The regular meting of the Park & Recreation Board of the Township of Lower Makefield was held at the Community Pool on September 11, 2007.  Chairman Fritchey called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


Those present:


Park & Recreation Board:       David Fritchey, Chairman

                                                Henry Carpenter, Vice Chairman

Patricia Bunn,  Secretary  (joined meeting in progress)   

Fran McDonald, Member

                                                Andrew Newbon, Member

                                                Dennis Wysocki, Member (joined meeting in progress)


Others:                                    Donna Liney, Recreation Director

                                                Greg Stoloski, Pool Manager

                                                Ted Wallover, Pool Consultant (left meeting in progress)

                                                Steve Santarsiero, Supervisor Liaison


Absent:                                    David Gordon, Park & Rec Member





Mr. Carpenter moved, Mr. McDonald seconded and it was unanimously carried to approve the Minutes of May 8, 2007.





Mr. Ted Wallover stated he recommended looking at a revision of the Master Plan which

was prepared in 2002 taking the tot pool up to today’s standards.  He stated they also

wanted to try to improve eating space in the concession area.  He stated he feels

they are looking to provide more room for outdoor dining.  He stated they may also consider changes to the circulation where you enter the complex.  He stated in the original Master Plan they had considered a water playground at the tot area where there would be a splash pad with no standing water.  It would be a soft surface with a series of interactive play toys.  They would then have a standard tot pool 8” to 15” deep with more interactive play toys and “beach” access which would meet ADA requirements. 




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Mr. Wallover stated he feels it is important to maintain the pavilion as it does get a lot of

use.  He stated they have considered restructuring the entrance area, and provide a new

ramp to the upper area or have a stair area and create a lesser slope to comply with ADA. 


Mr. Wallover stated a new filter building also needs to be constructed in the area in the

front of the Pool Complex which will house chlorination and sanitizing equipment related

to the tot pool.  He stated there are some new technologies they are comfortable with that

were not available when they did the original study.  He stated for the tot pool area they

may want to consider including ultraviolet as a supplement to chlorination as it is useful

in case of accidents as it kills the pathogens.   This is an add-on system not a substitute

for chlorination.  He stated it should be done for all the pools at some point in time. 

He stated it is an expensive system.  Mr. Fritchey asked if it would be cost-effective to

do all the pools at the same time, and Mr. Wallover stated they have not had any real

problem with the larger pools; and they would probably only get a minor price break

doing them all at once.  He feels the tot pool and intermediate pool are the pools were

there is more potential for accidents.   Mr. Wallover stated it would cost $8,000 to

$12,000 for the tot pool and $12,000 to $14,000 for the intermediate pool. 


Mr. Wysocki joined the meeting at this time. 


Mr. Wallover stated the project is a two-part project – the tot pool restoration and

associated site improvements and the second is the installation of the ADA compliant

access ramp to the 50 meter pool. 


Mr. Stoloski asked how high the outside filter room would be and asked if it could be a

lowered somewhat or be a vault.  Mr. Wallover stated while they have done this, they are

difficult to work with.  He noted a location on the map where it would not create any

sight line issues.  Mr. Stoloski asked how they would tie it in with the heating system as

the heating system for the tot pool is located out of the back of the office building.

Mr. Wallover stated he feels all the tot pool equipment should be in one location. 

He stated if they decide to look at the intermediate pool, it may make sense to do one

small structure to handle both pools and take the associated equipment out of the

existing building which would provide more workable space in the existing building. 

Mr. Stoloski asked if they should consider other options such as solar or electric so that

they do not get involved in moving gas lines.  Mr. Wallover stated in terms of cost for

pool heating, gas is still the best.  He stated it is possible because the body of water

involved for the tot pool is so small, they may want to look at higher efficiency electric

systems as they only need to take the chill off during part of the season because it is so

small it tends to heat up quicker than other pools and is affected by the sun so much

quicker.  He stated extending the gas line from the current location may be cost

prohibitive.    Mr. Wallover noted the existing system is approaching its life expectancy,

and he feels it would be best to provide a new substation for the tot pool and get all the

equipment for it out of the existing location.  He stated the Township Pool is very well

\maintained compared to most Municipal pools, but the systems are still aging.

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Mr. Carpenter stated he likes the idea of isolating the kid pools and the proposal to use

new technology to keep them clean. 


Mr. Wallover stated there are also new technologies for using salt as a means of

generating chorine.  He stated they may want to consider this as time goes on.  He stated

there is a cost savings over time since you are not transporting chlorine and do not have

the potential problems with mixing chemicals.     Mr. Newbon stated he is familiar with

this system, and it is very easy to maintain. 


Mr. Wallover asked if they would like to maintain the pavilion, and it was the consensus

of the Park & Rec Board that they would like to maintain it.


Mr. Wallover stated they will need a topo survey from the bathhouse to the fence line. 

He stated he will provide Ms. Liney with a breakdown of what they need to have on the

survey,  and Ms. Liney stated she will then contact the Township engineer.  Mr. Wallover

stated he will provide a list by the next meeting of the interactive playthings

they may want to consider for the tot pool.  Mr. Newbon stated he feels they need to do

some grading work in the area of the tot pool, and Mr. Wallover stated this is why he is

asking for the topo.    There were discussions about the grading in the area of the tot pool. 

Mr. Wallover stated the tot pool does not seem like it is part of the complex with the

chain link fence.  He stated possibly they could lower the area one or two feet.  He feels

if they used a different type of fencing, it would help the staff see the activity even if it is

at a lower grade.  Mr. Fritchey stated they do have to maintain a sense of separation for

the children, but noted it does not have to be as drastic.  Mr. Carpenter noted the runway

up to the tot pool and feels this creates a dangerous situation noting the gates are not

always kept closed and children could run down the runway and out.  Mr. Wallover

showed a location on the Plan where it could be moved slightly so that they could

maintain control.  Mr. Stoloski stated it will have to be moved over slightly to expand the

snack bar seating area.  He noted this is a heavy traffic area with the bathrooms in the

area as well.  He stated many people coming to this tot area like to have direct, easy

access because they are coming in with strollers, bags, etc.  Mr. Wallover stated possibly

they could bring it down a few inches. 


There was further discussion on the potential of a child to get out of the tot pool area, and

Mr. Wallover stated all the gates they are now using have self closures.  He stated it will

be closer to the main office so that the staff will have a better look at the area. 


Mr. Stoloski stated he feels some of the least utilized spaces are the hill before the baby

pool, the small sliver of grass on the other side of the current entry ramp, and the grass on

the far side.  He stated if they are going to try to expand the seating area, they should look

at that grass.  He noted an area where there are currently three tables, but due to the

grade, they can only use half of the grass.  He feels it should be landscaped for

appearance purposes or in some other way be incorporated into the snack bar. 

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Mr. Wallover stated they are finding at most facilities that people want more shade

structures.  Mr. Newbon stated it is difficult to find shade out near the other pools as well. 


Mr. Wallover agreed to provide photos of some shade structures they have used in other

pools.  He stated they may want to consider a three to five year period where they would

be adding a few pieces each year.   


Mr. Fritchey stated they must also consider the bottom line for the entire project. 

Mr. Wallover stated what he has proposed would cost approximately $750,000 to

$800,000.  Mr. Fritchey stated he feels this is a realistic number from the Supervisors’

standpoint.  Mr. Santarsiero stated he feels these are things that need to be done. 

Mr. Fritchey stated he feels they should consider what is essential from an ADA

standpoint and sound maintenance, and then prioritize these items.  Mr. Wallover stated

the initial piece was the new tot pool and supporting facilities and the second was the

ADA ramp for the main pool.  These are part of the proposed $800,000.  They also

considered approximately $450,000 to expand the intermediate pool by 10’ and upgrade

it.  Mr. Santarsiero stated the intermediate pool is always crowded.    Mr. Liney stated there were concerns about expanding this pool in past discussions.  She stated

Mr. Wallover was considering expanding the pool by 10’ taking away part of the sidewalk.  Mr. Wallover noted when this pool was built it was pitched toward the pool.  Mr. Stoloski stated when they built the new pool, Mr. Magg and Mr. Sharp had indicated the hope was to try to pull some of the people out of this intermediate pool, but many parents are reluctant to leave this zone and like to locate in this area.  Mr. Newbon this area is one of the top areas where people are sitting; and Mr. Wallover stated this is because of the shade in the area.


Ms. Bunn joined the meeting at this time.


The Board took the opportunity to tour the Pool Complex.  There was discussion during

the Tour about the possibility of a Myrtha vinyl-on-steel lining for the intermediate pool

and the possibility of expanding the pool 10’ on one side and 10’ on the opposite side. 

The liner has a 15 year guarantee.  The proposed location for the ADA ramp was also

shown at the end of the large pool.  The need for a second exit/entrance at the shallow

end of the pool was also discussed.   Mr. Newbon stated if they are taking away some of

the shaded seating area because of the expansion of the intermediate pool, they need to

consider areas where additional shaded areas could be located


The meeting was reconvened and Mr. Fritchey asked if they did the intermediate pool as

one project and the tot pool and ADA ramp as another project, would both of these

projects be approximately $750,000 and be large enough for contractors to bid on. 

Mr. Wallover stated he does feel that they are at the bottom end; but if they do enough

advertising to get the contractors interested, he feels they can make it work.  He stated

they would get better pricing if they could do it all at once, and more contractors would

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be interested in a $1.5 million project done at one time.  Mr. Newbon asked if they could

bid it as one project but do it as a two-phase project; and Mr. Wallover stated he does not

feel the contractors would hold the price.  He noted the cost increases for PVC pipe and

stainless steel.  Mr. Fritchey asked if they split the job 50/50, they would be at the lower

end; but if they split it any other way, they may only get the expensive job done, and not

get anyone to come in for the lesser project.  Mr. Wallover stated his recent experience

has been that they could not get people to bid on a $300,000 project.  Mr. Wallover stated

they could bid it all and have three alternates one being the ramp, one being the

intermediate pool, and one being the tot pool and they can then determine which ones

they want to do.  Mr. Fritchey stated the Park & Recreation Board could make a

recommendation to the Supervisors this evening and then it could be put out to bid and

they can then decide what they want to move forward on.  Mr. Wallover stated they

should also consider when they are going to put this out to bid.  He stated he feels they

should bid this in June, 2008 for a fall, 2008 start with it coming on line in 2009.  He

does not feel there is sufficient time to do all the detail work and get it bid, constructed

and ready for next year.  He stated they would be able to get the work done between

September, 2008 and May, 2009. 


Mr. Wallover stated if they like the vinyl system for the intermediate pool, they may also

want to consider using this in the tot pool as well as they may get a better price. 

Ms. Bunn stated she would like to see how this technology works with one pool first. 

Mr. Wallover suggested they look at a pool he is aware of in Quakertown where they

have used this system very effectively.  Mr. McDonald stated he would like to look at

that facility.  Mr. Wallover noted other facilities which are making use of this material as

well.  He stated it is not slippery.  He stated it would not be necessary to paint the pools

every year if this material was used.  He discussed other pools where they used the

Myrtha system; and in certain applications, especially where renovation is involved, he

does not feel they should use anything else.  He stated the fact that there is a fifteen year

warranty as opposed to a one year warranty speaks volumes. 


Mr. Wallover agreed to come up with some concepts and present them to the Park & Rec

Board at their meeting in October.  He will also provide information in the interim on the

different systems he has discussed. 


Mr. Fritchey moved, Mr. Newbon seconded and it was unanimously carried to

recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they consider the following improvements to

the Pool Complex:  1)  Rebuilding the baby pool with corresponding changes to the

Snack area; 2)  40% increase in the size of the intermediate pool; and 3) construction

of an ADA compliant ramp for the Olympic pool with each part of the project to be

broken out in the bid.


It was noted that once a concept is decided on, they could provide this to the Disabled

Persons Advisory Board for their review. 

September 11, 2007                                                 Park & Recreation Board – page 6 of 8





Mr. Fritchey noted the letter from Rheta Pinsky an individual who was ill this year and

unable to use her Pool members who is requesting a refund.  Ms. Liney stated she did

speak to Ms. Pinsky advising that this was not Pool policy and perhaps she would like to

have this as a credit toward 2008.  She indicated she would prefer to have her money.


Mr. Fritchey moved, Mr. Newbon seconded and it was unanimously carried to refund her



Mr. Wallover left the meeting at this time.





Mr. Santarsiero stated the Board of Supervisors will be considering Snipes at Budget

time.  He stated they still have the issue with Samost as well.  He stated they were asking

Mr. Majewski to look at some reconfigurations, and they are still looking into this. 

Mr. Santarsiero stated they had a very successful Community Day, and he feels the

community is very interested in coming together and in recreational uses.  He stated the

Board of Supervisors is cognizant that a big part of the quality of life in the Township

relates to the recreation facilities, and they want to keep them in good order and provide

sufficient facilities for the demands of the Township.  He stated the Pool continues to be

a crown jewel of the Township, and the Golf Course is moving in this way as well. 


Mr. Newbon stated that he heard that other communities are looking to float Bonds for

additional open space and asked if Lower Makefield is considering this.  Mr. Santarsiero

stated the County does have an Open Space Question on the ballot which he feels will

pass so there will be money from that will be available to Lower Makefield.   He stated

they may have to consider if the Township wants to consider their own Bond Issue as

well.  He stated the EAC is working on an open space inventory.  He stated his concern

was that there is beginning to be infill in a number of the smaller open lots left in the

Township.  Last year he proposed to the Board of Supervisors that the EAC do an

inventory of all remaining open space parcels so that they can prioritize these as to how

they may want to preserve them.  He stated they should also consider if the land is really

developable under the new Ordinances; and if not, they would be at a lesser priority for

purchase by the Township.  He stated he feels this report will be submitted by the EAC in

the fall.  He stated these parcels will be prioritized and the costs considered to see if they

need to go out to a Referendum to see if they want to have another Bond Issue.  He stated

there is $2 million left from the last Referendum.  He stated half of this money may go to

the remaining issue with Samost which means there would be $1 million left.  This $1

million would have to be used for land acquisition or purchase of development rights.


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Mr. Stoloski stated this summer membership was increased by approximately 50 patrons. 

He spoke to a number of people on Community Pride Day when they had 5,000 people

through the gate.  He stated they had no major injuries at the Pool this year.  They

continue to maintain all the facilities they have so there is no need for anything major

other than general maintenance and what was discussed this evening.  He stated they

came in First place for the A Team and fourth for the B Team in the Delaware Valley

Lifeguard  Competition this year where fourteen Teams competed.  He stated they do

In-Service a number of times throughout the summer and have an excellent, well-trained

staff.  He stated they had a successful Swim Lesson program, and the Swim Team had

record numbers this year.  He stated there was a 3.5% increase in money taken in, and

they had a surplus this year. 


Mr. Santarsiero asked about net profits.  Mr. Stoloski stated total brought in was

$661,000 and the previous year it was $638,000.  Mr. Santarsiero asked about the net

profits; but Ms Liney stated she had not yet completed the Budget for expenditures, although expenditures were running less than what was Budgeted.  Mr. Newbon asked if the number brought in this year includes people who come in and pay a daily fee; and

Mr. Stoloski stated it does not.  Ms. Liney stated that is considered sales, and it normally

brings in approximately $50,000. 





Ms. Liney stated the Township’s recent Community Pride Day was another huge success,

and Park & Recreation was happy to be a part of it.  Attendance was estimated in the

10,000 person range; and on behalf of the Township she thanked all the volunteers and

sponsors who contributed to making this a terrific day for the community. 


Ms. Liney stated the fall season is underway in the Park system with football, soccer,

baseball, and tennis all using Township facilities.  This past Saturday was Picture Day

resulting in a large volume of people at Macclesfield park.  The park crew has completed

painting directional arrows as well as installation of additional traffic signage at

Macclesfield to help guide new Park users through the facility.


Ms. Liney stated several events were held at the Garden of Reflection in Memorial Park

this weekend.  The annual Garden of Reflection 5K Race and a 9-11 Memorial Service

were both well attended.


Ms. Liney stated the highly successful weekly Farmers Market in support of the local

farmers in the area will continue at the Edgewood Village Park through the end of


September 11, 2007                                                 Park & Recreation Board – page 8 of 8



Ms. Liney stated the initial draft of the 2008 Park and Recreation Operating Budget is

being worked on.  Commitments for debt service obligations as well as larger scale

maintenance projects such as resurfacing tennis courts and addressing the aged light

systems will be examined.  There is an underlying mandate of no tax increase for 2008 in

the Park & Recreation Operating Budget.  The Board of Supervisors will look at the

Budget based on the upcoming needs both long and short term.  The good news is the

utilization by residents continues to increase, and we continue to receive positive

feedback from those enjoying the facilities.


Ms. Liney stated the Community Pool had another great season this year experiencing a

4% growth in membership.  A key component in the success of the Pool is the Pool

management.  Pool Manager Greg Stoloski and staff did an excellent job throughout the

summer, particularly with Community Pride Day.  Records indicate over 200,000 people

enjoyed the Pools in 2007 with no significant safety incidents.  A long-range plan of

action was adopted for the Pool in 2002.  The Township continues to implement those

improvements requested by the Pool membership as well as necessary maintenance

projects to keep the Pool a top-notch facility which attracts and retains members.  No tax

dollars support the Community Pool. 



There being no further business, Ms. Bunn moved, Mr. McDonald seconded and it was unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,





                                                                        Patricia Bunn, Secretary