MINUTES – APRIL 11, 2006



The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on April 11, 2006.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:35 .m. 


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:                    David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                            Henry Carpenter, Vice Chairman (left meeting in


                                                            Patricia Bunn, Secretary

                                                            David Gordon, Member

                                                            Richard Jutkiewicz, Member


Others:                                                 Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager

                                                            Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                            Greg Caiola, Supervisor Liaison


Absent:                                     Andrew Newbon, Park & Rec Board Member




Mr. Jutkiewicz moved, Mr. Carpenter seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of 2/21/06 as written.





Mr. Mike DiMaio was present.  He stated the only outstanding item from their previous

discussion was water quality run off from the field which was a concern of Mr. Bray and

the Environmental Advisory Council.  Mr. DiMaio stated he was able to find out from the company which installed the most fields that they only had to look into this matter one other time and there was a toxicity evaluation done in Washington State in January, 2003, a copy of which he received.  He stated while the report is quite technical, the final result was that there was no toxicity detected in the water samples collected and they complied with all Federal and State water quality issues.  He provided this information to the Board this evening.   He noted that while this is a different company than the one they are

considering, the materials used are the same.  Ms. Bunn stated if this test was done in Washington, it may or may not comply with Pennsylvania Sate requirements.  She stated

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she feels they should have it evaluated by someone who is familiar with Pennsylvania requirements.  Mr. Fedorchak stated he will send the information provided this evening to the Township’s environmental engineers. 


Mr. DiMaio stated the only other item that came up at the previous Park & Recreation

Board was with regard to YMS’ financing company being satisfied with not having a

Lease for the field but rather having a Permit, and he stated the financing companies

which are bidding on the work are satisfied with this.  He stated they would like to be

able to discuss the project with the Board of Supervisors.


Ms. Liney distributed an e-mail from Mr. Heilferty who reviewed the materials sheets submitted by YMS on this product.


Mr. Fritchey asked if Mr. Heilferty’s report relates to the specific product they are

considering, and Ms. Liney stated it does.  Mr. Fritchey stated it appears that

Mr. Heilferty is comfortable with the product; however, Ms. Bunn stated Mr. Heilferty

works in New Jersey, and she feels Pennsylvania has much stricter standards. 


Mr. Fritchey stated he still feels comfortable passing this onto the Board of Supervisors

subject to the environmental engineer reviewing this and being satisfied that there are no

issues.  Mr. DiMaio noted turf fields are common in the State of Pennsylvania.


Mr. Fritchey stated the Park & Recreation Board is also more comfortable with a long-term Permit as opposed to a Lease.


Mr. Fritchey moved, Mr. Carpenter seconded and it was unanimously carried to

recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they approve subject to review by the

Township Environmental Engineer of the field and that it be a Permit situation as

opposed to a Lease.





Mr. Tony Incollingo was present and stated he would like to run a speed/agility/fitness

training clinic preferably at Macclesfield Park.  He stated he is Director of Intramural

Athletics at William Penn Middle School in the Pennsbury School District.  He is also the

Head Trainer for Pro Tech Hockey Camp which trains out of Lawrenceville Prep in the

summer, and has done some training at the Princeton Sports Center.  He stated he feels

there is a need for this type of training in the area as opposed to students going to a

facility where they have to pay for the overhead of the facility.  He stated he has a client

list working one-on-one and he has been asked to work with larger groups. Mr. Incollingo

stated with Speed Pursuit, they bring the students in for a ten-week session with students

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choosing one night a week which they can attend. The first night they do a

comprehensive fitness exam.  They do ten weeks of training and then test again on the

last night to see if there are improvements in the areas tested. 


Mr. Fritchey asked the age of his clients, and Mr. Incollingo stated he works with

elementary levels up.  He is looking at two different age groups – nine to eleven which

would be mostly speed and agility and the older group twelve to seventeen for the full

routine including more intensity and core work.  There is no weight training.  He stated

they do resistance running.


Mr. Caiola stated his son attended this program last year and really enjoyed the program. 

Mr. Incollingo stated the client can pick the evening they want to come Monday through

Thursday and they pick one night for the ten weeks.   This is open to both boys and girls. 

He stated in the past, at the request of his female clients, there was a specific night or

time set aside for strictly female athletes.  Mr. Fritchey asked about make-up nights, and

Mr. Incollingo stated they do allow them to attend a different night if they are on

vacation.  If it rains, they try to add on an additional week at the end of the program. 

He would like to start the program on Monday, June 5.  The sessions last one hour each



Mr. Jutkiewicz stated he also has experience with Mr. Incollingo, and the children really

seemed to enjoy the program. 


Mr. Gordon asked about staffing, and Mr. Incollingo stated he has assistants, who are

Certified teachers and instructors, depending on enrollment. 


Mr. Incollingo stated he is very flexible as to space, and only needs an area with grass. 

He stated they can adapt to the environment.  He stated they also use blacktop.


Mr. Carpenter left the meeting at this time due to illness, noting he is in favor of the

program being discussed.


Ms. Liney stated she has spoken to some of the user groups who may be active in the

evening, and they do not feel that this program would be a problem to accommodate

at Macclesfield.


Mr. Jutkiewicz moved, Ms. Bunn seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve

the program. 


Ms. Bunn asked if he has insurance, and Ms. Liney stated yes, he has met all the Clinic




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Mr. Paul Mackenzie was present and stated he feels the Township Pool is one of the best

assets of the Township, and he complimented the Township on its installation.  He stated

the facility is only being used three months of the year; and in a time of trying to save

money and generate revenue, he feels the Township should consider using the Pool year

round by covering one or more of the Pools for year-round use and allowing use of this

existing capital asset by all age-groups in the Township.   He stated there are already

heaters in the pool.  Year round use would also avoid annual shut down and start up

costs.  He stated this would also generate jobs in the Township.  He stated there are a

number of technologies that could be used.  He stated he has had discussion with

Mr. Wallover who has ideas besides a “bubble.”  Mr. Mackenzie stated he personally

investigated an air-supported bubble structure.  He stated this is a readily-available

system and allows for safe and efficient operation.  He noted there are a number of these

already installed, and he noted some located in the area including West Windsor High

School which has had a bubble since 1969, EMAC Aquatic Club in Allentown, and all

the Eagles, Giants, and Rutgers Training Centers use this technology.  He stated a

community in Cheshire, CT, which is a community similar to Lower Makefield, did this

three years ago with their community pool and has been willing to share information with



Mr. Mackenzie stated they would use the Pool from September to May indoors

depending on the weather.  He stated he and Mr. Bob Magg visited EMAC and they

advised it takes one day to put up the bubble and one day to take it down.  They are

covering two pools, one a 25 meter pool with a diving well and one other pool area.  The

material does have to be stored off site.   Mr. Fedorchak asked if they are taking it up and

down themselves, or have they hired an outside firm; and Mr. Mackenzie stated they do it

themselves with volunteers. 


Mr. Fritchey asked what material the bubble is made of, and Mr. Mackenzie stated there

are multiple materials which are made and they are slash resistance.  He stated Dupont is

the major supplier of the material, and it is a plastic material with wire to support it along

with the hot air.  Mr. Mackenzie stated he can provide a sample of the material.  It is not

rigid.  The shape and the heat of the bubble keeps snow from accumulating on it. 


Mr. Mackenzie stated they would need a full-time Aquatics Director year round to run

the pool, and the Director would hire the other staff and manage the facility. 


Mr. Mackenzie stated they would use natural gas for heating and air.  He was provided

figures from EMAC who indicated costs, before the current heating crisis, were $30,000

for the 25 meter pool and diving well. 



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Mr. Mackenzie noted the information provided on possible revenue streams.  He used

EMAC’s figures on revenues including Membership Fees noting EMAC charges a fee

of $600 per family.  He stated if half of Lower Makefield’s 1200 pool member families

spent an additional $300 for a year round membership, he feels they would be $30,000 to

$50,000 positive in revenue each year. 


Mr. Fritchey asked if the EMAC bubble is up year round, and Mr. Mackenzie stated they

take it down for the summer.  Mr. Fritchey asked if EMAC is an athletic club designed

for high intensity training or does it have the mixed character that Lower Makefield’s

Pool currently has.  Mr. Mackenzie stated EMAC mimics what Lower Makefield has –

passive recreation as well as competitive swimming so there are hours for Swim Team

but they also have hydrotherapy with one Pool at one temperature and one at a higher

temperature for younger children and Senior Citizens so they can serve all aspects of the

community.  Mr. Mackenzie stated programs could include water aerobics, swim lessons,

safety training, competitive swimming which would be enhanced since it is a first-rate

facility, and use by youth organizations.  He stated the concessions could also be run

during the week and on the weekends if they wish.


Mr. Fedorchak asked about changing facilities/restrooms.  Mr. Mackenzie stated he has

considered four options.  He stated since the bubble itself is not that expensive, covering

more does not incur that much more cost as it relates to the bubble.  He stated costs

would come in for additional facilities and he has provided for this in each of the four

options to include a 3,000 square foot building to be used as a meeting place, for lockers,

etc.  He noted Option A which proposed to cover the lap pool only and in this case, they

would add a building complex to the left along the side.  He noted the location of the path

which would be handicap accessible and could be shared with softball as they also need

locker rooms.  It would also provide an entrance to the Pool Complex at the other end of

the Complex.  He noted Option B proposes covering the Olympic Pool only and they

could have a locker room facility up closer the parking lot.  Mr. Mackenzie stated he feels

Option C is an attractive option as it would cover the lap pool and the Olympic Pool

which would allow the slides to be used year round.  He stated this would require the

same size bubble as the Giants practice field.  He feels the height would be approximately

seventy-five to eighty feet high, although he would have to have this calculated.  He

noted Option D is also a good option and would cover the Olympic Pool and the

intermediate pool which is good for younger children.


Mr. Mackenzie stated he would like the Park & Recreation Board to consider

recommending to the Board of Supervisors that they proceed with a feasibility study. 

He stated the architect the Township has on current retainage, Wallover, is extremely knowledgeable about this subject.  He stated the feasibility study should consider the options and revenue streams.  He stated if the Board of Supervisors and Park Board are interested, he could look into possible corporate sponsorships such as Speedo.  He stated they could also contact ICT Group, Lockheed Martin, etc. about offering the ability

Martin, etc. about offering the ability for their employees to utilize the Pool. 

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Ms. Liney stated they did get Wallover’s initial results from the survey sent out to the

Membership, and which indicated that of 1095 surveys, Question #5 came back with 646 Pool Members in favor of investigating this, or approximately 58.9%.  She stated Wallover is recommending that they proceed with the study to investigate this possibility.


Mr. Fedorchak asked if the EMAC and Connecticut bubbles are hooked into an existing

building, and Mr. Mackenzie showed a picture of the EMAC bubble in the information

provided showing that it is connected to the ground.  Mr. Fedorchak stated in some

instances you go from the bubble into the main building so that you can enter from the

sides, but the public using the pool area is coming through a building that is already

established and then getting into the bubble area through a special set of doors.

Mr. Mackenzie agreed.  He stated at EMAC you would see the front building as you enter

the pool now would be an interior space with a locker room and there is then an air lock

with revolving doors and through that air lock, you enter the bubble.  The restrooms and

lockers would be in the existing structure.


Ms. Bunn stated she is unsure about hiring a full-time Manager as Mr. Sharp has been the

Pool Manager for a long time; and if they proceeded with this proposal, they would be

telling Mr. Sharp he no longer had a job.  Mr. Fedorchak stated he feels there will be a lot

of programming opportunities, and he does not feel this will create a problem with

Mr. Sharp during the summer.  Mr. Fedorchak stated long-term, he does not feel this

should be an issue.


Mr. Fritchey stated the survey asked the Membership whether they were in favor of

exploring the option of enclosing the one pool, and Ms. Liney stated this is correct.


Mr. Gordon stated his children swim for Lower Makefield Township and PAC in the

winter and both are outstanding programs.  He stated they are crammed into two pools in

the winter – Pennwood and the High School which are also used by others.  He stated he

feels this will be a great opportunity for the Swim Teams which are active in the

community.  He stated he himself also enjoys swimming and this would create an

opportunity for the public to have recreational swimming opportunities.  He asked if there

are any permanent structures that are left in the ground once the bubble is taken down for

the summer, and Mr. Mackenzie stated they all come up.


Mr. Caiola asked how large an area they need for storage of the bubble, and

Mr. Mackenzie stated this would depend on the size of the bubble they purchase. 


Mr. Jutkiewicz asked about height restrictions in the Township, and Mr. Fedorchak stated

what is proposed would not meet the height limitations, and they would have to apply for




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Mr. Fritchey stated her has two concerns with this.  First, he feels there are two groups using the Pool – one group that is committed to a rigorous program of athletic excellence and the other is a huge constituency of people coming to the pool to relax and want a place for their children to have recreation.  He does not want those who are not interested in competitive swimming to feel like they are being pushed aside.  He stated if the bubble comes down, he feels it is much better than if they were proposing a permanent structure.  He stated his other concern was that historically the Pool has supported itself and was not supported by tax money, and this proposal would require a substantial outlay of money.  His concern is also how realistic it is to assume they will be able to get corporate sponsorship for a Township of only 35,000 people.  Mr. Mackenzie stated he is not saying that corporate sponsorships would pay for the entire amount, but he does feel there are opportunities they could tap into.  He stated he is convinced that this will be a positive revenue generator for the Township; and if they fund this with a bond, they will get their money back. 


Ms. Bunn stated it was the previous Board’s position for a long time that they were not in

favor of corporate sponsorships although the new Board may have a different opinion. 

She stated she is not sure how the Township residents would feel about floating another

bond when they have other things they are already borrowing money for such as sewers. 

Mr. Mackenzie stated he feels this is a capital asset that they are not using that could

make them money. 


Mr. Caiola asked Mr. Mackenzie if he has discussed with those who already have the

bubbles how they funded their projects; and Mr. Mackenzie stated in Cheshire, the

Township put up the money and built it because they believed in it.  He stated EMAC is a

privately-held facility as the Township turned over the Pool Complex to EMAC and a

series of families own it similar to how Brookside is operated.  He stated he feels this is a

$500,000 to $700,000 expenditure.  Mr. Fedorchak stated they need to get firms numbers

on this, and Mr. Mackenzie stated this is why he feels they should proceed with the

feasibility study.


Mr. Fritchey stated the Park & Recreation Board has been enthusiastic about corporate

sponsorship over the last ten years, and the climate of the Board of Supervisors may have

now changed.


Ms. Bunn stated she is not certain how residents who are not members of the Pool would

feel about floating a bond for a facility they do not use.      Mr. Fritchey also noted there

are a number of Parks that they still need to develop.  He stated if they can find corporate

sponsors, it may make the bubble project more desirable.  Mr. Caiola asked why the

previous Board was not in favor of corporate sponsorships, and Mr. Fritchey stated he

feels some of the Board members felt there could be problems if they took money from a

builder and how this would look to the community.  He stated he also feels some Board

members did not feel that the Township should have to do this.  Mr. Caiola stated he feels

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they should at least consider this.  Mr. Fritchey noted there is no longer significant Fee-

In-Lieu money coming into the Township so such projects will either be built with

corporate sponsorship or through tax revenues.


Mr. Jutkiewicz stated if this results in an income-producing project, it may help other

Park & Recreation projects


Ms. Bunn asked about the longevity of the bubble, and Mr. Mackenzie stated the West

Windsor bubble has been there since the 1969. 


Mr. Fedorchak stated he feels they should work with an engineer who has been involved

in this process, and Mr. Mackenzie stated he does have the name of the individual who

was involved with the Cheshire facility and agreed to provide the name of this individual

to Mr. Fedorchak.


Mr. Gordon stated he feels this is an asset that is dormant nine months a year that could

generate revenue and a lot of enjoyment for people throughout the year. 


Mr. Fedorchak stated Mr. Mackenzie is on the Agenda to appear before the Board of

Supervisors at their next meeting.


Mr. Fritchey moved to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they proceed with a

feasibility study. 


Mr. Fritchey stated he feels they should assure the public that this will not radically

change the character of the facility in the summer. 


Ms. Bunn noted the Pool Budget is a stand-alone Budget, and if there are additional

funds, those funds were not spread out for other Park & Recreation facilities. 

Mr. Jutkiewicz asked if this could not change, and Ms. Bunn stated this could change if

the Board of Supervisors deemed it. 


Motion carried unanimously.





Ms. Liney stated the Concession Stand Contract Agreement requires that the Park Board

approve the menu by April 30.  She stated the Contractor for the Pool has continued to

improve the menu and is working hard to respond to Membership concerns.  She stated

none of the prices are more than a 5% increase.  The Park & Recreation Board agreed to approve the Menu as presented.

April 11, 2006                                                          Park & Recreation Board –page 9 of 12





Mr. Caiola stated they have seven candidates for the one additional spot on the Park &

Recreation Board and they are also seriously considering having an additional position of

Alternate.  He stated they had many good candidates for the Board vacancies. 


Mr. Caiola reviewed other issues the Board of Supervisors is considering at this time.


Mr. Fritchey asked if the resolution of the Matrix issue will help resolve the issue of a

Senior Center, and Mr. Caiola stated he does not feel that this will solve that issue.  He

stated they are still looking at other options for this and they do feel there is a need for

this although they do not want to increase the local taxes to provide it.  Mr. Gordon asked

if there will be any additional Parks on the Matrix property, and Mr. Caiola stated if it

proceeds as currently proposed, it will be age-restricted housing; and they will pay

Fee-In-Lieu.  Mr. Ron Smith stated there will be green space within the parcel.  There

will be nothing that comes under the jurisdiction of the Park & Recreation Board. 

Ms. Bunn asked if they have ever considered adding a Senior Center to the proposed Fire

Station at the Snipes Tract.   Mr. Fedorchak stated he does not feel there is enough room,

but they could look into this.  He added at that location, it would not be centrally located. 





Ms. Liney stated the Township is continuing to work with the user groups this spring on a

number of improvements to the Township facilities.  Yardley Makefield Soccer is

helping identify turf areas that need attention and eliminate non-permitted league play on

fields the Township is attempting to grow.  She stated the Township has repaired

scoreboards, developed a better plan for upkeeping and maintaining the restroom

facilities, repaired lighting at all the complexes, and performed batting cage repairs with

cooperation from the Pennsbury Athletic Association.


Ms. Liney stated plans are underway for the Annual Art Coleman Memorial College

Fastpitch Tournament.  Pennsbury Athletic Association Tournament officials made an

offer, which the Township accepted, for the donation of a flag pole at the Community

Pool Softball Field #4 this year during the feature game on Thursday, June 15

at 6:30 p.m.  This installation will be at no cost to the Township and appears to be a win

win situation for both the Township and Girls Softball.


Ms. Liney stated the lighting project at Macclesfield is progressing.  The construction

work is outside the field of play, and the Township has issued permits for use of Field H

this spring season.  Testing on the lights should be completed by the end of the  month. 

The Township has requested the user groups to supply a list of individuals to receive

pre-authorized codes for light activation on Fields H and F.

April 11, 2006                                                       Park & Recreation Board – page 10 of 12



Ms. Liney stated Park & Recreation has been fine-tuning final preparations for the

construction phase of the Garden of Reflection.   She stated this is a great project for the

community, and they are glad to assist in some minor dirt work and cleanup at the site. 

Tree planting is scheduled to begin tomorrow.


Ms. Liney stated twelve spring field permits have been issued affecting utilization by

more than 5,500 members of the community.  She stated the Township continues to meet

the needs of the user groups as best they can, balancing the interests of all parties

involved.  She thanked all the groups for their cooperation during the permitting process

and asked that they contact her if there is anything the Township can do to help through

the season.


Ms. Liney stated in response to an increase in the Pool, and they are planning to open Saturday, May 27 for the season.  Full-time operating hours will begin Monday, June 12.  Swim lessons will begin the week of June 26.  Based on feedback from the recent Pool survey, the Township is looking at ways to improve the lesson program this year.  The Township has adjusted staffing at the Pool and will use their college lifeguard staff to provide necessary coverage while the Pennsbury Schools are still in session.  She stated they expect to add as much as seven hours per week during the peak times early season when attendance is the heaviest as determined by the Pool Manager.  She stated Park maintenance continues with the Pool facility preparations.  She noted during the pre-season preparations, the Township discovered a number of fine spider-like cracks inside the bedway and on the sides of both the flume slide and the speed slide.  The slides were purchased under Pennsylvania State Contract, and all parties involved were immediately notified.  To date, the Township is waiting for a response from the manufacture, and Ms. Liney will continue to keep the Park Board informed on this issue.


Ms. Liney stated the Park & Recreation Department received a good batch of candidates

in response to the search to fill the Budgeted position on the Park & Recreation crew. 

She stated they appreciate the Board of Supervisors support for this important resource

and noted this will help improve the upkeep of Township facilities.  She stated they

received approval for a candidate who they believe will be a good fit, and hope to have

this crew member on board by May 1. 


Mr. Fritchey asked about the location of the flag pole discussed by Ms. Liney and she

stated it will be behind the backstop on field #4 at  the Pool field.  Mr. Fritchey asked if

the scoreboards are working at that field, and Ms. Liney stated all scoreboards are

operational.  She stated they did review with PAA representatives how to operate them

and where the control pads are located.  They also replaced some lights and repaired

some wiring.  She stated they also installed new boxes attached to the pole system to keep the key pads inside.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels they should encourage use of the scoreboards.  Ms. Liney stated the current PAA Board seems very interested in using them.

April 11, 2006                                                       Park & Recreation Board – page 11 of 12



Mr. Fritchey asked about the status of Memorial Park.  Mr. Fedorchak stated they will

shortly begin construction of the Memorial itself.  Trees are being planted next week. 

They anticipate the Memorial will be completed by September.  Mr. Fritchey asked about

the rest of the Park, and Mr. Fedorchak stated other than some adjustments with regard to

the detention basin, there is not much more to be done with respect to Phase I work which

was the Township’s responsibility.   Mr. Fedorchak stated there are huge piles of dirt on

site and children are playing on these and he feels they need to look into this. 


Mr. Fritchey asked about the Golf Course, and Mr. Fedorchak stated they had a

successful year in 2005 and a good start this year. 


Mr. Smith asked if those responding to the Pool Survey received their Guest Passes, and

Ms. Liney stated these will be sent out with the membership materials. 





Mr. Jutkiewicz stated Lacrosse is off to a fast start.


Mr. Smith stated YMS is extremely concerned about the non-residents at Macclesfield

Park playing League play wearing team uniforms and with referees and the damage that

is being done to the fields in the back.  He stated these are adults that are playing. 

Mr. Gordon stated he did witness this last Sunday and two games were being played.

Ms. Liney stated they did speak with  Mr. Deininger, Mr. Smith, and Chief Coluzzi about

this.  She stated they have ordered a dozen signs for Macclesfield that state “League or

Game Play on any field in the Complex is prohibited without a Permit.”  She stated the

new employee who will be coming on board along with other employees will monitor the

times that Mr. Deininger has identified that are active, non-permitted game times at

Macclesfield; and if they are disobeying the signs, they will have an employee ask them

to leave.  If they do not comply, the Police will be contacted.  YMS has indicated they are

comfortable with this procedure.  Mr. Gordon asked how he should handle this situation

if he is present at the Park on a Sunday and witnesses this.  Mr. Fedorchak suggested that

they go with the procedure Ms. Liney has outlined to see how this works.  Mr. Smith

stated this is also occurring at Quaker Penn Park.  Mr. Fritchey stated the enforcement

needs to be done by the Police and not by the volunteers.  Mr. Fedorchak stated the

notices will be posted in both English and Spanish. 


Mr. Smith stated YMS is very enthused about making the presentation on the turf project

to the Board of Supervisors. 





April 11, 2006                                                       Park & Recreation Board – page 12 of 12



Mr. Fritchey asked if anyone on the Park &  Recreation Board is involved with PAA and

goes to PAA meetings who would be willing to be the PAA liaison.  Ms. Liney suggested

that they wait until the new Board member is approved and see if they could serve as the



There being no further business, Ms. Bunn moved, Mr. Gordon seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                        Patricia Bunn, Secretary