MINUTES – APRIL 10, 2007



The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on April 10, 2007.  Vice Chairman Carpenter called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.  He welcomed new Board Member, Dennis Wysocki.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:       Henry Carpenter, Vice Chairman

                                                Patricia Bunn, Secretary

                                                David Gordon, Member

                                                Francis McDonald, Member (joined meeting in progress)

                                                Andrew Newbon, Member

                                                Dennis Wysocki, Member


Others:                                    Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager (joined meeting

                                                 in progress)

                                                Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                James Majewski, Township Engineer

                                                Steve Santarsiero, Supervisor Liaison


Absent:                                    David Fritchey, Park & Recreation Board Chairman





Ms. Bunn moved, Mr. Gordon seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of January 18, 2007 as written.





Mr. John Heilferty, Naturalist, and Mr. John Lloyd, Chairman of the Friends of the Five

Mile Woods, were present.  Mr. Heilferty stated they did speak at the Special Meeting of

the Board of Supervisors about the status of the Woods.  He stated they are thankful for

the cooperation of the Park & Recreation Board, Ms. Liney, and her staff.  He stated the

house continues to be rented by very cooperative tenants who have recently done work in

the kitchen with materials supplied by the Township.    They continue to work with

Scout groups as well as approximately two Eagle Scouts per year on Eagle Scout projects

in the Woods.  Currently one Eagle Scout candidate is working on rebuilding the bulletin

boards and another is finishing up a project replacing benches in the Woods. 


April 10, 2007                                                        Park & Recreation Board – page 2 of 15


Mr. Heilferty stated they will again host the Roving Nature Center this summer. He stated

last year the staff they had selected were younger than he had expected, and this year he

will request more lead time in confirming who they have selected for their staff.  Once he

is satisfied with the staff, he will sign the Contract with the Roving Nature Center. 


Mr. McDonald joined the meting at this time. 


Mr. Heilferty stated the Friends of the Five Mile Woods are a fine example of community

service in the Township.  Mr. Lloyd stated the next Open House will be held on April 22

from Noon to 3:00 p.m., and they will give guided walks through the Woods.  He stated

they usually get 60 to 80 people taking this Tour during their Open Houses.  He stated

they will have another Open House in the fall on September 9, which is the weekend after

Community Pride Day, from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.


Mr. Heilferty stated a Conservation Easement that had been proposed to be placed on the

balance of the Five Mile Woods was recently closed.  They had received County monies

to purchase the Banko property, a twelve acres property adjacent to the Kohl’s Shopping

Center.  One of the conditions was that the money be spent on a land preservation deal

with land adjacent that was to be saved in perpetuity.  He stated until this time there had

not been a Conservation Easement on the Woods, and this has now been done.  He stated

they are also continuing to look at the seven acre Foulds property which is adjacent to the

Woods; and the Township is keeping an eye on this property to see if it is possible to

obtain this and not lose this if they have an opportunity to preserve that as well. 


Mr. Heilferty stated after several years of discussing the deer problem and doing active

research on this, they recently retained the services of a wildlife biologist who is an

expert on deer management; and he is working on a deer management plan not only for

the Five Mile Woods, but also Township-wide to try to address some of the disturbing

trends that really impact all of Pennsylvania and specifically the impact deer over-

population has on the ecosystem in the Five Mile Woods and other problems as well. 

He has been working with Mr. Shissler one to two days a month, and Mr. Shissler hopes

to have the Draft Management Plan to Mr. Heilferty in May.  Mr. Heilferty stated while

he is not certain what Mr. Shissler will recommend, he feels the three management

options are immuno-contraception, hunting, or a controlled sharp shoot.


Ms. Bunn asked if they have reached out to adjacent Municipalities as to what they are

doing with their deer problems; and Mr. Santarsiero stated he has discussed this with

Upper Makefield, and they seem to be considering proceeding with a hunt.  He stated it

would be a good idea to discuss this with the other Municipalities in the Southeastern

Bucks League of Municipalities.  Mr. Santarsiero stated Mr. Shissler has stressed that

whatever approach they decide on, it will be something that will have to be done on an

annual basis.  Mr. Heilferty stated he assumes he will recommend a more aggressive

initial effort, and then a “maintenance” program each year to continue to manage the herd.

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Mr. Newbon stated he recalls asking about the idea of contraceptive salt licks four years

ago; and had they implemented this then, possibly it would have helped with this

problem.  Mr. Heilferty stated as part of his research, he did attend a Conference a few

months ago, and a very noted biologist, who is a well-known immuno-contraceptive

proponent, spoke on sterilizing ponies on Assateague Island as well as on Long Island

with the deer population; but the problem is that from a biological standpoint, while they

are getting close to a point where the technology could be practical, Mr. Heilferty does

not feel it is practical yet.  He stated the drugs that have been used are not approved by

the FDA for use in consumable animals, and any free-roaming deer in the State of

Pennsylvania must be treated as consumable animals.  Mr. Heilferty stated possibly in ten

to fifteen years, the technology will get to a point where this is a practical option; but in

his personal opinion, the biology is not there yet.  Mr. Newbon stated if there was a

contraceptive program, it may be easier to have a County-wide solution using this

technique than to get everyone in the County to agree to a deer hunt.  Mr. Lloyd stated

there is a potential for an inoculation program which would result in the animal’s own

immune system preventing it from conceiving; and that potentially would not cross over

into the food change.  He stated none of these have yet been approved.  Mr. Heilferty

stated if they are going to do anything in the short term, it is going to have to be some

kind of hunt.  He feels the Township is going to be given a list of options.  Ms. Bunn

stated the Game Commission has done this through the State for decades; and she is

aware that locally, they donate the food to a soup kitchen so it is not wasted. 


Mr. Newbon stated at the Board of Supervisors Special Meeting there was discussion

about the front of the Five Mile Woods and the possibility of clearing that area.

Mr. Heilferty stated when he first started managing the Preserve, he did clear out the

parking area and made it much more open and visible from the tenant house. 

Mr. Heilferty stated he does like the screening form the road which he feels is appropriate

for a Nature Center.  He would be willing to discuss this further, but feels what is there

now is appropriate for that facility.  He noted they do have activated lighting for nighttime.  The Police also patrol the facility.  He stated he has not had many reports of problems.  He stated following the Supervisors’ meeting, they did square up the edge and pulled out a lot of the underbrush.  He stated he does not feel they should remove any of the trees.  Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels it was the honeysuckle which was starting to take over; and Mr. Heilferty stated honeysuckle is an alien species, and this is some of what was taken out. 


Mr. Carpenter thanked them on behalf of the Board for their dedication to the Woods. 

Mr. Heilferty again thanked the Friends of the Five Mile Woods for their service to the








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Mr. Tom Fowler, 48 Upper Hilltop Road, stated his property is off Woodside Road. 

He would like to see a bikepath put in eventually down Woodside to connect to the

Canal.  He stated his main concern at this time is the area from Merrick to Upper Hilltop

which would connect the neighborhoods in the area.  He stated it is too dangerous to walk

on Woodside Road, and there is no safe area from Upper Hilltop to the bikepath at

Longshore.  He stated while the speed limit on Woodside Road is posted at 35 miles per

hour, people are usually driving 50 miles per hour.  He stated the Golf Course is in the

area, and the Golf Course does have a liquor license which causes him concern.  He

stated the children also do not have access up to Memorial Park.  He stated next year they

will also have new soccer fields at Snipes, and it would be good to have safe access to

this area as well.  Mr. Fowler stated he is a runner and numerous time he has had to jump

off the road and into the fields.


Mr. Fowler stated this was supposed to be done when Clearview was finished, and while

funds were put aside, they went into the General Fund.  Ms. Liney stated the funds went

into the Park & Recreation Fee-In-Lieu Fund which is separate from the General Fund

and can be used for any Park & Recreation type improvement. 


Ms. Bunn asked if there are funds in the Budget to do this, and Ms. Liney stated there is

nothing in the Operating Budget for 2007 for a bikepath.  Ms Bunn asked for an estimate

to install the bikepath.  Mr. Majewski stated he did prepare a preliminary estimate of the

cost, and Ms Liney stated this was included in the Board’s packet.  She stated easements

would also be required on some of the parcels if they continued the bikepath on that side

of the road, and there has been a suggestion that it be installed on the opposite side of the

road where the Golf Course is located so that easements would not need to be acquired. 

Ms Bunn stated if there is an existing bikepath and a future bikepath on one side, it would

not make sense to put this portion on the other side as this would require people to cross

over.  She feels they should work to get the easements. 


Mr. Fowler stated he is only asking for a bikepath; and it would be up to the Township to

put it wherever they feel it is best. 


Mr. Newbon stated he feels it would be better not to have to obtain easements from

property owners.  Ms Bunn stated she is concerned with safety concerns, and having it on

the opposite side would force people to have to cross Woodside Road.  One woman asked

if they could put a stop light in with a cross walk, and Ms. Bunn stated she does not feel it


April 10, 2007                                                        Park & Recreation Board – page 5 of 15



would qualify.  Mr. Majewski stated they may be able to put in a flashing pedestrian-

warning light.  Mr. Carpenter asked if Woodside Road is a Township Road, and

Mr. Majewski stated Woodside Road is a Township Road from River Road up to where it

hits Dolington Road.  The part of Dolington where they join up to Upper Makefield is a

State Road. 


Mr. Gordon asked if the neighbors have a concern with the bikepath being on the same

side of the road as the Golf Course because of the danger from golf balls; and

Mr. McDonald stated it is close to the Road, and balls do go out into the road. 


Mr. Bob Zucheck, 65 Upper Hilltop, stated he submitted a letter to the Township. 

He stated he owns the large piece of land where the bikepath would cross on the south

side, and he finds golf balls there all the time.


Mr. Santarsiero stated they must consider the cost of the bikepath which does not seem is

disproportionate.  He stated traffic calming is possibly needed no matter what they do

with regard to the bikepath, and they should consider this further to see what should be

done.   He stated he is convinced that it would be good to have the bikepath in, but they

want not make sure that the situation is safe; and since there is an existing problem with

the road already, they should look into the entire situation and determine what traffic-

calming measures are appropriate.


Mr. Zucheck stated he feels that a cross over more toward Merrick coming from the north

side of the bikepath would be safer a cross over than having it down lower near

Clearview because of the steep grade in the road.  Ms. Bunn stated there is already a

bikepath proposed coming in on the opposite side of  Clearview, and she feels the

bikepath should not be crossing back to the Golf Course and back again, but rather

provide a safe crossing in for the residents of Clearview to access the bikepath.  She

stated she believes it was to put on the side of the road as shown was because as it goes

down to Taylorsville Road, it is steep.


Mr. Newbon stated he has seen the mobile radar placed in certain areas, and it does help

somewhat.  Mr. Santarsiero stated it does help for the time that it is there, but it is not

long lasting.  Mr. Santarsiero stated if people are typical driving fifty to sixty miles per

hour, they need to consider long-term traffic calming.  He stated he is convinced that a

bikepath should go in, but wants to to it in a way that promotes safety.  He stated they

would not want to introduce more foot traffic in an already dangerous situation.


Mr. Zucheck stated he feels they want to impact the least number of properties as

possible.  He stated it appears that four private properties would be involved.




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Mr. Newbon stated possibly they could install a speed hump, and Ms. Bunn stated Public

Works does not like these because of snow plowing.  Mr. Santarsiero stated speed humps

are in other areas, and they are much more gradual than a speed bump.  He stated they are

fairly effective.  He stated this has come before the Traffic Commission, and they will be

looking into this further.  He is not sure that a road such as this that is so heavily-traveled

is one that would be a good candidate for this.  Mr. Majewski stated he does not feel it

would qualify due to the amount of traffic as speed humps are more for areas that have a

severe danger such as a sharp curve or for Residential roads that are used as cut throughs. 


Mrs. Godshalk stated there are a lot of children going to the Golf Course, and she feels

they should take the bikepath up from Clearview all the way to the Golf Course and then

cross it over and link it up to the bikepath.  She also feels they should have a blinking

light since this is a major recreation area in the Township.  Mrs. Godshalk stated there is

a clear sight line at the Golf Course entrance.  Ms. Bunn stated it may be appropriate to

do this as well as make the connection on the other side. 


Mr. Carpenter stated since there is an existing bikepath and a proposed bikepath both on

the same side, he feels they should connect it or else they will have to cross in two

places.  He stated he feels this would be better from a public safety standpoint. 


Mr. Zucheck stated he feels they should continue it all the way down the north side of

Woodside Road, and move the future proposed bikepath to that side as well.  Ms. Bunn

stated it does get very steep, and there are two homes on that side of the road.  The other

side is Farmland Preservation property and four private properties.


Mr. Fedorchak joined the meeting at this time.


Mr. Majewski stated in front of the Hilltop development, there is sufficient right-of-way

to construct a bikepath.


Mr. Fedorchak asked if they would have to cross the driveway of the Golf Course noting

his concern about this because of the amount of traffic coming in and out of that

driveway.  He felt there may be more traffic in this driveway than there is at the two area



Ms. Rita Fowler, Upper Hilltop, stated she walks along this area; and when you are

crossing the path that goes into the Golf Course, people are often trying to go in, and they

pull into this deceleration area, and it is very dangerous because they are going fast. 


One woman asked if they could lower the speed limit.  It was noted they could look into

this.  She also stated if they posted a Police Officer there, they could collect a lot of



April 10, 2007                                                        Park & Recreation Board – page 7 of 15



Mr. Santarsiero stated he is concerned with putting the bikepath on the north side, not

only because of the Golf Course issue, but because of the potential for having to make

two crossings. 


Mr. McDonald stated he feels they need more information from Mr. Majewski before

they make a recommendation.  Mr. Majewski stated he has walked the entire area, and he

feels it would be safer to have it on the south side of the road.  He stated the issue is they

would need to obtain about five feet of property from Mr. Zucheck.   Mr. Zucheck stated

they would also need to get land from the other homes on Hilltop.  Mr. Majewski stated

the Township owns 30’ from the center of the road, so there is sufficient room to install a

bikepath in that area. 


Mr. Newbon stated he does feel it would be safer to keep it on the south side but he also

asked Mr. Majewski to look into the possibility of speed humps and noted on the Plan

locations where he feels it would be appropriate.  Mr. Majewski stated he does not feel it

will qualify but he will check this with the Township Traffic engineer.  Mr. Santarsiero

stated he feels they should still consider other traffic-calming measures as any crossing

without it will be dangerous.  Mr. Newbon stated if he lived in the area, he would prefer a

speed hump over a blinking light. 


Mr. Zucheck stated his legal right-of-way is 16’ from center so he feels they would need

to acquire more than 5’.  Mr. Majewski agreed to look into this.


Mr. Carpenter stated it appears that the Board is unanimously in favor of some kind of

bikepath at that location and are concerned with the safety issues.  They would look to

have Mr. Majewski come back with more information as to the best way to proceed.


Mr. Carpenter moved, Ms. Bunn seconded and it was unanimously carried to recommend

to the Board of Supervisors that they pursue pre-engineering work for a bikepath on

Woodside Road.


Mr. Gordon asked where funds would be found for this, and Ms. Liney stated she feels it

would be targeted for 2008. 


Mr. Fedorchak asked if it would be possible to add the extension as far as the Delaware

River Joint Toll Bridge Commission project is concerned, and Mr. Majewski stated he

will look into this. 







April 10, 2007                                                        Park & Recreation Board – page 8 of 15





Mr. Carpenter noted the letter received this from Mr. Truelove, who indicated the loose

discussions of some minor changes to the Park to accommodate some of the revised

changes to the Garden of Reflection  should not be a problem that would require any

additional approvals or reviews; but that anything beyond that which would involve more

encompassing changes, might require further approvals and reviews.  Mr. Carpenter

stated when they met last, the Park & Rec Board unanimously expressed the opinion that

they wanted to work with the Garden of Reflection Committee in any way they can up to

the point where it would delay things or they would be required to have additional

reviews, etc. 


Ms. Ellen Saracini, Mr. Bill Kelly, Mrs. Grace Godshalk, and Ms. Liuba Lashchyk were

present.  Ms. Saracini stated they wanted to discuss Park & Rec’s vision of an arboretum

at Memorial Park.  She stated they wanted to preserve the integrity of the Garden of

Reflection by installing a shade tree area adjacent to it.  She stated from looking at the

original Plans, there were to be playing fields constructed right next to the Memorial. 

They wanted to create an area of passivity for Memorial Park as the concept was that the

Park would be 50/50 active and passive, and this would create a passive area and a much

needed shaded area.  She stated they would like to create walking areas from the Garden

of Reflection to the other areas of the Park. 


Mrs. Godshalk stated they have a commitment for a donation of $80,000 worth of trees. 

She stated the shaded tree area would be a family gathering area with shaded paths.  She

stated there would then be an open area where families could have picnics.  There is also

an expansion of the comfort station which was a gift to the Garden for the community

which would have cost the Township $250,000 to $300,000.  She stated there is a small

area which is under cover and has tables, and they would like to expand this through

donation of the native stone which was left over from the pool.  They will add this for an

outdoor seating area at the patio, and this will be leading over to the children’s maze

which will be between the softball field and the shade trees. 


Ms. Lashchyk stated they are trying to create a simple design with solid elements which

would be very powerful.  She stated it will look like a 3D art piece with the landscaping

and the trees.  She stated she did do research in terms of landscaping and trees; and those

who have experience with arboretums suggested that since this is a small area, they stay

with one or two types of trees and concentrate on that and then create a collection that

would be a little more complete as they expand the arboretum.  She noted the area where

they would like to start which is less than two acres, and they will concentrate on two

trees with an open meadow area which would be the void in the three-dimensional

design.  She stated this area would be embraced by flowing solid masses of trees.  She

noted the location for the conifer collection that would also break the wind.  She stated

April 10, 2007                                                        Park & Recreation Board – page 9 of 15


there would be another mass of shade trees with walkways creating a dapple effect.  She

stated they are using all native species.  Next to this would be the children’s maze with

masses of ornamental grasses.  She stated breaking the grouping of the trees they will

accentuate larger specimens which would be one of a kind.  She stated this would be an

educational arboretum and an art piece.  She stated this area would be a fulcrum between

the contemplative aspect of the Garden and the active softball area. 


Mr. Gordon asked about and was shown the location of the softball field on the Plan. 

Mr. Newbon stated the way the field is now oriented, it seems like they will now be

hitting into the arboretum.  Ms. Lashchyk stated she felt there was going to be fencing,

and it was noted that there would only be a backstop.  Mr. Gordon asked why the softball

field was reversed; and Mr. Majewski stated this was one of the ideas to accommodate

the arboretum since, if they were going to do it without going deep into the woods or

impacting the TransCo Easement, which is a high-pressure gas pipeline, the only way to

accommodate this was to flip the field, and the outfield would be on top of the pipe so

that they would only have to do minimal grading.    Mr. Carpenter asked the distance

from home plate out, and Mr. Majewski stated it is 225’ feet.  Mr. McDonald stated if

adults are playing on the field, 225’ would not be sufficient.  Mr. Gordon stated this is

why he felt it would be better going the other way since the only thing that would have

been a problem would be an occasional foul ball as you would usually have the

protection of the back stop.  Ms. Saracini stated they did this in order not to have them

deal with any of the trees.  Mr. Newbon stated his concern is when they are talking about

225’, there could be a concern with right field because of the potential for cars in the

parking lot to be hit and in left field there could be people on the walkways who could be

hit.  Mr. Newbon asked if the field could be flipped, and Mr. Majewski stated they did

look at this earlier; and if you flip the field in order to get the skinned-in part of the field

off the TransCo easement, it pushes it closer down to the Comfort Station by 50’ which

would require moving all of the plantings over at least 50’.  Mr. Carpenter asked if they

could move the field further away, but it was noted there are trees in that area. 


Mrs. Godshalk stated they are not moving the road, but they could make more of a turn in

the road going up and move it up slightly.  She stated this may also slow people down. 

She stated the field could then be moved up slightly; and a while a few trees would have

to be moved, they are scrub type trees, and they would still be getting all the trees for the

arboretum.  She stated what is proposed would not require any more approvals. 


Ms. Lashchyk stated they have had 95 trees donated, and they will also get additional

trees.  What is shown on the Plan are more than 130 trees.   Mr. McDonald asked if there

is room for that many trees, and Mr. Lashchyk stated there is. 


Mr. Majewski showed the Plan which had been approved.  He stated they are proposing

flipping the softball field and moving one soccer field to the other side.  Mr. Gordon

noted when the other softball field is installed further up on the tract in the future, the

adult players would probably move to that location.

April 10, 2007                                                      Park & Recreation Board – page 10 of 15



Mr. Gordon asked what has been approved for 2007, and Ms. Liney stated nothing is

Budgeted construction-wise.


Ms. Saracini stated they would like the momentum to continue at Memorial Park, and

they would like to continue to help wherever they can.  She stated this is the Official

State Memorial for the State of Pennsylvania, and they have people coming to visit at all

times.  She feels this would create a very nice area which people will be able to enjoy and

will help keep the momentum going to put in more playing fields. 


Ms. Bunn asked if the Maintenance Fund has been set up, and Ms. Saracini stated they

are still working on this.  She asked if there is a Maintenance Plan, and Committee

members advised that there is. 


Mr. Santarsiero noted the original schematic when the arboretum was first proposed, and

it left more room so that the softball field would go up a little but the outfield was the

only part that would go over the pipeline.  He asked if that was too problematic as to how

the softball field is oriented, how difficult would it be to do a design for that area as

opposed to the area for which they prepared a design.  Ms. Lashchyk stated they would

be much closer to the pavilion where they  have the batting cage so that there would be

even more danger from balls, and they would lose the concept of the arboretum as they

have it now.  Mr. Santarsiero asked how much square footage they would lose in that

situation, and Ms. Saracini stated it would be significant since it would be 100’ over. 

Ms. Saracini stated she feels this will be the only gathering place in Memorial Park, as

the rest would be playing fields and not places where the community could gather.  She

stated this also helps the 50/50 active/passive mix.


Mr. Newbon asked why they could not move home plate north slightly, and Ms. Saracini

stated this was one of the choices, and they would be willing to proceed with that as well. 

She stated this would put the field above the pipeline, but trees would have to be taken

out. She stated they are only scrub trees, and new trees would be put in.  Mr. Majewski

stated they would then have a problem that they were clearing out one half to one acre of

trees, and they would have to re-visit the stormwater management for the site which

would probably require a Revised land Development Plan Approval.  Mr. Carpenter

asked if there was some nominal amount of trees which could be removed before they get

to that point.  Mrs. Godshalk stated the road would have to be curved somewhat, but

others felt this would not be necessary.  Mr. McDonald stated if they curved the road, the

soccer field that was on the right side could not go to the left side.  Mr. Majewski stated if

they move it north, they will move it away from the road.  Ms. Bunn asked if they can

encroach in the setback,  Mr. Majewski stated this is a building setback, and they would

be okay provided it were only ball fields and  as long as there were not a structure

including a fence. 



April 10, 2007                                                      Park & Recreation Board – page 11 of 15



Mr. Gordon asked about the Maintenance Plan, and Ms. Saracini stated this is

maintenance for the Garden such at weeding, etc.  They have hired a landscaper for one

year.  Mr. Gordon asked if the expectation is that the Township will then pay for this, and

Ms. Saracini stated the expectation on their side was that the Township would do this, but

they have now asked that the Garden pay for this.  Mr. Wysocki asked if there is special

maintenance required for the new arboretum they are now discussing, and Ms. Saracini

stated for the most part it will be set up as a naturalized area, and the walkways will be

gravel.  Ms. Saracini stated they will have to mow grass in the area. 


Mr. Newbon stated he believes the Township was originally going to provide the

maintenance, but when they got into multiple swales, the additional mowing time and

change to the depth of the mower was a problem.  Ms. Saracini stated this will require a

small mower.  She stated originally there was going to be a maintenance shed at the

Comfort Station, but since they got that donation, they decided just to build the Comfort

Station and put up a shed somewhere else.  Ms. Saracini stated the Township does not

typically weed beds, and they do have two beds and the rest will have to be mowed. 


After further review, Mr. Majewski stated they could move the softball field

approximately 30’ back away from the arboretum, although they could then possibly get

foul balls from home plate going closer into the roadway.  Mr. Gordon stated there will

be a backstop.  Mr. Majewski agreed and stated there is a large pile of excess dirt in the

area; so that along the edge of the Transco Pipeline possibly they could build up a berm

up 6’ to 8’ which might help with balls going through. 


Mr. Gordon moved, Mr. McDonald seconded and it was unanimously carried to

recommend to the Board of Supervisors approval of the Schoor DePalma Sketch Plan

Scheme B4 moving the softball field back approximately 30’ to give 250’ in the outfield

before you hit the arboretum; and if possible, using dirt to create a berm to create even

more space.  The Park & Rec Board also accepts and approves the Concept Shade Tree

Arboretum Plan as presented by Ms. Lashchyk today provided it fits in with the lay out of

the Schoor DePalma Scheme B4.


There was discussion on the donation of benches, where these could be located, and how they would be identified.  Mr. McDonald stated he would like to see the any schemes

Ms. Lashchyk comes up with so that it does not get out of control.  Ms. Saracini stated Mr. Fritchey did previously discuss the possibility of people donating benches and trees at Memorial Park.







April 10, 2007                                                      Park & Recreation Board – page 12 of 15





Ms. Marsha Klayman, M.L.E. Enterprises, was present.  She presented her biography this

evening.  The proposed menu had been included in the Board’s packet.  Ms. Liney stated

the Contract does require that the Park & Recreation Board approve the menu by

April 30.  Ms. Klayman stated this year she has decided to have a Weekday Special.  

She is also using only no trans fat oil. 


Mr. Gordon asked if she ever gave any though to a type of a “charge account” where you

would pay in advance so that children of a certain age who would be at the Pool alone,

could make use of this system.    Mr. Newbon stated while he feels this is a good idea for

the members, it may present administrative challenges for Ms. Klayman.  Mr. Carpenter

suggested they do this as a trial this year; and if it works well, they could do something

more advanced next year.  It was suggested that they limit this to fifty families for this

year.  Mr. Carpenter stated he is concerned that if they limit it to fifty, the rest of the

members will state they never had an opportunity to participate.  He suggested that they

wait until mid-Season and they put up a sign indicating they were trying this; and if it is

successful, they could set it up in a more institutionalized way next year.  It was

suggested that there could be a bar code put on the pool membership cards. 

Mr. Carpenter suggested that Ms. Klayman consider how she would like to work this out

based on her operation.


Ms. Klayman stated in the future, she would like to discuss expansion to the Snack Bar

Building to make it less confining for those working in the Snack Bar. 


Mr. Newbon moved, Mr. McDonald seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve

the 2007 Snack Bar Menu as presented.





Mr. Santarsiero stated in February the DCNR got the money to do the culvert at Black

Rock Road and dredging of the Canal; and this is relevant to the Park & Recreation

Board since they will then be able to complete the engineering for the bikepath that will

go from Westover to Glen Drive.  He stated hopefully they can start construction on this

next year.  He stated he would like to discuss the Samost Tract at some point.  He stated

the Board of Supervisors did approve the Sketch Plan for the Snipes Tract.  The engineer

for this was approved in the 2007 Budget.  There will be an issue as to whether they have

the funds in the 2008 Budget to begin construction; and he feels one way or another that

will be a Bond Issue and the question is whether they can absorb the cost of the Bond

payment on an annual basis.



April 10, 2007                                                      Park & Recreation Board – page 13 of 15



Mr. Wysocki asked about the trees on the Snipes Tract and asked if there could be a

re-use of those trees.  Ms. Bunn stated many of them do not have a good shape.   They

are also larger so that they are difficult to move.  Mr. Fedorchak stated if a landscaper

were to move them, between the cost involved and the fact that the trees would not be

guaranteed, it would probably be better to purchase new trees; however, he stated they

have a relationship with two local landscapers who have from time to time come in and

taken out some of those trees and it is a quid-pro-quo so that if the Township wants them

to move trees for them, they do so.  He stated they are charged something nominal for

each tree if they take a tree it for their jobs.  If the Township wants them to move a tree

for them, they will do it for the Township at no cost. 


Mr. Santarsiero stated he feels they have at least another year before they need to make

any decisions. 


Mr. Santarsiero stated the Guzikowski farm is located on the other side of Five Mile

Woods, and they have approached the Township in the past about their interest in having

the Township purchase the development rights. They will be discussing this further.


Mr. Santarsiero advised the Park & Recreation Board that the Environmental Advisory

Council is currently doing an open space inventory


Mr. Newbon asked for an update on a potential Senior Center.  Mr. Santarsiero stated he

does not feel there is anything to report in a public forum at this time.  He stated they are

trying to find an existing facility that could be used as a Community Center with a Senior

component.  The Senior group is satisfied with that option. 





Ms. Liney reported that twenty spring permits have been issued to residents affecting utilization by upward of 5,000 members of the community.  The Township thanks all the groups for their cooperation during the permitting process and asks that they contact the Park & Recreation Department if there is anything the Township can do to help through the season.


Ms. Liney stated Park & Recreation is working hard preparing the park system for spring use.  Light systems have been activated, facility maintenance performed, and fields placed in order for play.  Bleachers are being assembled for placement, new volleyball systems installed, and scoreboards are operational.


The Park & Recreation crew will be meeting with the contractor, Building Restoration, within the week to prepare to reactivate the fountains in the Garden of Reflection Memorial Park.

April 10, 2007                                                      Park & Recreation Board – page 14 of 15



Ms. Liney stated the Community Pool will open for the season on Saturday, May 26.  Full time operating hours of the Pool will begin the week of June 11, with the swim lesson program beginning the week of June 18.  Three sessions of swim lessons will be offered at the Community Pool for three week periods.  Families joining the Pool for the month of August are eligible to enroll in the third swim lesson session.


Park & Recreation continues to plan for supporting a number of successful special events to be held in the Township including the upcoming Yardley Makefield Soccer Club Epic Tournament on Mothers Day weekend, the Pennsbury Athletic Association Art Coleman Memorial Girls Fast Pitch Tournament in June, and the upcoming Special Event Committee’s Spring Fling at Elm Lowne on Sunday, May 6th. 


Ms. Liney stated the Lower Makefield Seniors Group will be hosting the popular AARP 55 Alive driving course April 26 and April 27 in the Township.


Mr. Gordon asked about the plans for the Spring Fling.  Ms. Liney stated she is working with the Committee on this.  They will have plays, a karaoke contest, field events, carnival games, etc.  They have a meeting this week with Chief Coluzzi to discuss parking.  Entertainment is also proposed.  There will also be a Manor House Tour and face painting.  The event will be from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  They will have one food vendor and some free food items. 





There were no reports at this time.





Mr. Majewski stated he did provide a Sketch for the Samost Tract showing how ball

fields could possibly fit on the Tract along with a loop road through and parking.  He felt

the Park & Recreation Board could use this as a basis to start considering plans for this

tract.  Mr. Santarsiero stated the Board of Supervisors would like the Park & Recreation

Board to come up with a Sketch Plan for the Board of Supervisors to consider sometime

during the course of the year.  He stated PAA would like to have an indoor facility, and

the Board advised that they could not site it until there was a Plan for the property.  He

asked that the Park Board push this forward on their Agenda.  Ms. Liney stated she will

put this on for the May Agenda.


Ms. Bunn asked about the mulch piles, and Mr. Majewski stated there is an area along

Oxford Valley Road, between Oxford Valley Road and the water tower and the woods

that could be used for some of the mulch.  The Township will have to consider further

April 10, 2007                                                      Park & Recreation Board – page 15 of 15



where the mulch could be situated.  Mr. Fedorchak stated the residents are accustomed to

going to that particular area, and it is convenient for the Public Works Department so it

does minimize the Township costs.  He stated if they could, they would like to be able to

keep it at this location.  Mr. Newbon stated there was discussion about getting land from

the Water Company, and he asked if this could be used for mulch piles; but it was noted

the back section is treed.


There being no further business, Ms. Bunn moved, Mr. McDonald seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                        Patricia Bunn, Secretary