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Lower Makefield Seniors

The Lower Makefield Community Center, located at 1550 Oxford Valley Road (next to the Fred Allan Softball Fields), is home to the Lower Makefield Seniors. We provide social opportunities for Seniors to rekindle acquaintances and friendships and make new friends, a meeting place sorely needed and long anticipated. We are always looking for members to volunteer for new or current activities. Residents and non-residents 55+ are welcome to join. If you have any questions, please call Ellie Hammill (215-321-1763).

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the educational, physical, cultural, emotional and social well being of persons 55 years of age or older in a community based setting.

Lower Makefield Township Seniors Board of Directors

Officers Directors
Ellie Hammill, President Anthony Cardone
Roseann Clark, Vice President Charm Crawford
Margaret McLaughlin, Interim Secretary Sally Haulman
John LaBar, Interim Treasurer Al Levine
Barry Huret

Activities & Coordinators

LMT has a variety of activities for our senior community. View the document below for a list of activities and contact information for the coordinators for each activity.

Senior Events and Activities

Meet & Greet

Our Monthly Meet & Greet is held the second Tuesday of every month, with the exception of July, August and December at 10:00 am in the Lower Makefield Community Center. We have a short meeting and guest speaker or program, followed by a light lunch. Please join us.

In addition to list of senior activities, we offer the following:

Helpful Information