The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on November 15, 2005.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:        David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Ron Smith, Vice Chairman

                                                Patricia Bunn, Member

                                                Henry Carpenter, Member (left meeting in progress)


Others:                                     Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager (joined meeting in


                                                Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                Pete Stainthorpe, Supervisor Liaison

                                                James Majewski, Township Engineer


Absent:                         John Kuebler, Park & Rec Board Secretary

                                                Richard Jutkiewicz, Park & Rec Board Member

                                                Andrew Newbon, Park & Rec Board Member






Mr. Carpenter moved, Ms. Bunn seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of September 13, 2005 as written.





Mr. Fritchey stated they reviewed this Plan in the summer and were in favor of the Plan

presented.  They deferred action at that time as there was no urgency to proceed and they

felt they would consider it closer to the Budget process.   


Mr. Majewski noted the property on the Plan which is bounded by Quarry Road on the

south end of the Park and Dolington Road on the east.  Quarry Hill Elementary, Afton

Elementary, and Elm Lowne are across the street from the Park.  I-95 bounds the

property on the north.  He stated they are proposing to build nine soccer fields – two of

the larger fields, two mid-size, and five smaller fields.  He noted the location of the 548

November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 2 of 8



parking spaces.  He stated thirty spaces per field are recommended but they have

proposed additional spaces due to the turn-over of fields.  He stated they have also shown

on the Plan the proposed Northern Fire Station which may be implemented at some time

in the future.  He stated also on the Township Master Plan is the proposed re-alignment

of Dolington Road to line up with Creamery Road.  He noted the location of the entrance

of the Park which is opposite the drive which goes into Quarry Hill Elementary School. 

He noted a right-turn in, right-turn out driveway off of Dolington Road.  He stated the

Police Chief had expressed concerns with left-hand turns going out onto Dolington Road

due to the speeds on the road and coming up over the over-pass of I-95.  This driveway

lines up with the northerly entrance to Elm Lowne.  He stated the parking is proposed to

be around the exterior of the fields so people can park and cross into the soccer areas

without having to cross the road more than once.  He showed two possible locations for

Comfort Station/Concession Stand one in the eastern end of the property opposite the

entrance to Dolington Road and the other in the southwestern corner of the property

closer to Quarry Hill Road.  He stated it could also be placed at some other location on

the site.  They have also shown a possible playground in the inner loop near the smaller

fields.  They have also laid out a pavilion area on the site.  He noted the location of the

possible skate park in the northern part of the site along I-95.  Mr. Majewski stated as

part of the project, they intend to keep as many of the existing trees as possible along

Quarry Hill Road as a natural buffer.  He noted an earlier Plan had the road closer toward

Quarry Hill Road, but they have pushed it back at the request of the residents. 


Ms. Dana Ainsworth, 1596 Quarry Road, noted the location of her home and asked about

lighting.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated there will be no lighting other than parking lot lighting. 

Mr. Majewski stated he does not feel even the parking lots will be lit at this time although

there may be some security lighting around the Comfort Station/Concession Stand. 

These would be locked at night similar to the other Township Park facilities. 


Mr. John Bingley, 1543 Quarry Road, asked if they are considering a daylight-only

operation, and Ms. Liney stated the Park & Recreation Policy is that if it is an unlit

facility, it would be dawn to dusk.  Mr. Carpenter stated he does not recall they have had

any discussions about there being lights at this Park.  Ms. Bunn stated she feels there

were discussions about lighting a field along I-95 when the Plan had a different



Ms. Ainsworth asked if the Park will be used seven days a week, and

Ms. Liney stated it is a public facility which will be open seven days a week.  The

resident asked if there are other Parks which have these same sports, and Ms. Liney

stated she could provide information on all the Park facilities they have in the Township. 

Ms. Ainsworth stated she would not be interested in this but would like to know what kind of usage other fields have and what could be expected at this facility.  Mr. Fritchey stated Macclesfield Park is used extensively which is why there is pressure to have an additional facility for soccer.

November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 3 of 8



Mr. Mike DiMaio, 1067 S. Kimbles, representing YMS, stated currently they have

players using Falls Township fields as there is not sufficient space in Lower Makefield. 

Mr. Fritchey noted the significant number of children playing soccer in the Township. 

Mr. DiMaio asked about drainage.  Mr. Majewski stated they will primarily sheet drain

the site and where the two fields come together, they would direct the drainage around

the fields to keep them dry.  Ultimately he feels they will try to utilize some form of

infiltration of stormwater which would be stone seepage pits where the water would run

off and percolate into the ground if possible.  Mr. DiMaio stated if they design the overall

space with ridges or gullies, they do not have the option to move fields.  He asked if it

could be designed as a flat surface so that the fields have the ability to be turned or

rotated in the future depending on their needs.  Mr. Majewski stated this is possible as the

site for the most part has a uniform grade of slightly over 1 percent. 


Mr. Bingley noted there is significant School traffic in the area and asked if they have a

traffic study to show how this traffic will work with the School traffic.  Mr. Majewski

stated a traffic study has not been done but he does not feel the schedule of the soccer

program will conflict with the Schools as most of the players are School children and

they do not start until after School.  Mr. DiMaio stated normally they start at 5:00 p.m.

and go until dusk during the week.  On the weekends there would be games from the

morning on.  On Sunday they start at Noon. 


Ms. Ainsworth stated Creamery Road into Quarry Road currently is very hard to pull onto because of the traffic in the area.  She asked about the possibility of a light.

Mr. Majewski stated on the Township’s Master Plan, there is a plan to realign Dolington

Road with Creamery Road, and in conjunction with that there will either be a four-way

stop sign or possibly a stop light.  Currently that plan is not beyond conceptual stage

because of the expense.  This is true for the construction of the Fire Station as well.

Ms. Ainsworth stated she feels they will need to deal with this imminently because of the

safety concerns.


Mr. DiMaio asked the timeline for the Park project.  Mr. Fritchey stated the Park &

Recreation Board will vote to recommend this Plan to the Board of Supervisors.  They

would then review it and make the ultimate decision.  If approved by the Board of

Supervisors they would have to Budget for its construction and development could take

several years as there could be several phases.  Ms. Bunn stated Plans would have to be

approved and bid before construction.  She does not feel there would be fields available

until next fall at the earliest.  Mr. Majewski noted the site is not difficult to engineer

because of the lay of the land and is an ideal site for the proposed use.  He noted the Plan

will have to go through Land Development. 





November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 4 of 8



Ms. Ainsworth asked if the only use proposed is soccer, and it was noted this is incorrect as there is proposed soccer, a tot lot, and a skate park.  The resident asked about the skate

park.  Mr. Majewski noted the location proposed for this use which is along I-95.

Mr. Fritchey stated basically the soccer portion is open fields when not being used for

soccer games or practice and people could use this for kite flying, Frisbees, etc. 


Mr. Stainthorpe asked once this Park is completed, how far in the future would this

satisfy their needs for additional soccer fields.  Mr. Tragone stated it would meet their 2002 needs because they are far behind in what they need.  He stated they currently use eleven fields outside of the Township.  One YMS representative stated based on the timeframe just discussed, if the Park is started in the fall of 2006 and they do not finish until 2007, they would not have it for their use until 2008.  Mr. Fritchey stated once it is in use, it will take pressure off of Macclesfield and the YMS representatives agreed. 

Mr. Smith stated they could also bring back Lower Makefield Township players who are forced to play in Falls Township because of insufficient space. 


Mr. Carpenter moved, Mr. Fritchey seconded and it was unanimously carried to

recommend to the Board of Supervisors approval of the Plans for the Snipes Property as



Mr. Carpenter left the meeting at this time.





Ms. Liney stated as noted in earlier meetings and reports, the Pool had a fantastic year. 

She stated revenue increased significantly from 2004, the dual slide project has been paid

for, and the cash balance shows a healthy bottom line.  She stated the dual slides were a

great addition, and she congratulated the Board for their foresight in supporting this

project.  She stated the pool function showed increases in membership and swim lessons. 

The Pool did require more staff, chemicals, and paper products this season which was not

out of line with record Pool attendance. 


Ms. Liney stated the Township is pleased to announce the Preliminary Budget for 2006

proposes no increase in Pool fees.  This will be the ninth consecutive year the Township

has been able to hold the line on membership fees to the Pool.  Over 1600 families, 310

individuals, and 98 seniors will have no increase in fees.  She added that this year’s guest

attendance was consistent with last year’s numbering 6,000 for the Pool season.


Ms. Liney stated that facility maintenance issues, personnel, insurance, equipment,

sanitation, and chemical balance all comprise the Budget picture for the pool which is

self-sustaining.  No tax dollars support the Pool.


November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 5 of 8



Ms. Bunn asked if there will be an increase in Guest Fees this year, and Ms. Liney stated

no increases are proposed. 



Mr. Smith asked about prior discussions on giving out Guest Passes in return for

completing a survey.  Ms. Liney stated she felt this was going to be done when they did

their next survey.  She stated at this time no survey is proposed as they have a few

large-scale projects and they were not surveying until that was completed.  She stated if

the Park Board would like to recommend a survey in the near future, they could look into

this.  Mr. Smith stated one of the complaints he heard was that the Guest Fees were

onerous.  He stated the Board had therefore discussed that if a survey was completed,

they would reward them with a few Guest Passes.  He felt the Survey was going to give

feedback on the prior year.  Ms. Bunn stated she felt those signing up for the new year

would be given a questionnaire about the prior year; and if they returned it with their

Membership for the new year, they would get two to three free Guest Passes.  She

suggested that it be included with the Application for the new year in the same mailer. 


Ms. Liney asked if the Park Board had specific questions they wanted answered.

Ms. Bunn stated it would just be a satisfaction survey at this time.  Mr. Fritchey asked if

they should include something about the proposal to cover the Pool, and Ms. Bunn stated

this could be a question on the survey.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated this would tell if there is a

need for this and how much they would be willing to pay.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels

this will change the character of the Pool as he feels covering the Pool would involve

substantial maintenance issues.  Mr. Smith stated they would need to do a feasibility

study at some point in time.  Mr. Fritchey stated he agrees that there is a small

constituency that wants this “bubble” very badly and could use it but he is not sure

whether there is a wider demand.  Mr. Fritchey stated they would have to consider the

matter if people found someone who would provide the funds to construct the facility,

and the Township would then be faced with whether or not to accept the funds

recognizing there will be the need for additional employees, etc.  Mr. Smith stated this

would be part of the feasibility study to determine the actual costs and how it would be

run, etc.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated they will also have to consider what would need to be

done with the existing building, staffing, winterizing, etc.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels the

character of the Pool would change dramatically.   


Mr. Fedorchak joined the meeting at this time.  He asked if there was any mention of this

in the original survey, and Ms. Liney stated one person asked that they put a “bubble” on

the Pool.  She stated some Swim Team members did indicate they wanted to continue

with the projects that were already identified in the survey such as the slides  and

restroom improvements although it is possible that they may want to reconsider this in

the future.  She stated if they are trying to appeal to people who are not existing Pool

members, they would have to survey outside of the Pool membership.  Mr. Fedorchak

agreed noting that in order to support this financially, they will have to draw from a wider

November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 6 of 8



group.  Ms. Liney asked if the survey would be better tied to the Township Newsletter

rather than Pool membership.  Mr. Stainthorpe stated he feels initially it should be tied to

Pool membership.  Mr. Fritchey stated he agrees it should be tied to the Pool membership

as they are the ones who are most attached to the Pool; however, if they also put it in the

Township Newsletter they can get it to the general community and they could respond as

well.  He stated he feels they could encourage a response from the Pool Membership if

they send it out with their Application. 


Ms. Liney suggested that Wallover prepare a Draft Survey for the December meeting for

review by the Park Board. Mr. Fritchey suggested that rather than “Yes” or “No” they

should have a rating of One to Five on the desire to have a “bubble.”  Mr. Fedorchak

stated they also need to have Wallover look at the facility to see if it is feasible to have a

“bubble.”  Mr. Smith stated they did see a presentation on this which was very

impressive.  Mr. Stainthorpe suggested that they schedule such a presentation for others

to see next year.  There was further discussion on how such a survey question would be

worded, and Ms. Bunn suggested that they have those responding rate from One to Five

whether they would utilize the pool were it winterized.  Mr. Smith stated if there is no

initial interest in the current pool membership, they would probably not proceed.  He

suggested that they also include a comment section on the survey.    Ms. Liney agreed to

contact Wallover in order to present a draft for the December meeting.  Ms. Bunn stated

she feels it should be a one-page survey.


Mr. Smith asked about the Snack Bar Contract, and Ms. Liney stated it is a yearly

Contract and she would propose this for renewal for the next meeting.  Ms. Liney noted

the feedback has been positive and Ms. Klayman has been enlarging the menu choices.

Ms. Liney stated she was going to propose an increase in her rent of $100 and this was

put in the Budget.





Mr. Stainthorpe stated they approved the Macclesfield lights at the last Board of

Supervisors meeting. He stated he went to the Rivergate development with Mr. Majewski

and met with the neighbors.   He stated the Board did agree to make some adjustments to

help reduce the glare.  He noted they also need to insure that the lights are turned off at

the proper time.


Mr. Stainthorpe stated they are working on the Budgets which will be presented at the

next Board meeting and voted on the second meeting in December.  Mr. Fedorchak stated

they did agree to include money for the additional lane at the entrance of Macclesfield

Park which is a left turn lane going north as well as the bike path.  Mr. Fedorchak stated

they are also looking into the installation of some new control boxes for the lights at

Macclesfield Park. 

November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 7 of 8



Mr. Stainthorpe stated the General Manager of the Golf Course had resigned and the Golf

Pro will become the official General Manager effective December 1. 


Ms. Bunn asked if any consideration has been given to maintenance of Memorial Park.

Mr. Fedorchak stated he and Ms Liney have been discussing the need for an additional

full-time Park maintenance person.  Mr. Fedorchak stated they also need to consider the

costs at the Park including chemical costs for the reflecting pool, etc. and funds have

been included in the Budget.  Ms. Bunn asked if they constructed the shed to house

equipment, and Mr. Fedorchak stated they did not and at this point they will use their

existing equipment and take it to the location. 





Ms. Liney stated Park & Recreation had an initial Budget review session with the Board

of  Supervisors on Monday, October 31st.  She stated modifications to the Budget are

ongoing, with the Board of Supervisors making the ultimate decision.  Adoption of the

Budget takes place in December. 


Ms. Liney stated the Township has begun winterizing the recreation sites.  The Pool,

Roelofs, and Stoddart restroom facilities are now closed.  Kids Kingdom and

Macclesfield will be completed next week.  Portable units will be available at Kids

Kingdom and Macclesfield sites through the winter.  Park maintenance will also shut off

the water at Memorial Park for the winter. 


Ms. Liney stated the Township’s Memorial Park construction Plan Phase I is nearing

completion.  The contractor will be filling in some erosion spots, paving the bike path

entry, and removing the temporary sedimentation controls around the basin in the next

few weeks.   Ms. Liney noted there was a great turn out this past weekend for the Second

Annual 5K Garden of Reflection race with over 200 runners and walkers taking part in

this fundraising event.


Ms. Liney reported on another successful fall season that has recently come to an end for

the baseball, softball, football, tennis and the Seniors bocce programs all using Township

facilities.  She noted soccer is scheduled through mid-December. 


Mr. Fedorchak asked if the contractor has started any work on the Garden of Reflection.

Mr. Majewski stated he has submitted for his Permits to the Township for the electrical

and mechanical.  These had to be re-submitted and he feels the Permits will be obtained

shortly.  He will be submitting catalog cuts for approval shortly.  Mr. Majewski stated he

will probably start doing some work within the next month.  Mr. Fedorchak stated they

did get a Grant from the Forestry Service for trees which had to be extended because it

had expired.  Typically this is done at the end of the project but because it was about to

November 15, 2005                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 8 of 8



expire again, they were looking to do this work earlier.  Mr. Fedorchak stated he is

working with the Garden of Reflection Committee on this and trying to get an additional

extension as well. 


Mr. Smith asked how many trees are left on the Snipes Tract, and Mr. Majewski stated

there are approximately five hundred.  Mr. Smith asked if they could be balled up and

donated to residents.  Ms. Liney stated they did discuss this previously and she would be

willing to have the Park crew there to do this.  Mr. Stainthorpe suggested that they do this

in the spring and this was acceptable to the Park Board. 





Mr. Smith stated the new President of YMS is Roger Deininger who has done a good job

for YMS in the past and is well qualified. 


Mr. Smith stated he looks forward to working with the Supervisors and the Park &

Recreation Board when he becomes a Supervisor on January 2.  Mr. Smith was wished




There being no further business, Mr. Fritchey moved, Mr. Smith seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m.


                                                            Respectfully Submitted,




                                                            David Fritchey, Chairman