreation needs at the time of build out, and certain recommendations where made.  They

are basically following those recommendations.  He stated in recent years there has also

been the development of new sports such as Lacrosse and skateboarding for which they

need to find space so that these activities can be conducted safely. 


Mr. Fritchey stated the Sub-Committee will consider this proposal again in the future,

and the residents will be advised when this matter will be discussed again. Mr. Fazzalore

stated if they want to proceed with this, they should make sure that this is included in the

Budget and make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors about borrowing the



There being no further business, Mr. Smith moved, Ms. Bunn seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.


                                                            Respectfully Submitted,





                                                            David Fritchey, Chairman