Lower Makefield Township

1100 Edgewood Road, Yardley PA 19067
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Public Works

Public Works Department
Phone: (267) 274-1130

The Lower Makefield Township Public Works Department consists of a Public Works Director, two mechanics, nine road crew employees, a facility technician, several seasonal/part-time employees and an Administrative Assistant. The Department is housed at the Municipal Complex in the Maintenance Garage located at 1100 Edgewood road, Yardley, Pa. 19067. The Public Works Department maintains an office in that building and their direct number is 267-274-1130.

The following is a brief description of the areas of responsibility of the Public Works Department. More detailed information may be obtained by calling the Publics Works Director at the number listed above.

Recycle Yard

The hours for the Recycle Yard are Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Residents Only, No Contractors

Road Maintenance, Paving and Improvements

  • Plowing, salting and clearing of Township roads.
  • Sweeping Township roads.
  • Removal of road debris, excluding dead animals.
  • Patching of roads. Major road paving projects are bid.
  • Roadside mowing.

Click here for information on the 2016 Lower Makefield Township Roadway Project.

Click here for the 25 and 30 Year Road Improvements Plan.

Click here for the 2016 Road Paving Schedule

Click here for a Map of State and Township Roads.

Click here for a List of State Roads in LMT


Lower Makefield Township will have two roving pothole crews out canvassing the Township and making repairs.  The Public Works Department has a pothole list that is updated daily.

If you would like to report a pothole on a Township road, please contact the Department of Public Works at 267-274-1130.

To report potholes on state roads please call 1-800-FIX ROAD (349-7623).
Click here for a list of state roads within Lower Makefield Township


  • Repair and replacement of street signs on Township dedicated roads.
  • Repair and replacement of traffic signs.


  • Maintenance and repair of all public works, police, township administration, sewer and parks & recreation vehicles and equipment.
  • PA State Inspection Station – Inspection of all township vehicles are done on the premises by our two certified mechanics.


  • Install new and repair and replace existing drainage pipes.
  • Install an repair storm drain boxes and inlets
  • Clean storm drain boxes and inlets.
  • Clean and maintain all retention and detention basins.

Road Occupancy Permits

  • Issue permits for surface and road opening for installation of utilities on pavement, shoulder, or outside of shoulder.
  • Issue permits for expansion of commercial and residential driveways. As built plan required with application for permit.

Yard Waste Recycling – Residents Only – No Contractors

  • The Township recycle yard is located at the Township complex, 1100 Edgewood Rd. behind the Police Department
  • Click here for a list of dates the Recycle Yard will be CLOSED
  • Grind yard waste, leaves and trees into mulch with Township owned Tub Grinder
  • Provide mulch free of charge to Township residents. Mulch and leaf compost is available outside the recycle yard at 1100 Edgewood Rd. for your convenience.
  • Free mulch is also provided to local schools, churches & non-profit organizations.
  • Acceptable yard waste is wood, grass clippings, tree limbs and leaves.
  • We DO NOT accept dirt, sod, tree stumps, Bamboo, Black Walnut, Ash, creosote, painted or pressure treated lumber, rocks, stone, steel, metal or concrete, railroad ties, or telephone poles. Plastic bags are also not acceptable.
  • We do not accept electronic equipment.

Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection normally starts the first week of November. There are two pick-ups, we will not return until the first cycle is completed. The weather is a major factor in our schedule pick-up dates. Heavy rain and snow will slow the pick-up of leaves. We attempt to have both pick-ups completed by Christmas. Leaf pick-up information can be found on the township website and on Comcast cable channel 22 during the months of November and December.

  • All leaves must be raked curbside for pick-up. Leaves should not be put in the street. It is unlawful to place on any road or highway in the township any leaves, materials or substances.
  • Leaves must be free of branches, twigs and other debris. These items clog and damage the vacuum hoses on the machines.
  • Leaves in biodegradable bags will be picked up. Leaves in plastic bags will be emptied and bags will be left at curbside. Plastic bags damage the machines.

Light Repairs

  • Replacement of bulbs in street lights. Provide location and pole number when reporting burned out lights.
  • Replacement of bulbs in traffic signals on low posts. Police Department contractor with a boom truck is responsible for repairs of overhead traffic signals.

Mowing and Maintenance of Basins

  • Mow sides and tops of Township owned basins. Seasonal employees are hired during the Spring and Summer months to maintain the basins.
  • Dead tree removal in basins.
  • Cleaning and repair of drain pipes.

Preparation of Bid Specs and Purchasing

  • The Township participates in the Bucks County Consortium which collectively bids the purchase of heating fuels, gasoline, diesel, paint, road materials, pipe, salt and sign materials. This process enables the Township to purchase those items at highly discounted prices.
  • The Public Works Dept. prepares specifications for bidding and purchasing of all road equipment and vehicles.
  • Participation on the State Piggy Back Program to purchase various items through State contracts when available.

Management Study Of The Lower Makefield Public Works Operations
Click here for the complete report

Starting Fall 2014

Basin Naturalization Project
Sponsored by Lower Makefield Township & Bucks County Conservation District
Funded by a grant from the US EPA & PA DEP
“Naturalized detention basins absorb and filter storm water runoff, recharge our groundwater supply and protect our rivers and streams.”
Please visit the link below for more information.