The regular meeting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held in the Municipal Building on January 18, 2007.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:       David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Henry Carpenter, Vice Chairman

                                                Patricia Bunn, Secretary

                                                David Gordon, Member

                                                Francis McDonald, Member

                                                Andrew Newbon, Member


Others:                                    Terry Fedorchak, Township Manager

                                                Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                James Majewski, Township Engineer

                                                Steve Santarsiero, Supervisor Liaison


Absent:                                    Richard Jutkiewicz, Park & Rec Member





Mr. Newbon moved, Mr. McDonald seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the December 12, 2006 Minutes as written.





Mr. Newbon moved, Mr. Gordon seconded and it was unanimously carried to elect

David Fritchey as Chairman, Henry Carpenter as Vice Chairman, and Patricia Bunn as Secretary of the Park & Recreation Board for 2007.





Snipes Soccer Complex


Mr. Majewski stated one year ago the Park & Recreation Board approved the lay-out for

Snipes as shown on the easel this evening.  He stated the Plan then went to the Planning

January 18, 2007                                                    Park & Recreation Board – page 2 of 15



Commission which had concerns with safety noting the traffic going through the parking

lot would have to navigate through all the parking spaces.  They were also concerned

with the parking spaces on both side of the driveway aisle which would require children

and their parents to cross back and forth the traveled way.  He stated to address some of

those concerns, his office came up with an alternate lay-out which was shown this

evening.  He stated this alternate created a loop road around the exterior of the parking lot

so that vehicular traffic navigating through the Park would not conflict with the people

coming in and out of the parking spaces going to the fields.  Mr. Majewski stated the

Planning Commission felt the alternate plan was safer.  The Park & Recreation Board

was not in favor of this plan as they felt it would encourage speeding.  Mr. Majewski

stated while this alternate plan does address the concern of the through traffic navigating

through the Park not conflicting with the people who were parking and going to the

fields, it did create an extremely excessive amount of impervious surface, raised the cost

of the project substantially, and in the interior loop still had the situation the Planning

Commission was concerned about with regard to people parking in one area and having

to cross the driveway aisle to get to the fields.  


Mr. Majewski stated he subsequently prepared another alternative which was shown this

evening.  He stated they tried to take all of the parking spaces and move them into the

interior of the loop.  He stated there were concerns expressed by the Planning

Commission with regard to the original plan about the awkwardness of the driveway

entrance off of Dolington Road.  He stated he also considered the stacking length for

people trying to come out of the park back onto Dolington Road.  In the plan being

presented this evening, in the easterly section of the park near Dolington Road, they are

showing a loop road which would cut down on speeding; and cars would enter the

parking area in the loop on the right hand side, or go around the far side.  He stated there

would be much less conflicts with any parking spaces.  He stated the parking count shows

that only twelve parking spaces are needed in the area near I-95 on the opposite side of

the driveway.  He stated it may also be possible to relocate those to be completely within

the loop.  He stated in this way, people would not have to cross a road to get to the fields. 

Mr. Majewski stated they have shown seventy spaces, but he feels this would be

considered overflow parking which could even be eliminated under the requirements of

the Ordinance for parking.  He stated there may be a need for additional parking for

larger events, and they could use this area as an overflow parking area; and it could be

constructed using grass pavers which would be strong enough to support a car, but look

like grass which water can infiltrate through. 


Mr. Majewski stated they have since done testing of the soils throughout the Park, and

the results were mixed.  He stated in some areas of the park, water just sits.  He stated in

the area between the loop road and the entrance off Dolington Road and the parking area

in that area, they have shown a large green space; and in that area they did find good

infiltration.  He stated they feel a lot of the stormwater from the site could be put in this

area.  He stated they could also make use of pervious pavement in this area.  He stated

January 18, 2007                                                    Park & Recreation Board – page 3 of 15



they would not then have to build a large detention basin as the water would soak down

into the grass.  Mr. Santarsiero stated it is particularly good for parking spaces as those

areas do not get the same heavy wear and tear that you do for a throughway. 


Mr. Majewski stated on the latest revised plan, they would also be able to provide an

extra field.  He stated compared to the original Plan, there will be more parking in the

east end than in the west end and they have added the feature with the loop. 


Ms. Bunn asked if they have ever considered a loop around from Dolington Road cutting

through the site out to Quarry Road which would eliminate the two outer loops and cut

down on a significant amount of impervious, and fit the parking in between in smaller

parking lots.   She also feels this would save money.  She stated the road would go

between the fields.  Mr. Majewski stated when they first looked at the tract, he feels this

was considered, but he feels the YMS representative had some concerns that this would

be similar to the problems at Macclesfield Park with people constantly crossing over

from one field to the other conflicting with people driving through the middle. 


Mr. Smith stated if they eliminated the southern portion of parking, this could eliminate

the loop around the park.  Mr. Newbon stated he does not like the idea of a road through

the middle of the tract and feels if they eliminated the loop road, it would become a

thoroughfare and all the traffic would be in one area and the parking would have to be on

both sides of the road in the upper portion.  Mr. Majewski stated he recalls that the Chief

of Police was also in favor of a loop road so that the Police could go through either way,

and there would be two alternate ways to go into the Park.


Mr. Majewski stated one of the thoughts for the Park was to have a skate park, and they

have shown this in several locations on the various plans.  He stated on one of the plans it

was shown up in the north end near I-95 but both the Park & Recreation Board and the

Chief of Police felt this should be moved up closer to Dolington Road so that it would be more visible.  He noted the proposed location of the skate park on the newly-revised Plan.  He stated to the west of the proposed skate park, is a restroom/concession building.  He stated also shown is a small playground in this area.  He noted a potential area for a pavilion in an area north of the fields in the northeast corner.  He noted two possible locations – one in the northeast corner of the interior loop and one in the southwest corner. 


Mr. Fritchey asked if they have made any provisions for maintenance equipment, and

Mr. Majewski stated it could be included in the restroom/concession building although

nothing has been designed yet.  Mr. Smith stated YMS and the Township have storage

sheds at Macclesfield park and stated they could have something similar at this park as

well.  The area adjacent to I-95 was noted as a possible location where these could be

located.  Mr. Majewski stated there is also room adjacent to where the Fire Station may

possibly be located.

January 18, 2007                                                     Park & Recreation Board - page 4 of 15



It was noted this Park is not included in the 2007 Budget.  Mr. Santarsiero stated the

engineering is in the 2007 Budget with contemplation that they could move forward with

construction in 2008. 


Mr. Carpenter stated he would be in favor of keeping the additional parking adjacent to

I-95 as there is always a need for parking although he would be in favor of doing it in an

unobtrusive way.  Mr. Majewski showed pictures of pervious parking which was recently

installed at the Bible Fellowship Church.  He noted the real savings in doing it in this way

is that you do not have to provide for storm water management facilities, do the grading,

or build the basins.    Mr. Newbon stated if they proceed with a recommendation on this,

they should indicate that some type of structure be included for storing equipment.

Ms. Liney stated the Township maintenance crew would like to be able to keep

equipment on the site. 


Mr. Santarsiero asked if the parking being contemplated currently would be sufficient if

additional fields were added to the site at some point in the future.  Mr. Majewski stated

generally you need thirty spaces per field, and this plan shows an excess of 52 spaces, so

they would be able to accommodate two more fields with the parking as shown. 


Mr. Smith asked about the topography of the area where the fire house is proposed,

noting possibly they could grade it now and use it for soccer fields until they need it for a

fire house.  Mr. Majewski stated this would be possible.


Mr. Gordon moved, Ms. Bunn seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve

Alternate Option C dated 2/06 as presented by Mr. Majewski with the idea that they will

add a storage area for Lower Makefield Township to house equipment and the

opportunity for YMS to put in a storage garage or shed as well. 



Samost Tract


Mr. Majewski stated there has been discussion about the possibility of a 90’ baseball field

for the Samost Tract.  He noted the Plan they had prepared showing a possible location in

the area where the mulch is located, toward the concession stands.  He stated they were

asked to look into another possible location for the field in the area, and he stated it could

be located further up the hill toward Oxford Valley Road, but still in the area where the

mulch piles are currently located.  It would be to the east of where the driveway cut

comes through.  This would allow the existing roadway to be utilized in the future as a

cut-through to the girls’ softball complex if desired.  This would also leave ample room

for parking such as Community Pride Day and additional facilities in the area behind the

concession stand.  Mr. Majewski stated in planning for the location of the 90’ baseball

field, he used the standard specs for Babe Ruth Baseball. 


January 18, 2007                                                           Board of Supervisors – page 5 of 15


Mr. Santarsiero stated approximately one month ago, PAA came to the Board of

Supervisors indicating they were interested in building an indoor batting facility.  He

stated their initial thought was to have this somewhere on the Samost Tract close to the

concession stand.  Mr. Santarsiero stated the Board of Supervisors indicated there are a

number of details that would need to be worked out before this could be built, but they

would like to move forward with this as quickly as possible.  He stated the Board did feel

that before they sited anything in the area, the Park & Recreation Board should work on a

Plan for the Samost Tract to present to the Board of Supervisors.  He stated there is now

more of an urgency if they are going to have discussions with PAA as to where they

could construct this indoor facility.  He stated if there is a Plan, they could then site the

indoor facility at the proper location. 


Mr. Majewski stated he has also shown an area where tennis courts could be located.


Mr. Santarsiero stated the proposed footprint of the indoor facility would be 5,000 square

feet.  He stated if there is a road joining Stoddard and Roelofs, it would be a good way to

join the two, and they could both then use the indoor facility.


Mr. Fedorchak asked if it would be helpful if they were able to secure the back end of the

Water Company property; but Mr. Majewski stated because of the woods and the slope,

he did not feel it would be useable other than possibly ten to fifteen feet to accommodate

a certain size field.


Mr. Gordon asked Mr. Mauro the number of 90’ fields they currently have, and

Mr. Mauro stated they have two.  The thirteen and older players use these fields. 

Mr. Gordon asked if another 90’ field is their highest priority, and Mr. Mauro stated it is

tied in priority with the indoor facility.  He agreed that it makes sense to lay out the tract

at the same time.  Mr. Santarsiero stated two years ago, PAA did come before the Board

of Supervisors noting the need for a 90’ field, and this is something that the Board would

like to accommodate them with in the near future.


Mr. Smith asked about the terrain where the 90’ field is proposed.  It was noted it does

slope from east to west and south to north; and Mr. Smith stated he feels this would be a

nice location as people could sit and watch the games from the top of the hill down to the

facility similar to an amphitheater.  Mr. Fritchey stated the site proposed looks like the

best area based on the terrain. 


Mr. Majewski stated the Park & Recreation Board needs to consider if they want a

connector road between the two complexes.


Mr. Gordon stated it appears that they need to create a Master Plan for the site, and

Mr. Majewski stated what has been discussed would give them a good starting point. 

Mr. Gordon asked about the tennis courts noting four are proposed for the area.  He asked

if this is sufficient.  Ms. Liney stated she feels they were targeting eight to twelve. 

January 18, 2007                                                    Park & Recreation Board – page 6 of 15



Ms. Bunn asked if there would be sufficient room for parking, and Mr. Majewski stated it

would depend on what else they want to see on the site.


Mr. Fedorchak stated if they move forward with a Master Plan, they should consider

where they want to locate the mulch piles whether it is on this site or Patterson Farm. 

He stated the mulch piles are an important part of their recycling program.  He stated a

stakeholders group has recently been formed to consider the future of the Patterson Farm. 

He stated much of the Patterson Farm is already taken up with the leaf recycling program

and planting of corn, etc.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels the Park & Recreation Board

would be in favor of relocating the mulch piles to the Patterson Farm as they would fit in

better in an agricultural setting than in an athletic complex.  Mr. Newbon suggested

possibly using a portion of the Water Company property for the mulch piles. 

Mr. Fedorchak stated he feels the mulch piles also need to be relatively close to the

Public Works Department from an operational standpoint.  He stated the current location

is very efficient.  Ms. Tara Bane noted the current location of the mulch piles is rather discreet, and she does not feel it would be appropriate to have it at Patterson Farm from a visual standpoint. 


Mr. Santarsiero asked that the Park & Recreation Board come up with a conceptual plan

in the next quarter to present to the Board of Supervisors.


Mr. Gordon stated he would like to see a plan with four, eight, and twelve tennis courts

so that they could be phased in.  Mr. Majewski stated he feels eight would fit in very



Mr. Majewski agreed to sketch out some alternative plans based on the discussion this

evening.  Mr. Newbon stated he feels they should set up a Sub-Committee to work on a

Master Plan for this property as they did for the Snipes Tract.  Mr. Fritchey suggested

that they wait until they hear from the user groups at the upcoming special meeting to be

held in February.  Mr. Carpenter stated he feels this is going to be primarily a

baseball/tennis complex, and he feels those groups should come in and indicate what they

need in this area.  Mr. McDonald stated they could then decide who should be on the

Sub-Committee, and they would have the information they need to work with. 


Ms. Liney agreed to contact the potential users of this tract to come to the special






Mr. Smith stated last evening, the Board of Supervisors passed a Resolution to allow

small games of chance in the Township, and the feels the Park & Recreation Board

should make the user groups aware of this in light of potential fundraising activities. 

January 18, 2007                                                    Park & Recreation Board – page 7 of 15



Mr. Smith stated the Board of Supervisors will have a special meeting with the lone

Agenda item being Park & Recreation.  He asked that all Park & Recreation Board

members and user groups attend the meeting and be prepared to discuss their five to ten

year long-range goals.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 27 at 7:30 p.m.






Tara Bane, Grace Godshalk, Liuba Lashchyk, and Ellen Saracini from the Garden of

Reflection Committee were present. 


Mr. Majewski stated he understands that at a previous meeting there was discussion on

the possibility of an arboretum adjacent to the Memorial and the relocation of the

proposed softball field.  He stated they have indicated that they could move the softball

field to the area suggested on the Sketch prepared by Ms. Lashchyk although they would

have to cut down some trees to accommodate the softball field at the location suggested

as well as re-align the road somewhat.  They would also need to get an updated approval

from the Bucks County Conservation District since any time you change an Approved

Plan, they want to see the changes to make sure it does not negatively impact the



Mr. Fritchey stated he feels it is the consensus of the Park & Recreation Board that while

they would like to accommodate the suggestions made by the Garden of Reflection

Committee, they do not want to lose any venues or to be required to go through the

approval process again.  He stated they also had participation from the immediate

neighbors about the design of the Park, and everyone one in favor of the scheme.  He

stated this did take a significant amount of time to achieve.  He  stated he does not want

to have to go through this again.  He stated if doing these changes means they will have

to go back to square one, he is not in favor of it.  He stated he also does not want to lose

any venues that were agreed to. 


Mr. Majewski stated he does not feel they would have to go through the entire process,

although they would need approval from the Bucks County Conservation District.  He

stated he does not feel this would be a substantial impediment. 


Mr. Majewski showed a copy of the Approved Plan, noting the softball field at the south

end of the Transco easement adjacent to the Memorial and the restroom areas. The

proposal is to move it up into the area where the soccer field is located and partially into

the woods.  They would have to take the road out to the west slightly. 


Mr. Majewski stated the new Plan proposed does contemplate the loss of one soccer field,

but he noted there may be room to put it elsewhere in the Park; and they would have to

January 18, 2007                                                    Park & Recreation Board – page 8 of 15



look into this further.  He noted a possible area where the community gardens are located

south of the springhouse or the field area on the right of the bikepath that leads into the

Park.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels these changes would necessitate them going back

through the planning process.


Mr. Fedorchak stated the scope of the change seems less than what was discussed a

month ago, but he feels they need to discuss this with Mr. Truelove as to whether or not

the changes would require going back through the approval process.  He stated at the very

least, they would have to get approval from the Board of Supervisors.  Mr. Fritchey stated

while he recognizes this would require Supervisor approval, he does not support

changing it if they would have to through all the processes.


Mr. Gordon stated he thinks this is the question, they hoped that Mr. Majewski was going

to be able to answer this evening.  He stated it is a timing problem if they want to be able

to move forward and not lose any venues.


Ms. Bunn asked if there is any obligation to advise the surrounding neighbors, and it was

noted they should discuss it with the surrounding residents.  Ms. Bunn stated this is a

significant item since it took significant amount of time to get to the point they did with

the Plan.  Mr. Fedorchak and Mr. Santarsiero indicated they felt they would have to

discuss this with the neighbors.  Mr. Newbon stated he is concerned with the potential

delay of the project and potential of losing a venue.  He stated they worked with the

neighbors for more than two years after a final plan was presented to get to a point where

the neighbors felt comfortable. 


Mr. Fritchey stated if they were to move the softball field fifteen to twenty feet, it may be

considered a minor change; but if they are discussing major re-arrangements, he feels the

project could be jeopardized. 


Mr. Carpenter stated he feels they are where they were when the Garden of Reflection

Committee was last present, and the Park & Recreation Board indicated that they would

like to do what they could to accommodate their requests as long as it did not jeopardize

the other aspects of the Park.  All Park & Recreation Board members agreed that the

Garden of Reflection Memorial is fabulous.


Mrs. Godshalk stated this is the reason they are asking for the change.  She stated they

are trying to protect the view as you go into the Park.  She stated the Garden of

Reflection Committee has provided the Township more than $1 million worth of

landscaping.  She stated she does not feel anyone would be opposed to moving the

softball field up to the proposed location.  She stated they will only lose one small soccer

field; and with the addition of the Snipes Tract, there will be additional fields at that

location.  She stated she does not feel they should put a playground or softball field in

front of the Memorial.

January 18, 2007                                                    Park & Recreation Board – page 9 of 15



Mr. Fritchey stated they began this process a number of years ago.  He stated the

Committee felt the Memorial should be located at the Park, and the Park & Recreation

Board agreed.  He stated there was already an approved Plan, and it was agreed that the

Memorial could work at the location where it was eventually built.  He stated they had a

mix of venues, and they were also very happy to have the Memorial as it tied into the

entire Memorial concept of the Park.  He stated all had agreed that the Memorial should

not be a Memorial celebrating death, but a Memorial celebrating life, and that there

would be synergy between the playing fields and the Memorial.  He stated everyone had

agreed that the softball field was fine at the location as were all the other venues.  He

stated he is concerned that now the softball field is felt to be detracting.


Ms. Bane stated she feels that originally it was difficult to visualize; and now that the

Memorial is there, they feel adding space around it would increase the amount of the

passive part of the Park.  She stated the Park was to be a Park with equal active and

passive recreation.  She questions how much will be passive.  Mr. Fritchey stated there

are a lot of wetlands and woodlands that will be undisturbed as well as paths.  He stated

he does not find athletic fields to be an aesthetic liability.  He feels they are a sign of

vitality and an active community.  Mrs. Godshalk stated the softball field would still be in

the Park – it would just be moved.  Mr. Fritchey stated his concern is that the concept of

moving it apparently involves getting involved with another lengthy approval process. 

He stated if funds became available by the end of the year, they would like to proceed

with something at the Park and all the venues could be used by the 35,000 people who

live in the Township.  Mrs. Godshalk stated even if it had to go through the Planning

process, there was not going to be anything done at the Park until 2008 so she feels there

is still time.


Ms. Saracini stated because the Garden of Reflection Committee chose the site, part of

the Park was able to be built.  She stated the Township has committed money to do the

infrastructure and with that came a Plan to include some playing fields which are

currently being used.  She stated it is extremely hot at this location, and there are no

shade trees.  She stated they are proposing shade trees and picnic tables for the area being

discussed.  She stated only after the Memorial was constructed and they received

feedback from the community, could they see that the structure of the playing fields

changed the whole interpretation of the area.  She stated they do want to have the playing

fields in the Park, but they wanted to move them somewhat to preserve some of the

tranquility in this one area of the Memorial.  They also want to take the donated trees and

put them in this area so that there is some shade in the Park.  Mr. Fritchey stated they did

plan to have shaded areas throughout the Park even before the Memorial was a

consideration.  He stated the Park will be changing as more venues are built and people

of different ages use the Park. 




January 18, 2007                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 10 of 15



Mr. Gordon asked if the fields will be permitted, and Ms. Liney stated the Park was

targeted for pick-up games and possibly practices.  Mr. Gordon stated if they are non-

permitted fields, he questions how much they will be used during the year anyway. 

Mr. Fritchey stated even the permitted fields are not used all year long.


Mr. McDonald stated he agrees with what Mr. Fritchey has expressed this evening.  He

stated he does not want to go through the process again after they have already done this. 

He stated he is concerned about having to go back to the community with a different Plan

than what was agreed upon.  Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels they are making it better for

the community by adding the shade trees and the picnic area, and added they are not

getting rid of a softball field.  Mr. McDonald stated while this may be the case, their

concern is the process they would have to go through again. 


Ms. Bunn stated if the same residents do not live in the area, they could be opening it up

to different concerns that people did not have an opportunity to voice before. 

Mrs. Godshalk stated they are only talking about one thing.  Ms. Bunn stated the

Township would still be required to go through the process if there is a change, as would

any other developer who wanted to amend their Approved Plan. 


Mr. Fritchey stated it took them ten years to get to this point with a huge amount of

consensus building.  Mr. Fritchey stated if they were just only moving the field and not

being required to go back through everything, they would be in favor of it.


Mr. Carpenter stated at this point they need someone to advise them what they can do

without going through the entire process again. Ms. Bunn asked who will make this

determination, and Mr. Fedorchak stated he will have to meet with Mr. Majewski and

Mr. Truelove about this. 


Ms. Saracini asked if they could shorten the road and end it rather than moving it over.

People would then simply have to walk a little further to access the second field.  She

stated they would not then have to notify anyone.  It was noted further input would be

needed on this as it could still involve earth moving.  Ms. Bunn stated she feels

Emergency Management wanted a stub road in this area to access the fields in that area.


Mr. Santarsiero stated he feels this is a difficult matter to determine given the Plan on the

easel as he feels this does not indicate exactly what is now on the site.  He stated he

recognizes they would like to see a buffer between the softball field and the Memorial;

and if this is the case, once they have a better sense of the As-Built, possibly the field

could be moved over and the existing belt of trees could be made thicker and they would

then have the buffer they are looking for.  He stated they would then only have the issue

of where the playground could be located.  He stated this would all hinge on what

Mr. Truelove advises.  Mr. Fritchey stated if Mr. Truelove indicates that they do not have

to go through the whole process of approvals again, he does not have a concern. 

January 18, 2007                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 11 of 15



Ms. Saracini stated when they made up the original Plan, they did not have a mandate to

have a certain number of fields and she questioned if it would be that bad if they had one

less baseball field and one less soccer fields since they are providing these in other areas. 

Ms. Bunn stated these fields are different than what is available elsewhere in the

Township.  She stated all the other fields in the Township are permitted and cannot

normally be used by people not involved in organized sports. She stated they came up

with this proposal after listening to the needs expressed by the community for fields to be

used by the general public.  She stated their consultants advised in 1992 that they needed

a Community Park as opposed to an athletic complex.  Mr. Fritchey stated the concept of

a Community Park was a place where families could come and it would not involve

organized play.  They felt it would be like an “old-fashioned Park” where families and

companies could go to have picnics and participate in other activities.  It was to be

approximately 50% passive and 50% active.  He stated there are now far fewer venues

than when they originally started discussing the Park, and he feels people are satisfied

with the Plan as designed as a compromise. 


Mrs. Godshalk stated they already have a problem with outsiders using their fields that

are not permitted, and she has already seen people playing ball inside the Memorial.

Mr. Fritchey stated this would be a policing problem.  Mrs. Godshalk stated she feels it

would give a feeling of peace and reflection if they moved the field away from the



Mr. Santarsiero stated he feels they need to wait until they get an opinion from

Mr. Truelove before they consider this any further. 





Mr. Santarsiero reminded the Board of the meeting discussed earlier by Mr. Smith to be

held on Park & Recreation issues on Tuesday, February 27 at 7:30 p.m.





Ms. Liney stated the Township Park & Recreation crew has been taking advantage of the

milder temperatures to finish several Budgeted projects.


She stated dugout improvements on Fields A, B, and H have been completed, as well as

an elevated scoreboard operation area on Field A.  The renovations are patterned after

Newtown facilities, with PAA input, and provide the complex with the type of baseball

upgrades existing in surrounding Municipalities.  Paperwork is being issued to the low

bidder for the installation of the outfield fence on Macclesfield B with a targeted

completion date of March 2. 

January 18, 2007                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 12 of 15



Ms. Liney stated they have also been able to apply additional slit seeding to fields C, D, E, F, and G as well as complete cutout work to the infield areas on A, B, and H.


Ms. Liney stated the crew will be responsible for preparing their Township trucks for

snow removal by installing salt spreaders and plows when the forecast predicts more

winter like weather.


Ms. Liney stated the Township will continue the enrollment of all Park & Recreation

Board members in the PA Park & Recreation Society for 2007, as well as the Township’s

ongoing participation in the Bucks County Recreation Council this year.


Ms. Liney stated she is in the process of confirming the upcoming summer camp

schedule, and will forward this information as it develops.  She stated she is gearing up

for a busy 2007, and proceeding with ordering Budgeted materials and supplies to

support the Community Pool and Park system and keep operations on track. 


Ms. Liney stated they will continue to provide support to the Five Mile Woods facility as

well as to the Township Special Events Committee and she looks forward to another

successful year.


Mr. Gordon asked if they were not to hear from an engineer on the Pool bubble. 

Ms. Liney stated it was very expensive.  Mr. Fedorchak noted the two proponents of it

are no longer in the Township. 






Lower Bucks Lacrosse


Mr. Lew Sears, President of Lower Bucks Lacrosse, was present.  He stated last year they

did not use the fields they traditionally used at Macclesfield Park, and those in the

organization feel this is a missing link in their Program.  He stated again this year they

will host their games and use fields outside of the Township.  He stated they have a lot of

opportunities, and it is cost effective for them to do it in this way.  He stated they have

500 children in their program, and 50% to 55% of them are from outside of Lower Makefield.  He stated he is a Township resident and is interested in keeping Lacrosse thriving in Lower Makefield.  He stated they want to make sure their organization has the lead on this.  He stated they have some short-term ideas that they would to propose.  He stated with regard to the long-term discussion, he feels they can discuss this further at the

Special Meeting to be held in February; but they do plan to divide up the organization

more closely aligned with the High Schools and the Townships so that Lower Bucks

slowly ceases to exist.  He stated the issue they have now that is preventing them from

January 18, 2007                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 13 of 15



doing this is the fact that the Neshaminy component of the group has not yet achieved

critical mass; and they are concerned that if they leave them, they are not sure they will

be able to exist on their own. 


Mr. Sears stated this year they would like to use the facilities at Macclesfield Park for an

Intramural Tournament for their organization the first weekend in June.  He will work

with Ms. Liney on this.  He stated they would also like to propose to the Park &

Recreation Board that they consider the First and Second Grade Program which is a non-

competitive, developmental clinic as a separate organization.  He stated they would split

this off from Lower Bucks Lacrosse so they can just consider this as a separate

organization and allow them two nights a week to have their Clinic at Macclesfield. 

He stated they have approximately 90 children both boys and girls in this Program. 

He would like to start that this year.   He stated they do not need a lined area and only

need grass with mini goals.  He stated they have cut off their Registration for this year

except for that group which they allow to Register at any time.  Mr. Sears stated this

would be mid-April/May Wednesday night from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Sunday from

3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Mr. Fritchey stated Mr. Sears has identified a structure problem between his group and

how it meshes with Lower Makefield Township sanctioning/user fee rules.  He stated the

user fees are based on the entire membership of an organization.  He stated what

Mr. Sears is proposing would be a deviation from that unless they were to accelerate the

fragmentation of the larger organization and create a Lower Makefield Lacrosse

organization.  If this were the case he feels it would be legitimate for them to do what

Mr. Sears is proposing; and he feels the Park & Recreation Board would support them

without being in a position that they were treating them different from other user groups.

Mr. Fritchey stated they do want to see Lacrosse succeed.  He stated he feels they need to

do what is necessary to segregate off a Lower Makefield Lacrosse organization and then

start growing it. 


Mr. Newbon stated with respect to the user fees, he feels their organization may need to

look at a two-tier fee basis and those from Neshaminy would be advised that they are

welcome to play in the organization; their fee structure would be different from someone

who lives in the Township.  He stated this may be a way to accelerate those in

Neshaminy to look at their options to have their own organization.  Mr. Sears stated he

feels they will be splitting before they start doing that and the First and Second Grade

Program is the beginning of that.  He stated from there, they will follow the grades up. 

He stated they want to line up with the High Schools and it would not purely be by

Township.  He stated at that point they would make a decision whether they would

charge those from the other Townships a higher fee or simply absorb it knowing at that

point that probably 90% of their participants would be from Lower Makefield.



January 18, 2007                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 14 of 15



Mr. Fritchey stated the only way he feels they could proceed would be for them to

separate off and start an organization that is a Lower Makefield-oriented organization and

operate from that basis.  He stated if they are proposing to do it as part of Lower Bucks

Lacrosse, he feels it would be unprincipled for them not to charge them on the basis of

the total membership. 



Pop Warner Football


Mr. Newbon stated he spoke with Dave Bollard who will be stepping down as President

of Pop Warner Football and Joe Pfender will be voted in as President at their January

meeting.  He stated Registration for Pop Warner will take place February 15 through

May 31; and there is a late registration with a late fee up to the end of June provided there

is still space available.  They had approximately 330 children in the tackle program and

200 to 250 in the flag program.  Practices will begin 8/13 and the eight-game season will

end in October.  They are looking for Coaches and volunteers. 





Mr. Newbon stated he has looked into the possibility of roller hockey at North Park and

discussed this program with people in Northampton Township as to court usage and court

materials.  They noted the summer months are very slow because of the equipment used

and the heat, but it is extremely busy in the fall and winter.  He stated they have League

play there and also rent out the Court for $50 for two hours.  There is an eight-team

League with approximately 150 children.  He stated they have a four foot dasher board

along the outside with chain link on the top.  Their court is macadam with a sealant on

top.    Mr. Newbon stated he will also speak with an individual from Warwick Township

which also has a rink.  Mr. Newbon stated the court in Morrisville has a rubber coating. 

He will continue to look into this matter as to what materials people are using and what

they might suggest to do differently if there were to rebuild. 


Ms. Bunn asked if Northampton Township fills their court to freeze it for the winter, and

Mr. Newbon stated they do not because now is the time that people are using it.





Because of the Special Meeting scheduled for February 27, it was agreed to cancel the regular February Park & Recreation Board meeting.




January 18, 2007                                                  Park & Recreation Board – page 15 of 15



There being no further business, Ms. Bunn moved, Mr. Carpenter seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:40 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                        Patricia Bunn, Secretary